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Nobody can, but you (Album Version) Lyrics
BY  Kyoko Koizumi

Added by: XxGENESISxX

Moon, star,
How are you? Can't you hear me?
Breeze, blessing,
I feel you. Yes, I do, yes.

Like the star needs the blue night,
Like the song needs my voice,
I want you to be in my fantasy.

Close? Open?
Are you there? Now, I am starless.
Please. Hello.
I smell you. Yes, I do, yes.

My bible will be bubble.
I have been lookin' for
Something in the name of real love.

※I make a wish to fly to you, to you,
When I get lost in this pain.
Nobody can, but you,
Take me to where I believe,
Nobody can, but love,
Take me to where I smile.※

Moon, star,
Breeze, blessing,
あなたを想う どんな時も


Nobody can, but I can

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