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anytime Lyrics
BY  Koda Kumi
ALBUM  anytime

Added by: LissethCristina

胸の中で いつも想う願い事がある
あなたの左に私 腕を組んで
頬を染めて 歩いていく

高鳴った 鼓動隠して

any day any time
いつでも あなた想う気持ち
止まらない 止められない
any day any time
眩しい太陽 浴びて


ピンク色 広がってゆく

one day one time
一秒一秒ずつが ふたり
時計に 刻まれていく
one day one time
いつもみたいに 優しくしてね


any day any time
any day any time
ふたりを 導き出すの

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Added by: LissethCristina

mune no naka de itsumo omou negai goto ga aru
anata no hidari ni watashi
ude wo kunde hoho wo
somete aruite yuku

taka natta kodou kakushite

anyday, anytime
itsudemo anata omou kimochi
tomaranai tomerarenai

anyday anytime
negai wo kanaete hoshii no yo
anata no mainichi ga hoshii
mata me ga samete mabushii taiyou abite

anata kara no denwa wo matsu
sonna toki no terebi ya zasshi wa
anata to sugosu hibi ga ate ni
omoi ukabete mite iru yo

pinku iro hirogatte yuku

one day, one time
ichibyou ichibyou zutsu ga futari
tokei ni kizamarete yuku

one day, one time
itsudemo soba ni iru to itte
juwaki no mukou kawa de
itsumo mitai ni yasashiku shite ne
watashi dake ni

ame no hi mo hikari sashi komu

anyday, anytime
ai suru kimochi no taisetsusa
oshiete kureta no

anyday, anytime
yasashii tenshi ga niji kakete
futari wo michibiki dasu no
tereyasan tte marujaku dakedo

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Added by: LissethCristina

I have a wish that I always keep close to my heart—
To be at your side, arms linked and blushing, walking along

I hid how fast my heart was beating

any day any time
I'll never stop feeling this way about you
I can't stop
any day any time
I want you to make my wish come true
I want your everyday
Wake up and bask in the radiant sun

The TV I watch and the magazines I read waiting for your phone call—
I inadvertently try and relate them to the days I spend with you

This rosy, pink is spreading to everything

one day one time
The two of us will engrave each second,
one at a time, into the face of this watch
one day one time
From the other end of phone,
say that you're always by my side
Like always, be sweet to me
Only to me

Even on rainy days the light will shine through

any day any time
You taught me how important love is
any day any time
A graceful angel sent down a rainbow to guide the two of us
I know it goes against my shy nature to say so but,
I love you

Credits: Lyric Wiki

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