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Promise Lyrics
BY  Koda Kumi

Added by: ASAGI

初めて 目が合ったその日から
毎日 一緒に過ごしていたね
あなたの寝顔 見つめ髪をなでて

忘れられず いるんだ病む心
追いかけてまた ふと我にかえってしまう
So I make a promise

いつまでも この胸に しまったままで
You don't say, say good bye

もう何も 語ることも出来ない
言い訳も 愛もすべて 何もかも
信じていたの あの言葉を
And I make a promise

鳴らないcall 期待をしても
同じと 本当は 分かっているのに
あなたへと この想い 届かぬままで
You don't say, say good bye

胸に込み上げ 溢れる涙
止めることももう 出来ない私
Cause I make a promise

幸せになる そう誓ったのに
今でも残る 思い出たち
これからも この胸にしまったままで
I'll never wanna be alone

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Added by: ASAGI

Hajimete me ga atta sono hi kara
Mainichi issho ni sugoshite ita ne
Atatakai ude no naka itsumo
Anata no negao mitsume kami wo nadete

Hohoemi atta hibi ga ima demo
Wasurerarezu irunda itamu kokoro
Mie nai senaka itsumadedemo
Oikakete mata futo ware ni kaette shimau
So I make a promise

Anata no sonzai ookikatta to
Ima ni natte yatto kiduita
Nido to hata sare nai yakusoku
Itsumademo kono mune ni shimatta mama de
You don't say, say good bye

Mou nanimo kataru kotomo deki nai
Ii wake mo ai mo subete nanimo kamo
Shinjite ita no ano kotoba wo
Towa ni machi tsudukeru koto
Shira sare nai mama
And I make a promise

Nara nai call kitai wo shitemo
Onaji to hontou wa wakatte iru no ni
Saigo ni kokoro kara aishita
Anata he to kono omoi todokanu mama de
You don't say, say good bye

Mune ni komi age afureru namida
Tomeru koto mo mou deki nai watashi
Itsumademo tsuduku genjitsu ga
Hakanai yume ni naru to wa
Cause I make a promise

Korekara zutto soba de waratte
Shiawase ni naru sou chikatta no ni
Ima demo nokoru omoide tachi
Korekara mo kono mune ni shimatta mama de
I'll never wanna be alone

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Added by: ASAGI

It all started, from the day that our eyes first met
We spent every single day together and
I'd always be in your warm arms
Stroking your hair and looking at your sleeping face

Right now I smile, everyday but I will never
Forget the pain that's always in my heart
I turned around and, couldn't see you anymore
I'll call you again and again
Then maybe you could come back to me
So I make a promise

Your existense is of great importance
That is what, I finally realize now
My promise cannot be, carried out more than once
So i'll keep it, in my heart, forever
You don't say, say goodbye

There's already nothing else I can think about
It's just my excuse, for love and everything else
I'll be waiting, here forever
For those words that I believe
Those words that you can't say, ever again
And I make a promise

I know I shouldn't, wait for your call
The truth is the same, I understand that
This is the last time my heart will ever love
But this love will never be able to, reach you
You don't say, say goodbye

My tears are overflowing in my heart
I can't stop them, anymore
The reality will always continue
Then become a fleeting dream
Cause I make a promise

From now on, I'll always, smile by your side
I promise we will, be happy this time
because all these memories, will remain
Locked in my heart for always
forever, in, my, heart,
I'll never wanna be alone

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