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Nan Yin / 南音 Lyrics
BY  Khalil Fong
ALBUM  Soul Boy

Added by: silverlining




 一樣有聽眾沿途點亮 他命運的燈籠
 二泉映月 他才不管紅與不紅#



老爸是他英雄 他慈祥的臉孔


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Added by: silverlining

zai ta de mo jing li
kan bu dao er quan de yue ying you duo me meng long
zhi ji de shao nian shi
lian zi zhu er hu shi qin xian le chu liao xie hong
san shi si sui hou shi ming liao
zen me yong ta shuang yan xun zhao zi ji de guang rong
xiao shi hou la zou zhu lang tao sha
ta men shuo ta shi ge tian cai er tong

* ke shi xia yi ge hua mian li
ta jiu zou zai jie tou fan man zhu ta de tong meng*

# xuan hua jiu jia zhong yong ji de xiao xiang zhong
ta la zhu deng dai zhu shui wei ta er dong rong
yin yue mei ren dong
da shang yao ren dong yin wei ta zhen de hen qiong

qi hei bei feng zhong piao miao de zhu guang zhong
ta xiang ta zong neng wei ren men zou chu cai hong
yin yue zi ji dong
yi yang you ting zhong yan tu dian liang ta ming yun de deng long
er quan ying yue
ta cai bu guan hong yu bu hong#

yuan yuan de mo jing li
zi yuan qi yue zhao jun chu sai zi you ren ge song
ta ren qiong ming bu qiong
ta ren qiong zhi bu qiong yin yue zheng ming ta you yong
hui jia lu shang you ta lao po
xian fu zhu la zou zhu na yi qu cai zui gan dong
bu zhi dao lu guo de ting dao de
mian fei de you mei you yin ci xin tong

Repeat *, #

zui qin ai de ting zhong
xiang xiang ta men de lian kong liu lei huo man lian chun feng
lao ba shi ta ying xiong ta ci xiang de lian kong
ye jian jian di xiao shi zai nan yin de qin sheng zhong

repeat #

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Added by: silverlining

In his sunglasses, it is not apparent
How clouded his eyes are.
I can only remember that when he practised the erhu in his youth, [erhu is a traditional chinese instrument]
The strings of his erhu became blood red.

Becoming blind after he turned thirty-four,
How could glory be seeked with his pair of eyes?
When he played "The Waves and Sand" [a song name] when young,
Everyone said him is a prodigy.

But in the next scene in life he is negotiating the streets,
Hawking his childhood dream.
In an alley adjunct to the noisy and crowded restaurants,
He plays and waits for someone to be moved by his music.

Nobody understands or appreciates his music.
Hoping someone understands that he is destitute.

In the candle light illuminating the darkness as the North Wind howls,
He thinks that he can at least create a beautiful song for his listeners.

Even if his music is understandable only by him, there are still audiences who light up his path for him.

His life's lantern, his two eyes.
He doesn't care whether his song is hot or not.

The round sunglasses belied a self-found happiness
When a beauty steps out, the event will naturally be chronicled in songs. [I'm assuming zhao jun refers to wang zhao jun, one of the four great beauties. There is also a movie called 昭君出塞, I don't know if this refers to it.]

He is poor but his life is rich, he is poor but his will is strong.
Music is a prove of his worthiness in life.
He is supported by his wife on his way home.

This scene is the most touching of his songs.
I wonder if any passerbys who witness this free song
and are touched and pained by it.

Credits: telly @

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