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Ai! (唉!) Lyrics
BY  Khalil Fong
ALBUM  This Love (Ai Ai Ai)

Added by: Tomagotchi

唉!媽媽說著她妹妹有多不對 她妹妹對爸爸搬弄著是非
爸爸和他朋友喝到第七杯 說我活得多頹廢

我在聽著想著看著 看不下你這樣表達的方法

有沒有一伙人家說的 耳語不盡是壞話
(告訴你 我最討厭的就是他)

*你每一天都說說 這麼多 你每一個都說過 他的錯
為什麼沒有好的 可以說 背著我你對著他又說著我
我每一天都聽過 這麼多 我每一個都有錯 又怎麼
美好的話都可以 背著說 背著我你對著他又說著我*

媽媽說著她妹妹是她寶貝 她妹妹說爸爸是男人之最
爸爸和他朋友輕聲的讚美 說不愛我還愛誰

我在聽著想著看著 看一下你這樣表達的方法

有沒有一伙人家說的 耳語都盡是好話
(告訴你 我最喜歡的就是他)


RAP : 有人會喜歡躲在背後說著別人的不是 並不能夠阻止
他喋喋不休 說三道四 有人就喜歡歌頌別人的美事
是非的非他不說 只說是非的是 怎麼有人 盡說著不好的故事
怎麼有人 就不會說說別人的不是 有人會說你好的 有人會說你壞的

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Added by: LyrreChelle

Alas!Mom said, her sister how wrong her sister father fiddle with non-
Dad and his friends drink seventh Cup that I live decadence

I'm listening to the thinking of watching to see no less than you would be expressed
(He faking his illness to play silly hide behind sunglasses behind does not speak)

Is there a group of people say the whisper is not all bad things
(Told you I hate the most is he)

* You say so much every day you each have said he's wrong
Why is there no good can be said behind my back you and I said into his
Every day I have heard so much I have wrong and how
OK then carrying carrying me into his and I said *

Mother saying her sister is her baby her sister said my father is a man of the most
Dad and his friends say love me love who whispered praise

I'm listening to thinking about watching the look you express such
(He does not poison not spicy hiding behind sunglasses that joke)

Is there a group of people say that the whispers are full of good things
(Told you I like the most is his)

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