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Honto wa Kowai Ai to ROMANCE (本当は 恐い愛とロマンス) Lyrics
BY  Keisuke Kuwata
ALBUM  Musicman

Added by: Skeyume



突然キレて おさらば
切り捨てる 魔女のように


女って怖い!! 何故!? わかんない
何たって凄い!! 幸せが
七色の虹のように… 消えた(She's gone)

振り向けば 置き去りにされた Lai la lai…

苦しめる 鬼のように

Good-bye my love, I know you're leaving.
Oh, tell me why, say what you're feeling.
青春が風と共に… 去った(She's gone)

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Added by: Skeyume

Dare ka ni amaete mitakute
Fuzakete mune wo nadeta
“Kimi mo waratte kureru”to
Itsumo no you na nori datta

Ima made nani wo shitatte
Yurushite kureta janai
Tsumori tsumotta omoi ga
Kimi no naka de ima、moe agaru

Hontou wa kowai ai to ROMANCE
Totsuzen kirete osaraba
Konna ni yowai dame na boku wo
Kiri suteru majo no you ni

otoko no sasai na shigusa ga
onna ha gaman deki nai
deat ta koro to chigau yo
sabaku chansu o nerai sumashi teru

onna tte kowai !! naze !? wakan nai
ironna mono o kat te age ta deshou !?
nani tatte sugoi !! shiawase ga
nanairo no niji no you ni kie ta.. She ' s gone

furimuke ba okizari ni sareta Lai la lai
natsu no yuuhi ga shizun de iki mashi ta

hontou wa kowai ai to romansu
totsuzen 'hai , sore made yo !!'
konnani yowai dame na boku o
kurushimeru oni no you ni

Good-bye my love, I know you're leaving.
Yomi shii shokuji mo sashita janai!!
Oh, tell me why, say what you're feeling.
Seishun ga kaze to tomoni … She's gone

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Added by: Skeyume

I wanted to see how someone spoils me
foolishly I patted my chest
”you will also laugh by this” I said
It was the usual vibe

Till now what have I been doing
Didn’t you forgive it?
This feeling that seems to have lost its meaning
Within you now, it’s on fire

In reality love and romance are scary
Suddenly, you severe ties and go ”farewell”
The me who is this weak and good for nothing
am just like a discarded wizard

A man’s small gesture
The girl won’t be able to bare with it
I’m different from the time when we met
I’m aiming at a chance for judgement

Girls are scary!! Why? I don’t know
Didn’t I buy her a lot of things?
What are you saying? That’s great! Happiness
disappeared like a seven colored rainbow (She’s gone)

If you look back, I have been abandoned lai la lai (lie lie lie?)
like how the sun goes down during the summer

In reality love and romance are scary
Suddenly, it’s “yes! That’s how far it goes!!”
The me who is this weak and good for nothing
Just like a struggling devil

Good - bye my love , I know you ' re leaving .
Didn’t I even treat you to delicious food!!
Oh , tell me why , say what you ' re feeling
Youth is going with the wind (She’s gone)

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