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Again Lyrics
BY  Kana Nishino
ALBUM  Kimi ni Aitakunaru Kara

Added by: Saranghe

いつも君のせいにして 始まったsilent time
そう言いながらも 君といる時間に浸って

ただ I love you so but, “THE END”.

無理な選択 嘘でも私と言ってほしかった
ワガママ言い過ぎたの? もう一度your kindness
見せてよyou're smiling.

君の元に走ってきて I said.
もう無理なの?ねぇ まだ嘘みたい
優しい君の声 wanna hear.


I love you…still…
And then I am still in love.


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Added by: Saranghe

doko iki tai? doko demo ii nani sore? tte
itsumo kimi no seinishite hajimatta silent time
o kima rino (gomen) hamou kiki aki ta
sou ii nagara mo kimi to iru jikan ni hitatte
kisu de ame mo agatta

natsu kaze ga so yogitsunagi
futari de sunahama ni kai ta kasa
kie te shimau nantemada
shira nai mama
tada I love you so but, "THE END"

nee daiji? daiji dayo jaadocchiga?
muri na sentaku uso demo watashi to itte hoshi katta
itsumoto wa chigau me au SERIOUS MOOD
wa ga mama iisugi ta no? mou ichido your kindness
misete yo you're smiling.

mau yuki ni hitori kajikami
kimi no motoni hashitte kite I said
mou muri nano? nee mada uso mitai
yasashii kimi no koe wanna hear

itsumo gomen to
itta kimi wa mou...

I love you...still...
And then I am still in love
anata wa mou faraway

haru mae ni hitori hitori ninatte
omoide koga reteta nichi
zenbu takaramo no nishitemitakedo
kimi wa garakuta nishita no?

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“Where do you want to go ? ” “Anywhere will do” “What’s that ? “
I always put the blame on you and started the times of silence
I was tired of hearing the same old “I’m sorry”
But even so I spent all my time with you
And the rain would stop when we kissed

I don’t know whether
That parasol we drew on the beach
When the summer breeze blew
Has already disappeared
I still love you so, but it’s “THE END”

“Hey, am I important ? ” “Yeah, important” “Well, who is ? “
An unreasonable option, but I wanted you to say it was me, even if it was a lie
It seemed different from usual, such a serious mood
Was I too selfish ? Show me your kindness
One more time. You’re smiling

I am growing numb, all alone in the dancing snow
I said that I would run to your side
But that’s no longer possible, is it ? Hey, it still seems unreal
I want to hear your gentle voice

You who always said “I’m sorry”
Are no longer…

I love you… Still…
And then I am still in love
But you are already faraway

Before spring, on the day we broke up
And I yearned for the memories
I tried to turn everything into jewels
But did you turn them into trash ?

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