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That's Love (就是愛; Jiu Shi Ai) Lyrics
BY  Jolin Tsai
ALBUM  Castle

Added by: islandgurl517

Verse 1:

*怎麼辦 夢裡想你裝傻
怎麼辦 知道我要什麼 MY GOD
如果愛像微風 和你一樣吹過

當我才發覺 就是愛 世界變了
當你在傳達 你愛我 手牽著我
當我正想你 就是愛 天空晴了
當我抬起頭 你在眼前了

Verse 2:

Repeat *, Chorus 4x

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Added by: islandgurl517

Verse 1:
Qi xiang shuo wen du hui zou jiang
wo yu yan ai qing shi qing lang
xin neng gan ying leng re bian hua
yan shen ta fan ying zhe wen cha
zhi jue zai shun jian de cha na
zhe hui zhen de bei dian dao la

*zen me ban meng li xiang ni zhuang sha
zen me ban zhi dao wo yao shen me MY GOD
ru guo ai xiang wei feng he ni yi yang chui guo
lian kong qi wei dao dou bian cheng tian de

dang wo cai fa jue jiu shi ai shi jie bian le
dang ni zai chuan da ni ai wo shou qian zhe wo
dang wo zheng xiang ni jiu shi ai tian kong qing le
dang wo tai qi tou ni zai yan qian le

Verse 2:
wo bu zuo hui ying mei shuo fa
da an que dou xie zai lian shang
dang bu zhu zui jiao ye shang yang
ni yan jing tu ran zha yi xia
biao qing jiu jing zhi ting zai na
xin zen me tiao de bu xiang hua

Repeat *, Chorus 4x

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Added by: islandgurl517

It’s Love

Verse 1:
The weather report said that the temperature will drop sharply
I predict that love is cloudless
The heart can feel the changes of cold and warmth
The eyes, they’re reflecting the changes in temperature
My intuition at a momentary instant in time
This time I’m really captivated

*What should I do? Acting silly in my dreams when I think of you
What should I do? Do you know what I want, my God?
If love is like a breeze, drifting by just like you
Even the scent of the air will become sweet

When I just realized that it’s love, the world changed
When you are expressing you love me, your hand holding mine
When I am thinking of you, it’s love, the sky became cloudless
When I lift my head, you’re already here in front of me

Verse 2:
I don’t respond, no words to say
But the answers are already written on my face
Can’t resist, the corners of my mouth turn upward
Your eyes suddenly blinked
Our expression then became still at that moment
My heart beats uncontrollably

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