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Say Love You (說愛你; Shuo Ai Ni) Lyrics
BY  Jolin Tsai
ALBUM  Magic

Added by: islandgurl517

我的世界 變得奇妙更難以言喻
還以為 是從天而降的夢境
直到確定 手的溫度來自你心裡
這一刻 我終於勇敢說愛你

一開始 我只顧著看你
裝做不經意 心卻飄過去
還竊喜 你 沒發現我 躲在角落
忙著快樂 忙著感動 從彼此陌生到熟
會是我們從沒想過 真愛 到現在 不敢期待

要證明自己 曾被你想起 really
我胡思亂想就從今天起 I wish
像一個陷阱 卻從未猶豫 相信
你真的願意 就請給我驚喜

關於愛情 過去沒有異想的結局
那天起 卻顛覆了自己邏輯
我的懷疑 所有答案因你而明白
轉啊轉 就真的遇見 Mr.right

我的世界 變得奇妙更難以言喻
還以為 是從天而降的夢境
直到確定 手的溫度來自你心裡
這一刻 也終於勇敢說愛你

Credits: [edit]Last edit by siwe on Sunday 22 Feb, 2009 at 10:46 +100%[/edit]

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Added by: islandgurl517

wo de shi jie / bian de qi miao geng nan yi yan yu
hai yi wei / shi cong tian er jiang de meng jing
zhi dao que ting / shou de wen du lai zhi ni xin li
zhe yi ke / wo chong yu yong gan shuo ai ni

yi kai shi / wo zhi ku zhe kan ni
zhuang zuo bu jin yi / xin que piao guo qu
hai qie xi / ni mei fa xian wo / duo zai jiao luo
mang zhe kuai le / mang zhe gan dong
cong bi ci mo sheng dao shu / hui shi wo men cong wei xiang guo
zhen ai / dao xian zai / bu gan qi dai

yao zhen ming zi ji / ceng bei ni xiang qi REALLY?
wo hu si luan xiang jiu cong jin tian qi I WISH
xiang yi ge xian jing / que cong wei you yu / xiang xin
ni zhen de yuan yi / jiu qing gei wo jing xi

guan yu ai qing / guo qu mei you yi xiang de jie ju
na tian qi / que dian fu le zi ji luo ji
wo de huai yi / sou you da an yin ni er ming bai
zhuan a zhuan / jiu zhen de yu jian MR.RIGHT


Credits: [edit]Last edit by mochi on Friday 30 May, 2008 at 11:16 +5.2%[/edit]

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Added by: islandgurl517

My world has become strange and unexplainable
Even thought it was a dream dropped from the heavens
Until i could confirm that the warmth from your hand came from your heart
Finally, i dare to say i love you

From the start i was occupied in watching you
Pretending it to be accidental while my heart flew over to you
Secretly happy that u did not notice me hiding in a corner
Busy being happy busy being touched
From the days where we were strangers to being familiar with each other
Its something we've never imagined

Want to prove that u've thought of me, really
I tink of everything and anything from today onwards, i wish
Like a trap however i've had no doubts in believing
You are really willing so please give me a surprise

From the past till now there have been no unexpected endings in love
But from that day, my whole logic has been upset (disturbed).
All my suspicions all answers are understood becoz of you
turn and turn really meet my Mr right

Credits: [edit]Last edit by mochi on Friday 30 May, 2008 at 11:17 +3.1%[/edit]

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