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Ting Bu Dong Mei Guan Xi / 聽不懂 沒關係 Lyrics
BY  JJ Lin
ALBUM  Number 89757 / Pian Hao 89757

Added by: SmileHime

唱什麼 你若聽不懂
無所謂 只要放輕鬆
對音樂 也許不認同

電鋼琴 對我很服從
手指頭 彈的很從容

從此以後 我的腦海 

唱什麼 不一定要懂 
做音樂 我讓心放縱
也許你 聽的很激動 
耶耶 也別太激動

森林中 吹起海洋風 
星空下 做著白日夢

**看 很多人常常這樣唱歌 
一下往那嘻 一下往這哈 
這樣魔術般的脣形 媽媽覺得不可思議
像拋Roti Prata的樣子

Repeat *, **


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Added by: SmileHime

Chang shi mo ni ruo ting bu dong
Wu suo wei zhi yao fang qing song
Dui yin yue ye xu bu ren tong
Ye ye ye yue zai qi zhong

Dian gang qin dui wo hen fu cong
Shou zhi tou dan de hen cong rong
Wo huan xing ta zai ni er bian tiao dong

*Dan zhao qin xiang zhao xin shi
Yi mu mu hua mian liu shi
Ta de xi zhi rou ruan de shuang shou
Xiang yi pian tong hua shi
Ta yong zhi yin de fang shi
Kan wo dan qin de yang zi
Cong ci yi hou wo de nao hai
Jiu zhi you yi ge ni de ming zi

Chang shi yao bu yi ding yao dong
Zuo yin yue wo rang xin fang zong
Ye xu ni ting de hen ji dong
Ye ye ye bie tai ji dong

Sen lin zhong chui qi hai yang feng
Xing kong xia zuo zhao bai ri meng
Wo sui xin suo yu rang yin yue dai dong

**kan hen duo ren chang chang zhe yang chang ge
Zhe jiu shi wo men suo wei de rao she
Yi xia wang na xi yi xia wang zhe ha
Zhe yang mo zhu ban de chun xing ma ma jue de bu ke si yi
Zhe yi chong chang ge de fang shi
Xiang pao Roti Prata de yang zi
Yi ting dao yin yue jie zou jiu bu ting di zhan shi
Ma ma ni ting bu dong (mei guan xi)
Wo you ling yi chong xuan lv dai gei ting zhong wan quan bu tong de gan dong

Repeat *, **


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Added by: SmileHime

What to sing, you seem to not understand
Doesn't matter, just relax
You may not agree with the music
Grandpa was also in the middle

The electric piano I obey
Fingers play it easily
I wake, beating next to your ear

*Playing the piano while thinking of my heart's concerns
Images pass by one by one
Her soft delicate hands
Like a fairytale
Using her soul mate manner
Watching the way I look when I play
From then on my mind
Only has one person, you

What to sing, you don't need to understand
Making music, I'll let my heart indulge
Perhaps when you hear it you'll be excited
Grandpa don't get too excited either

In the forest, ocean wind blows
Under the starry sky, dreaming
My desire is to yield to my musical drive

**You see so many people who often sing songs
This is what we call rap
One moment go here, one moment go there
The magic lip even mother cannot conceive
This one of a kind manner of song singing
Similar to the Roti Prata
Once you hear the music the rhythm will reveal itself
Mother doesn't understand (it's okay)
I'll just have another, completely different melody to bring

Repeat *, **


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