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Dao / 盜 Lyrics
BY  JJ Lin
ALBUM  Number 89757 / Pian Hao 89757

Added by: SmileHime


光碟機 是犯案工具
光碟網路 他自由的來去


Do re mi fa so 還有 la ti
我寫到 快要昏天暗地
我相信 誰都不是故意
你叫我 怎麼怎麼相信天理

Do re mi fa so 還有 la ti
我努力 走出一片天地
我絕對 掏心掏肺感激
傾聽我 這一首嘔心瀝血作品

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Stop 這段不是出現過在上一張
這段 breakdown 應該是整首歌
why 沒有錯 就是這樣
盜吧 盜吧
心血被無情老鼠啃光 盜光


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Added by: SmileHime

Ruo ta xi huan ta jiu shuo ta dui
Bu suan wei gui shuo shen me can kui
Lian da fa guan dou bu neng ding zui
Dao de ma shou dao yi kuang

Guang die ji shi fan an gong ju
Wang ji wang lu ta zi you de lai qu
Ting yin yue shi mian fei le qu
Yao gei qian na zheng ju

Ta yi wei shen zai an chu (qi shi guo jie lao shu)
Ta yi wei de dao hao chu (qi shi pan duan cuo wu)
Ta yi wei ge kong qu wu (jiu xiang cang long wo hu)
Yuan lai yi shi hu tu

Do re mi fa so hai you la ti
Wo xie dao kuai yao hun tian an di
Wo xiang xin shui dou bu shi gu yi
Ni jiao wo zen me zen me xiang xin tian li

Do re mi fa so hai you la ti
Wo nu li zou chu yi pian tian di
Wo jue dui tao xin tao fei gan ji
Qing ting wo zhe yi shou ou xin li xie zuo pin

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Stop zhe duan bu shi chu xian guo zai shang yi zhang
Zhe duan BREAKDOWN ying gai shi zheng shou ge
Zui jing cai zui qi dai de di fang
Wei he gen yi qian yi yang
Why mei you cuo jiu shi zhe yang
Fan zheng zhe shou ge yi miao zhong liang miao
Hiu hui bei download guang guang
Dao ba dao ba
Jiu rang chuang yi man man si guang guang
Yi hou mai ge jiu xiang mai cai shi chang de ba le
Mei ke dou yi yang wo xian zai de xin qing jiu xiang mian bao shi fu
Xin xie bei wu qing lao shu ken guang dao guang
Huan zuo shi ni zen me xiang


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Added by: SmileHime

As long as he likes it, he says he is right
It's not a violation, so what shame is there
Not even a judge can have a say
Our morals recieve a coat

CD-ROMs are a tool of violation
CDs on the internet, he's free to come and go
Listening to music is a free pleasure
Pay money, get evidence

He thought he was in the dark (in fact, a street rat)
He thought this would benefit (in fact, an error in judgement)
He thought just taking a sample (where the tigers hide)
It turns out, that moment of weakness

Do re mi fa so and also la ti
I wrote about those faint days
I believe people do not do it on purpose
You tell me, how do we believe in that justice

Do re mi fa so and also la ti
I'll try hard to go out of this world
I'll definitely find my grateful heart and lung
Listen to me, the thing created from so much pain and hard work

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Stop this isn't something that appeared in the previous
This breakdown should be the whole song
The best of the best place to to look
The reasons said before
Why there is no wrong, it's just like this
This song in just one second, two seconds
And it'll be downloaded and stolen
Thief, thief
Letting creativity slowly die out
After the song go to the grocery to buy some guava
It's all the same, I'm like the bread master
All my painful efforts have been mercilessly pirated
If it was you how you you think?


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