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Fa Xian Ai Feat. Jin Sha / 發現愛 Love's In The Air (金莎 合唱) Lyrics
BY  JJ Lin
ALBUM  West Side (Xi Jie)

Added by: SmileHime

同時也 發現愛

嘀嘀咕咕我該不該 讓你看穿 
冰淇淋 的默契 就是愛

濃郁香草 巧克瑪瑙

忘了煩惱 可愛多好   
呼吸之間 就嘗到了你我

我看見 love's in the air

丘比特苦惱 嘮叨的月老
緣分來了 他們誰也擋不了
就放手去愛  love is in the air Oh~
花開的很好 風吹的很好


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Added by: SmileHime

i ji zha zha lu ren xiao hai
jue zui de ni zhan zai lu tai
yang guang mi zhe yan kan wo men
tong shi ye fa xian ai

di di gu gu wo gai bu gai rang ni kan chuan 
bing qi ling de mo qi jiu shi ai

nong yu xiang cao qiao ke ma nao
bu jue zhong qiao qiao rong hua liao
bian cheng zui xing fu de wei dao

wang le fan nao ke ai duo hao   
bu xu yao shuo shen me
hu xi zhi jian jiu chang dao le ni wo

xin dian gan yin
wo kan jian love's in the air

qiu bi te hu nao lao dao de yue lao
yuan fen lai le ta men shui ye guan bu liao
jiu fang shou qu ai love is in the air Oh~
hua kai de hen hao feng chui de hen hao
zhi yao ni zai shen me dou hao
ai de xiang wei sui kong qi piao


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Added by: phaNiez

Chirping, twittering, passersby and children
Pouting your lips, you are standing on the balcony
The sunshine, squinting its eyes, watches us
at the same time, also discovering love
Unable to decide, should I or should I not
let you see through me?
The secret promise of ice cream is love

Strong rich vanilla, choco-agate
While we are unaware, quietly melting
turning into the happiest flavor
Forgetting our worries, Wall's is good
No need to say anything, between breaths
can be tasted the electric reaction of our hearts
I see love’s in the air

Jupiter is vexed, Old Man Moon chatters
When fate comes, none of them can interfere
Just let go and love, love is in the air
The flowers bloom very well, the wind blows very well
Only when you are here, everything is good
Love’s fragrance floats along the air

Credits: phaNiez

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