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Unparalleled (無雙 Wú Shuāng) Lyrics
BY  Jay Chou
ALBUM  On The Run

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路深處 翠落的孟宗竹

竟然在城牆上遮蔽了日出 是誰 在哭

衝 你懂 你懂 你匆匆
聽我說武功 無法高過寺院的鐘
禪定的風 靜如水的松

我命格無雙 一統江山
狂勝之中 我卻黯然語帶悲傷
我一路安營紮下蓬 青銅刀鋒
不輕易用 蒼生為重

我命格無雙 一統江山
破城之後 我卻微笑絕不戀戰
我等待異族望天空 歃血為盟
我等效忠 浴火為龍


幾里外 馬蹄上的塵土

刀上的鏽卻出土的很清楚 是我 在哭

序 你去 你去 你繼續
我敲木魚 開始冥想這場戰役
我攻城掠地 想冷血 你需要勇氣
揮劍離去 我削鐵如泥

你去 你再去 你繼續不敵我致命的一擊
遠方的橫笛 吹奏你戰敗的消息
保持著殺氣 想贏的情緒

我命格無雙 一統江山
狂勝之中 我卻黯然語帶悲傷
我一路安營紮下蓬 青銅刀鋒
不輕易用 蒼生為重

我命格無雙 一統江山
破城之後 我卻微笑絕不戀戰
我等待異族望天空 歃血為盟
我等效忠 浴火為龍

命格無雙 一統江山
狂勝之中 我卻黯然語帶悲傷

我命格無雙 一統江山
破城之後 我卻微笑絕不戀戰
我等待異族望天空 歃血為盟
我等效忠 浴火為龍



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Added by: silverlining

tai xian lv le mu wu
lu shen chu cui luo de meng zong zhu
luan shi dui shang you wu
zhe zhong yin ju jiao zuo jiang hu
jian wu man tian fei wu / jing ran zai cheng qiang shang / zhe bi le ri chu
shi shui zai ku

chong / ni dong / ni dong / ni cong cong
you duo shao de man li / jiu la duo shao de gong
ting wo shuo / wu gong wu fa gao guo si yuan de zhong
chan ding de feng
jing ru shui de song

wo ming ge wu shuang
yi tong jiang shan
kuang sheng zhi zhong / wo que an ran yu dai bei shang

wo yi lu an ying zha xia peng
qing tong dao feng / bu qing yi yong
cang sheng wei zhong

wo ming ge wu shuang
yi tong jiang shan
po cheng zhi hou
wo que wei xiao jue bu lian zhan

wo deng dai yi zu wang tian kong / sha xue wei meng
wo deng xiao zhong
yu huo wei long

can que de lao cha hu
ji li wai / ma ti de chen tu
sheng lang yan de cheng chi
zhe zhong shi dao jiao zuo luan shi

na li shi yi mo hu
dao shang de xiu que chu tu de hen qing chu
shi wo zai ku

xu / ni qu / ni qu / ni ji xu
wo qiao mu yu
kai shi ming xiang / zhe chang zhan yi
wo gong cheng lve di
xiang leng xue ni xu yao yong qi
hui jian li qu / wo xiao tie ru ni
ni qu / ni zai qu
ni ji xu bu di wo
zhi ming de yi ji
yuan fang de heng di
chui zou ni zhan bai de xiao xi
bao chi zhe sha qi
xiang ying de qing xu / rang wo jun lin tian xia de jia yu

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Added by: silverlining

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

The wooden house is covered with the green of moss
On the deep road
The Moso bamboo with fallen leaves
There is mist on top of the rock pile
This kind of life in seclusion is called Jiang Hu
Arrows dance and fly in the sky
Unexpectedly they cover up the sunrise on the city wall
Who is crying?
You understand
You understand
You hurry
However much barbaric strength you have you pull however many bows
Listen to me, there's no way for martial arts
To be any higher than the bell in the cloister
The still wind
The tree that is calm like water

My fate is unparalleled
I rule over the kingdom
Yet in the middle of the landslide victory
My dim voice carries sadness
I pitch camp all the way
The edge of the bronze knife
Will not be used easily
The common people take priority

My fate is unparalleled
I rule over the kingdom
Yet after breaking into the city
I smile and say I do not long for war at all
I wait for a different race and look to the sky
We make an alliance with the drink of blood
I wait for loyalty
Become the dragon from the fire

The broken old teapot
A few miles away
The dust from the horse's hooves
The city with the rising smoke signal
This kind of way of the world is called troubled times

That history is already blurred
Yet the rust on the knife comes out of the ground very clearly
It is me

You go
You go
You continue
I hit the wooden fish percussion
I start to meditate about this battle
I attack the city and plunder
If you want to be cold-blooded you need courage
Wielding my sword and leaving
Cutting through iron like mud

You go
You go again
You continue to be no match for me
The killer blow
The flute from far away
Sounds the news of your defeat in battle
Maintain that murderous look
The feeling of wanting to win
The drive that makes me rule the world

Credits: Ho @

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