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Dad, I'm Back (爸,我回來了 Bà, Wǒ Huí Lái Le) Lyrics
BY  Jay Chou
ALBUM  Fantasy

Added by: silverlining

作詞:周杰倫 作曲:周杰倫

就因為喝醉酒 他就能拿我媽出氣
我真的看不下去 以為我較細漢 喝!
從小到大只有媽媽的溫暖 為什麼我爸爸 那麼兇
如果真的我有一雙翅膀 二雙翅膀
隨時出發 偷偷出發 我一定帶我媽走
從前的教育 別人的家庭 別人的爸爸
但是呢 媽跟我都沒有錯過我叫你一聲爸~~爸我回來了

我說的話 你甘會聽?
難道你手 不會痛嗎?

其實我回家就想要阻止 一切
讓家庭回到過去甜甜 溫馨的歡樂香味
雖然這是我編造出來的事實 有點諷刺 有點酸性
產生共鳴來阻止一切暴力 眼淚隨著音符吸入血液情緒
好多的假像 媽媽常說乖~~聽你爸的話


我說的話 你甘會聽?
難道你手 不會痛嗎?
難道你手 不會痛嗎?
阿難道你手 不會痛嗎?
12345678 12345678
我叫你爸 你打我媽這樣對嗎
幹嘛這樣 何必讓酒牽鼻子走~瞎~
說都說不聽 聽 痛是我們在痛 痛


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Added by: silverlining

wo ting shuo tong chang zai zhan zheng hou jiu hui huan lai he ping
wei shen me kua lie wo de ba ba yi zhi da wo ma ma
jiu yin wei he zui jiu ta jiu neng na wo ma chu qi
wo zhen jie kua be luo hi giu si wo kao sui han
cong xiao dao da zhi you ma ma de wen nuan
wei shen me wo ba ba na me xiong
ru guo zhen de wo you yi shuang chi bang liang shuang chi bang
sui shi chu fa tou tou chu fa wo yi ding dai wo ma gian
cong qian de jiao yu bie ren de jia ting bie ren de ba ba
zhong zhong de bao li yin su yi ding dou hui you yuan yin
dan shi ne ma gen wo dou mei you cuo kui wo jiao ne yi sheng ba
ba wo hui lai le

mai gan na lei da wo ma ma
wo shou de hua ni gan mie tia?
mai gan na lei da wo ma ma
nan dao ni shou bu hui tong ma?

qi shi wo hui jia jiu xiang yao zu zhi yi qie
rang jia ting hui dao guo qu tian tian wen xing de huan le xiang wei
sui ran zhe shi wo bian zao chu lai de shi shi
you dian feng ci you dien suan xing
dan ta que zai zhe kuai le sha hui hua sheng chan sheng gong ming
chan sheng gong ming lai zu zhi yi qie bao li
yan lei sui zhe yin fu xi ru xie ye qing xu
cong xiao dao da ni jiao wo xue xi ni ba ni dang bang yang
hao duo de jia xiang ma ma chang shuo guai teng ni be hua
ni jiao wo zen me gen ni xiang

Repeat Chorus

jing lun sa xi bo liao qi bui yi er san si wu liu qi ba
wo jiao ni ba ni da wo ma
zhe yang dui ma
gan ma zhe yang he bi rang jiu qian bi zi zou xia
gong dou gong bu tia tia
tia shi wo men tia tia

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Added by: silverlining

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)

I heard that usually after a war there would be peace in exchange
Why do I still see my dad keep hitting my mom?
Just because he gets drunk, he takes it out on my mom
I really can’t bear to watch it, thinking I am not man enough
Since I was young I only had Mom’s affection
Why is my dad so violent
If I really had one pair of wings, two pairs of wings
Can leave anytime, leave secretly, I will definitely run away with Mom

My education from when I was little, other people’s families, other people’s dads
All kinds of violence factors surely have a reason
But… both Mom and I were not wrong, to think I even call you Dad

Dad I am back
Don’t hit my mom like this anymore
Will you listen to what I say
Don’t hit my mom like this anymore
Do your hands not hurt?

Frankly when I go home I just want to stop everything
To bring the family back to the past when it was filled with sweet, warm joyful fragrance
Even though this is a truth that I’ve made up
A bit ironic, a bit sour
But it does happen in this happy society, people can relate
Using identification to stop all violence
Tears followed the musical notes absorbing bloody emotions
Since I was young you told me to learn from you, put you as my model
So many delusions, Mom always said be good, listen to your dad

You tell me, how can I be like you?

12345678 / 12345678
I call you Dad, you hit my mom
Is this right?
Why do you have to be like this Why let alcohol lead you to act blindly
You don’t even listen to what I say
The ones who are hurting are us

Credits: doraemonbeo @ JPopAsia

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