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Stare Lyrics
BY  Janne Da Arc
ALBUM  Resist

Added by: Kaorooi


Lyrics by yasu
Music by ka-yu

見つめてよ 僕達を
遠く 高く 羽ばたいてみせる
空の向こう 見せてあげるよ
もし 願いが叶うのなら
もし 神様がいるのなら


僕達は これからも
遠く 高く 羽ばたいてみせる

何もかも もういらないから
“僕達を どうか受け入れで

気が付いて 見渡せば
いつもと違う 景色が見えた

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Added by: Kaorooi


Lyrics by yasu
Music by ka-yu

Mitsumete yo boku-tachi wo
tooku takaku habataite miseru
mou nido to mayowanai
sora no mukou misete ageru yo
Moshi negai ga kanau no nara
moshi kami-sama ga iru no nara
"boku no senaka ni hane wo tsukete"
sora wo tobitai...

"Tsuki" wo utau yoru
mou hitori janai kara
nani mo kowakunai

Boku-tachi wa kore kara mo
tooku takaku habataite miseru
senoku no hoshi-tachi yo
boku no negai oboetemasu ka?

Nani mo kamo mou iranai kara
boku no hoshii mono wa hitotsu dake
"boku-tachi wo douka ukeire de"
"hoshi" ni negai wo...

Ki ga tsuite miwataseba
itsumo to chigau keshiki ga mieta
boku-tachi wa...

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Added by: Kaorooi


Lyrics by yasu
Music by ka-yu

Stare at us, we'll show you our wings flying high and far away
We won't lose our way twice
Facing the heavens, we'll show you
If, suppose our prayers are answered
If, suppose God is out there
"Make wings sprout forth in my back"
I want to fly away to the sky...[1]

The night you sing to the "moon"
Since you're not alone anymore [2]
Nothing's frightening

As for us, after this,
We'll show you our wings flying high and far away
The hundreds of millions of stars
Do they remember my prayer?

Since I don't really need everything anymore
There's only one thing I desire
"Please, let them accept us"
To the "stars", I pray...

If they're watching me, they'll realize
Always and its opposite are places we've seen
All of us...
[1] Fellow Janne da Arc fans may remember this line appearing again in English in "Sylvia" ("Let's just fly away to the sky")
[2] yasu deliberately uses the kanji for "alone" that denotes being unmarried. He uses this analogy again in other songs, as well.

Credits: Kiku's Translations

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