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A Song for Lady (For 연가) Lyrics

Added by: renix

미안해 네게 상처 줬던것 착하기만 하던
너의 하얀 두 볼 위에서 눈물 흘리게 한것
용서해 용서해야만 해요 그대 떠나가는게
나는 너무 두려웠기에 너무 사랑했기에
한땐 그대가 내곁에 없는게
너무나 힘이 들고 또 외로워서
비가 내리던 날 난 비를 맞으며 한없이 울었었죠

그대를 사랑해요 보고 싶어요
그댈 만나 행복했던것만큼
내가 약속할게요 이제 다시는
힘들지도 슬프지도 않을거예요 꼭 돌아와 줘요
미안해요 정말 미안해요 그리고 사랑해요
제가 이 노랠 몇번이나 부르는지 몰라요
자꾸 눈물이 나서
오늘 그대가 너무 보고 싶어
나의 두손에 너의 사진을 꼭 쥐고
너의 얼굴 위에 눈물이 내려와 이젠 너도 울어요

그대를 사랑해요 보고 싶어요
그댈 만나 행복했던것만큼
내가 약속할게요 이제 다시는
힘들지도 슬피지도 않을거예요
이제는 돌아오겠죠 난 믿어요 사랑해-
한번만 단 한번만 날 안아주세요 그댈 이유로
다신 울지 않을거예요 나에게는 마지막 사랑이예요
그댈 다신 잃지 않도록 기도해요

All Synthesizer & Computer programing by Moon, hee jun Guitar : Groovie.K.
Bass : Lee, tae yoon Drum : Kang, soo ho String Arranged by Park, in young
Mixing: KAT, Moon, hee jun Directed by Moon, hee jun

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Added by: renix

mi ahn neh~
neh gah sang choh choh duhn guht~ chah gah gee man hah duhn~
no eh~ hah yan too pohl wee heh soh~ neun meul hyuhn lee geh han goh~

young soh heh~ young soh heh yah man heh yoh~ keu deh doh nah gah neun geh~
nah neun~ no moo too loh woh kee eh~ no moo sarang heh gee yeh~

han deh keu deh gah neh kyuh teh uhm neun geh~ no moo~ nah hee mee tuhl goh doh weh loh woh soh~
pee gah neh ree duhn nahl nan pee reul mah jeun myuh~ han uhp shee oo loh soh joh~

keu deh reul sarang hae yo~ poh goh sheep uh yoh keu deh man nan hengbok keh duhn goh man keum~
neh gah yak sok kal geh yoh~ ee jeh tah shee neun~ heem deul jee doh~ seul poo jee doh ah neul goh eh yoh~

guht toh rah wah jwuh yoh~

mi ahn hae yo~ chuhn mal mi ahn hae yo~
keu ree goh~ sarang hae yo~ cheh gah ee no reh~ myuh poh nee nah poo reul neun jee moh lah yoh~
chah goo~ neun moo lee nah soh~

uhn neul keu deh gah no moo poh goh sheep uh nah eh~ teul soh neh no eh sah jee neun guht jee goh~
noh eh uhl gool mee eh neun moo ree neh reul wah~ ee jehn noh doh oo loh yoh~


ee jeh neun~ toh rah oh geh joh nan mee doh yoh~ sarang hae~
ham buhn man tan ham buhn man~
nal ah nah joo seh yoh~ keu dehl ee yool loh~ tah sheen wool jee ah neul geh yoh~
nah eh geh neun mah jee mah~ sarang ee eh yoh~ keu dehl tah sheen ee jee ahn toh roh~ kee tohh~ heh yoh~

Credits: Cathy

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Added by: renix

I'm sorry
for the scar I have given you,
For the tears that have rolled down
your white cheeks
Forgive me.
You must forgive me.
I'm so afraid that you will leave me,
Cause I love you so much.
When you weren't by my side,
I was lonely and enervating.
As I was standing under a storm and being hit by the rain,
I cried endlessly.

I love you.
I miss you.
I promise that I will make you happy as much as you did for me.
You will no longer be tired or sad.

I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry. and I love.
I don't know how many times I have sang this song,
since the tears never stopped flowing.
I missed you so much today
I held your picture tightly in my two hands.
The tears are rolling down your face.
Now you are crying too.


I believe that you will come back to me.
I love you~


Once, Just once, embrace me.
For that reason, I wont cry anymore.
You are my final love.
I'm praying that you will never forget me.

Credits: Dannie

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