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Talk 7 Lyrics
ALBUM  [Iyah!]

Added by: renix

Talk 친구

희준 Theme...

난 친구가 많아. 늘 외롭지 않았지. 그래서 친구가 없는 애들이 이상해 보였어. 때로는 걔들이 외로운 게 당연하게 여겨지기도 했어. 어느 날 난 편지를 받았어. 그건 여느 때와 똑같은 팬레터로 보였어. 하지만 봉투를 열고 편지지를 읽었을 때 하... 난 차라리 보지 말걸 하고 후회를 하고 있었어. 그건 두려움 이었어. 그 친구는 아빠가 계시질 않았어. 그래서 언니의 교복에 낡은 가방을 들고 다닐 수 밖에 없었데.친구들은 그 애를 지져분하다고 따돌렸고 하지만 그 친구는 그 정도는 참을 수가 있었데. 하지만 체육시간이 지나고 옷을 갈아입기 위해 가방을 열었을 때 한 벌 밖에 없는 교복이 낡았지만 소중했던 그 교복이 찢겨져 있는것을 봤을 때 그 친구는 더 이상 참을 수가 없었데. 그건 단순히 찢어진 옷이 아니라 친구의 미래를 찢어 놓은 거였데. 그리고 친구는 그대로 옥상에서 뛰어내렸데. 더 이상은 이런 세상에는 살고 싶지 않다고... 편지의 끝은 그렇게 되어있었어

"오빠... 다행인지 불행인지 난 죽지 않았어요. 다만 더 이상은 걸을 수도 뛰어다닐 수도 없지만. 오빠 내가 병원서 나갈 쯤엔 세상이 조금은 더 밝아져 있을까요? 아니.. 이제는 친구들이 절 괴롭히지 않을 까요? 아니.. 이제는 제게 말을 걸어줄까요...?"

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Added by: renix

"Chin Goo" (Friend)

I have a lot of friends...
I was never lonely so kids that didn't have friends looked strange...
Sometimes I thought the way they were lonely was a definite thing..
One day I recieved a letter..
It looked like a fan letter
just like the other days..
But when I opened the envelope..
And I read the letter
I was in regret,
thinking it would of been better if I didn't open it...
That was fear..
That friend didn't have a father..
So she had no other choice but to wear her unni's (older sister) uniform and carry around an old bag..
Other friends rejected her saying that kid was dirty
but that friend said she could bear with that..
But after phys. ed. when she opened her bag to change clothes,
the only uniform she had,
the old but special uniform was torn apart
and when she saw that she couldn't bear with it any more..
That was just not clothes that was torned apart...
It was her future that was torn apart...
And like that she jumped off the roof..
Saying she didn't want to live in a world like this...
The end of the letter was written like this..

I don't know if this something fortunate or miserable but I didn't die..
I can't walk or run anymore
but oppa..
When I go out of the hospital will the world be a little brighter?
now will my friends not bother me?
Now will they speak to me?

Credits: Sue

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