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Onaji Tsuki wo Miteta (同じ月を見てた) Lyrics
BY  Going Under Ground

Added by: elenko94

凍った水たまりを避けて歩く マフラーが声を奪う
憧れ夢を詰めたトランク2つ 引きずって僕らは街を出た

最終の窓に揺れる優しかった日々 隣で眠る君に

名もなき旅人を どこかで笑う声
選んだ道の上 もう 心細くなって肩をよせるんだ

出会ってしまった僕達は なぜか不安だいつも
夢を見れず泣いた日も 僕は君の味方

上手に歌えなくたって届いた声 気づくんだ一人じゃない
育った街も声も違うけれど いつだって同じ月を見てた

君のいない風景は 君のいない生活は

出会ってくれてありがとう 君に会えてよかった

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Added by: floshiknbk

We walk, avoiding the frozen puddles
My scarf robs me of my voice
We left the city, carrying two suitcases filled with hopes and dreams

At the last window, the gentle days were swaying
By my side, you were sleeping
"If I ever become stronger than I am now, I could return to this place" I said, and held your small hand

A traveler with no name's laugh can be heard somewhere
On the road we chose, when we feel helpless, we bring our shoulders near

The two of us who met, for some reason, we're always worried
Even on the days you cry because you can't dream, I'll be by your side

Even if I can't sing nicely, my voice has been carried over
I realized I'm not alone
The place I grew up in and my voice are now different
But we will be always looking at the same moon

A scenery without you, a life without you
Is like a movie in black and white
As long as you're in this world, I will sing

To the two of us who met, "What kind of future would you like to draw?"
Thank you for meeting me
I'm glad I met you

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