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Calling Lyrics
BY  girugamesh

Added by: Mauru23

You are striving「navigation」

『あ、そう そんならこれはどうだ!?』
誰の為に何の為に 機嫌伺って…

You are striving「navigation」突然の涙声 calling

『声を聞かせて欲しくて 今すぐに顔見たくて』
君は真夜中に手を握り 待ち焦がれ
辛い時は側に居て ずっと夜明けが来るまで
朝日迎え眩しい 光浴びて

そんな事は分かってるの!! 自分が誰よりも感じる
結果だけが努力の証 I know 黙って??

明日への手がかりは もう少しあと少し
You are striving「navigation」timingだけ

You cry,don't leave me all alone
You are striving「navigation」

君が名前を呼ぶから 生きる意味思い出せた
誰かに必要とされてる 感じれる
強く広げた両手は あの空まで届くから
積み重ねた証はやがて 光浴びて


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Added by: DokiDokiRingo

You are striving 「navigation」

Are mo dame de kore mo dame da
『Aa, sou sonnara kore wa dou da!?
Dare no tame ni nanno tame ni kigen ukagatte ...

You are striving 「navigation」 totsuzen no namida-koe calling
Iki wo kirashi

『Koe wo kikasete hoshikute ima sugu ni kao mitakute)
Kimi wa mayonaka ni te wo nigiri machikogare
Tsurai toki wa saba ni ite zutto yoake ga kuru made
Asahi mukae mabushii hikari abite

Sonna koto wa wakatteru no!! Jibun ga dare yori mo kanjiru
Kekka dake ga doryoku no shou I know damatte??

Ashita he no tegakari wa mou sukoshi ato sukoshi
You are striving 「navigation」timing dake

You are striving 「navigation」
You cry,don't leave me all alone
You are striving 「navigation」

Kimi ga namae wo yobu kara yukiru imi omoidaseta
Dareka ni hitsuyou to sareteru kanjireru
Tsuyoku hirogeta ryoute wa ano sora made todoku kara
Tsumi kasaneta shou wa yagate hikari abite

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Added by: ninetales

That's useless, this is useless
"Ah, how did such a thing happen!?"
For whose sake, for what's sake did we lose our tempers...

Suddenly, the tear-stained voice calling
Running out of breath

"I wanted to tell you myself, even now I wanted to see your face"
You seizing my hand in the dead of night is what I've longed for
Painful times are close by my side, more and more until the dawn comes
But meeting with the morning sun is brilliant, and I'll bask in the light

I understand such things!! I feel it more than anyone
Just the result is proof of great effort, I know, so why keep silent??

The trail to tomorrow, already just the tiniest bit
Is only timing

Because you shout my name, I remember the living meaning
And I feel that someone can become indispensable
Until the hands I strongly spread out reach that sky
Accumulated proof will soon bask in the light

Credits: Translated by ninetales

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