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light of sorrow Lyrics
BY  Fra-Foa
ALBUM  13 Leaves

Added by: stefyap

いつか 消えそうで怖かった

もし 何も見出せないのなら
どうか あたしのために生きて。

だから今 強く抱いて 抱いて
ただあなたの その温かさで
あたしをそう ぎゅっと包んで

ねぇ ふいに 見せるその顔
何を失い 今、微笑むの?

もう 何も言わなくてもいいの
ここに あなたがいるだけで

だから今 強く抱いていたいの
ただあなたの その空洞を
あたしの血で 満たせたら

ねぇ いつか あなたが死んだら
その亡き骸を 胸に抱いて

いつまでも 愛しいあなたの
髪を撫で 頬に触れ 食べてしまおう

だから今 ぎゅっと抱いていたいの
その笑顔を 空虚を 涙を
あなたの その震える胸が
あたしの腕で 息絶えればいい

だから今 強く抱いて 抱いて
ただあなたと この胸の奥の
確かさをそう 傷付け、愛すの。


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Added by: elenko94

ikuate no nai anata wa
itsuka kiesou de kowakatta

moshi nanimo midasenai no nara
douka atashi no tame ni ikite

dakara ima tsuyoku daite daite
kono karada ni imi nado nai kara
tada anata no sono atatakasa de
atashi o sou gyutto tsutsunde

nee fui ni miseru sono kao
nani o ushinai ima, hohoemu no?

mou nanimo iwanakute ii no
koko ni anata ga iru dake de

dakara ima tsuyoku daitetai no
kachi nado nanimo iranai kara
tada anata no sono kuudou o
atashi no chi de mitasetara

nee itsuka anata ga shindara
sono nakigara o mune ni daite
itsumademo itoshii anata no
kami o nade, hoho ni fure tabeteshimaou

dakara ima gyutto daitetai no
sono egao o kuukyo o namida o
anata no sono furueru mune ga
atashi no ude de ikitaeba ii

dakara ima tsuyoku daite daite
kono karada ni imi ga aru nara
tada anata to kono mune no oku no
tashikasa o sou kizutsuke, aisuno


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Added by: elenko94

I'm afraid with no place to go someday you'll disappear.

If you can't find anything else,
why not live for me

so, now hold me, hold me strongly
because this body has no meaning
just wrap me in your warmth

that face you showed me suddenly,
what did you lose? are you now smiling? *1

you don't have to say anything else,
just having you by my side is enough

so, I want to hold you strongly
because I don't need there to be any value in it.
If only your hollowness could be filled just by my blood.

you know, one day if you die,
I'll take your corpse to my chest
and forever my love, I'll pet your hair
I'll touch your cheek, and then I'll eat you up.

so, now I want to hold you tightly,
your smile, your emptiness, your tears.
I'd like to have you in my arms,
your chest quivering as your breathing grows sparse. *2

so now hold me, hold me strongly.
if this body has any meaning,
I will hurt and love the certainty
deep in my heart, only with you.


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