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7yr ago
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permalink Prom is in like 2 weeks and I gained quite a lot over the last month because of exam stress. I'm not hoping to lose weight like drastically but maybe a little bit so that my dress won't cling onto me so much?

So, share your weight control/loss plan here! I think it'll be useful to look through all the efforts you guys put into weight control so that I will have the determination not to binge eat.

7yr ago
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permalink Hi!! this is my routine : to lose that weight fast u really need that willpower, so, start with special K cereal, two bowls a day, morning and evening. For lunch have you usual meal, try to make it healthy. No bread!!or sweets. To snack on try a fruit, or any snack bar from special K. Lots of water. and try not to eat after 7pm.
When u have ur breakfast, include with your cereal, some fruit, string cheese,whole grain crackers and some juice, orange juice is pretty awesome with it, lotz of vitamin C. With your crackers you can put some cream cheese or peanut butter.
For your lunch include some whole grains, rice is great, and veggies/or beans/etc, with some proteins like white meat/turkey, (no red meat or bacon) and salads.Small portions.
For your evening another bowl of cereal,with your fruit, or u can have a whole grain bagel, try not to eat butter or mayonaise ok. Juice or water, and it has to be natural juices not the artificial ones.
To munch on have a snack.Not chocolate chips, ice creams it wont help u lose that weight in two weeks Fruits, string cheese, whole grain crackers, special k snacks, etc.
Remember, breakfast is the important meal u cant skip, its fuel for the rest of your day. You can also drink a shake called "Boost" vanilla or chocolate to replace a meal. Its important that u at least have your three meals and snacks in between. Include some exercise, walking with a pace for at least an hour will help u burn those calories along with the weight loss plan. It worked for me, i lost 6 to 10 pounds in two weeks. Do not never starve youself, just control your portions and eat healthy, no fast foods ;). Hope this can help or give u an idea, Good Luck :)

7yr ago
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permalink You seem like a Special K sales person. :P

7yr ago
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permalink hahaha, i k r, i read my post a few times to make sure i wouldnt seem like one,cuz im not, im just one who consumes it lol.

6yr ago
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permalink LMAO. I agree what ILikeMangoes said HAHA. But not eating after 7pm? Oh gosh that's gonna be hard for me since I stay up so late watching dramas. .-.

6yr ago
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permalink hi ^^, hahaha, yea, i also agreed with awesome mangoes there, heehe, but since our peep wanted to lose weight fast, well, that kind of routine worked out for me, and after 7pm, my gosh! it is hard cuz when you're watching anime or dramas we have to munch on something, lol. but oh well, its not impossible ;)

7yr ago
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permalink Lol I told my mom my plan (which was to eat only when I'm hungry) but she totally put that down.

So now, my plan is to use smaller plates. According to studies, the smaller the plate you have, the less you'll be compelled to eat. Why do you think the Japanese are so skinny? >>

Oh and I cut myself off from desserts, because many people know about my ice cream addiction (even on here, my ice cream love is known :o)...

7yr ago
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permalink Luckily my body possess strong metabolism, hahaha I even eat 6 plates of rice a day yet I am still Imperially slim, my biggest problem is I can't gain my weight that is normal. XD

7yr ago
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permalink hahaha its like that too for me XD

6yr ago
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permalink This is also my problem!I eat so much and don't gain much weight...but this worries me because who knows how rotten my insides are because of all the junk food :/ so what I do now is that when I can control myself with what I eat I will eat healthy food, and when I feel motivated to work out I do lol

7yr ago
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permalink i would say do change what you eat just change who fast you eat it beause the slower you eat the less body fat you put on. This is because your mind has more time to possess the fact that you are eating so there for you put in less weight.

You could also go for a jog as i go for two a day as this will keep you fit and help you lose waight

7yr ago
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permalink When I get fat a use tape worms to loose the weight.

7yr ago
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permalink By the way I just found out tape worms do not like tabaso sauce. So just a heads up if you are going with the tapeworm weight loss.

7yr ago
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permalink I'm not really doing anything to gain weight (which I should) lol. I think I might be losing instead, since I'm trying to build my abs up again + build my arms a little = working out more. Ah life is so hard.

7yr ago
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permalink Diet and exercise. Cuz one doesn't work without the other... and I'm so much of a physical wimp, it's sorta pathetic. So pretty much, I'll find ways to be more active.

My new year's resolution is to transition to vegetarianism or, if I'm feeling ambitious, veganism. It'll bbe tough, but good for me in the long run.

7yr ago
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permalink I try to eat little and only when I'm hungry. Like just a sandwich.

7yr ago
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permalink As a renal failure patient, controlling my weight is a MUST.. though its quite hard at first but u should try to consumed drinks with less sugar or at best no sugar at all.. its been about 2 month now since I started dis & my weight was 83kg before now down to 78kg.. but I'm also still active with sports such as paintball & futsal (indoor soccer/football) :cool:

7yr ago
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permalink rn,I am just trying to gain something,because I'm underweight,lol, I managed to gain a damn kg for about 40 days,and I've lost it,when I started eating how much I want. So,I have to gain,but when I'm trying to do that,I have to eat sandwiches,chocolates and 'heavy food' and I kinda don't like all.

7yr ago
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permalink chmmm don't eat sweets and don't drink fizzy drinks .... and um..u mu mu um T.T i really dont know ...

7yr ago
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permalink i just eat every think i want and i always say to my self i control my weight...^^

7yr ago
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permalink well, if you're too lazy like me(and i know... i know... this is bad...) try eating healthy things and drink a lot of water! that really works! but of course exercising is a great idea! :d

7yr ago
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permalink BEcause I was born with 4 heart murrmurs and I have asthma its really important I stay healthy/ in shape. Also because I want to join the air force I have to be a certain weight. SO heres a few tips that work for me.

DONT count calorie's that doesnt work
Maybe count cholestral if you got diabete's :S no offence intended

eat 4 - 5 time's a day, 3 of those time's full meals. The other 2 times snacks such as an apple or small bowl of cereal ( about a cup of cereal per serving)
Even if your not hungry, because it keeps your metabolism going which makes you burn more fat so your body stores less because it has a constant intake of stuff it needs. NOONE is born with a "fast" or "slow" metabolism.
Depending on how you it your metabolism either slows or gets faster.

do sit ups before bed. Start small, do 10 sit ups for a couple days, and then slowly add 10 more every couples days. and do squats. This turns stomach and thigh fat in to muscle if you keep up with it. Yes muscle is heavier but you will be slimmer and healthier instead of just dropping several pounds only to gain it all back

JOG running or walking or jogging etc, is the easiest way to burn fat.

Try to limit your sugar intake

DONT drink energy drinks , that stuff is really really really bad for you

IF your begin on cheese lol make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water everytime you eat a bit of cheese other wise all the cheese makes you constipated lol


7yr ago
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permalink 100% agree with fray couldnt say it any better, the key is just maintaining a good healthy diet and staying active. if you want some good easy workouts you can do, feel free to post on my wall. i would be glad to help you out. good luck

7yr ago
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permalink not plan anything.
I naturally lose weight when I don't decide i WANT to.
it's kinda weird xD

6yr ago
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permalink I usually just drink lots of water and eat only when I am hungry.

6yr ago
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permalink i'm cutting down on sweet, meat, and bread. i'm taking a zumba class and it's fun. makes you sweat like crazy. i want to be able to fit the pants that i outgrew. i won't buy a bigger size jeans from this point on.

6yr ago
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permalink lucky!!I really want to take a zumba class!Unfortunately I can not right now :/

6yr ago
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permalink i eat when im hungry and i mostly drink alot of liquids

6yr ago
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permalink Drink lots of water!
! cup before your meal and one cup after.
Eat slowly!
Try not to eat fried foods!
Eat whole grains!
low fat dairy products!
No sweets!However if you absolutely must have something sweet, try not to overdo it!Have just the serving size, maybe even half if you can.
Eat vegetables, preferably boiled not fried...
and work out at least 3 times a week!

6yr ago
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permalink also eat fruit!If you get a craving for sweets, eat some fruit and then go for a walk to distract you...this will help the sweets craving go away..

6yr ago
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permalink In 10 months I dropped 1 dress size in upper body, and 2 dress sizes in lower body. It wasn't really intentional but I made a few changes.

I reduced the amount of tea & coffee I drink, becaus I have them with sugar, by drinking less of these I consumed less sugar, and thus less calories.

I eat 4 or 5 small meals a day. Eating a few big meals a day makes your body think that you have trouble getting hold of food and that's why you eat big meals, because you're not sure when and how much your next meal will be. And do your body wil convert it to fat and store it away. Eat small meals and more often means that your body is confident you have a good supply of food and so can afford to use the food up as you eat eat it instead of storing it.

Lucky for me I have never really snacked on junk. I'm not particularly fond of crisps, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc.

If I get hungry between meals I try to have a piece of fruit.

I try to eat more vegetables in my meals.

I would like to do exercise but find I have little time. I do have a job where I am mostly on my feet and walking, so I suppose its better than a desk job, but I'd like to do exercise. In the meantime I do stretching at the end of the day to relax tense muscles after a long day at work. I also try to do stretching of muscles in ways that I don't normally use them through the day. I do this to try stay flexible, so that even ifim not fit then at least I can maintain flexibility.

I drink plenty water already.

I need to go clothes shopping!! I need new jeans as none of mine fit anymore! I can take them off without undoing the button & zip!

I think the best thing is to love your body, and try to be healthy rather than following diets. I don't think diets work long term. The best thing is to change little things so that you can say that you've made a positive change that adds to the bigger picture, and bit by bit, you can see changes happening.

For me, even though I have lost weight and gone down in size, no-one has come up to me and said that I've lost weight. But that doesn't matter because I know what I've done and what I've achieved and that feels good.

6yr ago
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permalink For me, I recently started a new fitness plan about a month and a half ago. It's my own 'plan'. I started with just eating half of what I usually would. (At restaurants I might eat like a third of the entree.)

Then, after about a week of cutting my food intake down, I started to do sit-ups twice a day. Once when I get up and once when I'm about to go to sleep. I'm adding 5 of them to both times each week. Started with 10 twice a day. Now, I'm doing 40 twice a day. I didn't think I'd be able to do that... :P About a month ago I started to do a 2-mile walk everyday on top of all this. I've already dropped a pant size. The weight's coming off like crazy. O_o

I've, for a while now, cut out sodas from my diet. (It's actually bad for me for a number of reasons. Maybe for more reasons than other people.) Occasionally, I'll splurge a little at a restaurant and get a root beer. But, that doesn't happen often. I mostly just drink water and tea on a regular basis. There's a couple of days during the week where I'll have some juice. And, when it's really cold out, some hot chocolate. (But, not often.) I eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables, and fruit as well. I might have a small dessert after dinner. But, that's it most of the time for sugary stuff. (I use sweetener with things like tea.) I feel if I take it out entirely, I'll be deprived. I actually went through an entire year without simple sugars. It didn't really work out. -_-' I also eat a good amount of meat. Not too much, and not too little. It's usually lean meat too.

6yr ago
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permalink being fit is sth you have to work it always..i mean that u have to stick to a daily healthy routine Thats my routine i hope it will help you!!:DFirst of all is gym.if you are bored to exert yourself you can do 1 hour jogging 4-5 times/ week as you excercise your legs,core,hands and improve your posture by that way.remember that the results will be greater if you start your routine months before the event next for ur nutrition i recommend vegetables and protein-meat,eggs etc.try not to eat bread,noodles,potatos and stuff and sugar. Hope i helped you:)!

6yr ago
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permalink I've been doing Weight Watchers and it was really hard in the beginning but its gotten easier. I've only been doing it 3 weeks and I've lost 11lbs which I know isn't a healthy weight loss but I just can't be bothered eating lately.

6yr ago
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permalink drinking lot of water
eating fruits
and exercise
i did this for 1 week lost 14 pounds i was so surprise O_O
but i stop and gain it back in 4 days
so i'm going to start again ^_^

6yr ago
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permalink The best way to lose weight is to eat a lot, but in small portions. Try to emphasize on fruits and vegetables, and also drink a lot of water!
As some of you have mentioned, breakfast is the most important meal, thus you can eat whatever you want. I have noticed that the more I eat for breakfast, the less hungry I feel by the end of the day. Well, of course, I get the midnight snack cravings, but if you want to lose weight you've got to step down on them.
However, that doesn't mean to cut down all kind of fattening food. Chocolate, for example, must not be cut from your program. If you don't want to eat a lot of it, then a bar of chocolate a day is completely normal. Pizza, french fries and hamburgers also must not be set aside. The more you try to ignore them, the more you crave them, right? So, just decide which day of the week you will have either of those, take turns each week.
Lastly, try to exercise. I don't mean going to fitness or trying sports (if you want that's even better), especially to those, who are more keen to laziness :D Just walk. Even if it's to school, the store or somewhere else, walk. And not like a zombie, but a bit faster.
So, yeah, I don't know whether I'm much of a help, but this is how I control my weight.

6yr ago
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permalink its bad to let your body go hungry. you should eat 6 small meals a day. and dont sit, try to move around. stay away from greasy foods.
and drink lots of water. if ur kidneys dont stay hydrated, ur liver has to do ur kidneys job, thus slowly down your metabolism, and your body will wanna hold onto your fat.

6yr ago
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permalink i eat less... try not to eat after 8pm to maintain my weight

6yr ago
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permalink Eat healthy and exercise a bit. I lost 34kg in a year :D

5yr ago
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permalink controling cravings :)

5yr ago
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  1. Figure out what you need to eat per day. Normally it's 2000 calories for females and 2500 for males. It varies, greatly, depending on how active you are and so forth.
  2. Remove 500 from above calculation
  3. Find food that makes you full but with less calories. Rice is bad because you don't get full when eating it and then you start craving more. Vegetables and whole grains are good. Try to skip bread. A lot of calories and you still get hungry.. Oatmeal porridge is great. Exclude carbs for the most part, (pasta, rice etc), unless you can control how much you eat and still feel full (it comes after a while).
  4. Exercise. Well, even if you don't, you would still lose weight.
  5. Do count calories. I know some say that you shouldn't, but until you figure out what contains a lot of calories and whatnot, you will be stuck overeating and thinking you're not eating a lot. Chances are you're actually eating too much. Just saying. Nothing wrong with it, but you need to know what you put in your mouth.
  6. Check what you drink. If you like milk, you'd be surprised in how many calories there are in a glass or bowl with cereals.
  7. Don't skip meals. If you skip meals you get really hungry and chances are you'll eat more than you normally should. Not to mention you feel rather stuffy and like you actually did eat more than the required amount.
  8. Be patient

And, just so we're clear. I lost over 13 kg this summer (aka 3 months) with above method and I only exercised the first week. I've kept my weight, too. All it takes some willpower. I was hungry the first few weeks because I hadn't figured out what I needed to eat in order to feel full.

If you exercise, you can and should eat more. Especially carbs and protein. It's required in order to sustain your muscles and body. That's why you should check out what you need to eat minimum.

As of 2015, I lost 30 kg so I know the stuff listed above works for me. :p You need a good amount of self-control, though.

5yr ago
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permalink Definitely agree with this guideline!

Portion size and frequency of eating I think is the most challenging for most people.

There are many substitutes for foods you love! Carbs are bad if they are simple carbohydrates. I have grown to love other things instead of rice, like quinoa. It is high in protein and fiber which means you will feel fuller longer. It is also gluten free and a source of calcium! Vegetables are also a great source of carbs.

When people talk about cutting carbs they mean all the simple ones. Like chips, crackers, or sugary items like soda, cookies, and cakes.

The trick is finding foods that can do more than just make your stomach stop rumbling!

Sometimes you feel hungry but in fact you are actually dehydrated. I know water is really boring, but is really the best thing to drink! Make it a goal to drink at least one gallon a day. That alone will help you lose some pounds! Fruit juices and milk are high in calories and are mostly sugars that are difficult to digest. If it is really difficult to drink all that water try adding lemon, lime, cucumber, or oranges to your water to spice it up!

There are many different equations but the most common one I have come across is that your physique is 80% nutrition and 20% physical activity. So you definitely can lose weight without having to work out everyday! It will just take longer and you will just have to have a lot more will power when it comes to food.

Definitely count calories, but don't stress out too much when you first start. You kind of have to get used to changing the way you eat so if it isn't exactly where you want to be at don't stress! Slow and steady! Set small goals and increase them over time.

If you are from America you may not truly understand the correct portion size. If you make a fist that is about the size of how much protein you should have per serving. There are many calculators on the internet that can give you the exact weight, but you can use the fist method for a visual measurement.

Ah! Sorry. I got carried away with this post. I just love talking about nutrition. It makes me happy. :D

Thanks for your post! Its an awesome guideline.

5yr ago
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permalink Try smaller portions and nothing after 6pm except water

5yr ago
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permalink smaller plate and NO second helpings

5yr ago
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permalink eat cheese when ur hungry... a lot of models do that

5yr ago
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permalink I don't have one, I just eat whatever I like then just let very high metabolism do the work. :P

5yr ago
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permalink I don't have any plan but some people think I have one. Just eat whatever you want. So you craving less unhealthy food.

5yr ago
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permalink Be more physically active, drink lots of water and eat healthy food :)

5yr ago
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permalink I don't have any plan.

4yr ago
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permalink exercise at least 4 an hour every day or any activity moves u like & try to eat less celorise as much u can & sleeping enough & well . it do help allot . :)

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