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1decennia ago
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permalink JPA users are curious: what movies do you love? Share with us the movies you're most passionate about, and find out what movies you should go see =D

1decennia ago
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permalink Hannibal Rising, The Red Dragon, Silence Of The Lambs and Hannibal. The most genious films I would say. Totally worth watching. :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink Resident Evil series, Moon child, Everything is Illuminated, A letter to 3 wives, The Women, Mildred Pierce, all of Miyazaki's animations

1decennia ago
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permalink Death Trance, The Legend of Zu, Moon Child(Gackt can act very well), Pathfinder,
Mary Poppins (j.k.)

1decennia ago
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permalink Red Cliff :D
Infernal Affairs
Battle of Wits
Welcome To Dongmakgol (one of the best K-movie i ever seen)
(and agree with all) Moon Child

Bourne Ultimatum
Michael Clayton
Vantage Point

there are more but i might forget, so.. i'll complete the list later :RBblush: :D

1decennia ago
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permalink moon child, attack on the pin-up boys, meet dave, batman dark knight, pirates of the caribbean dead man's chest, zoolander, etc...

1decennia ago
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permalink omigod! i love moonchild!!!either that nobuta wo produce (if dramas count) or dark knight (batmanone)

NO WAIT! Evil dead 2 and army of darkness
I LOVE IT! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical :), Kungfu Panda, The Mummy, Spiderman, The Day After Tomorrow, Shrek, Vantage Point, Meet the Robinsons, Nancy Drew, Stardust, Alvin and the Chipmunks and the list goes on and on lol! :hroll:

1decennia ago
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permalink Hmm my faves of all time are;

Meet the robinsons
The nightmare Before Christmas
Sweeny Todd
(basically all tim burton films, :RBheart: me wuvs when he teams up with my dearest danny elfman. Tis so cool! :RBheart: :RBheart: )
White Chicks
Spider Lillies
The love guru
Without a paddle

:) Thats just sum of them
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1decennia ago
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permalink ehm...
i've got a few...:D
Spirited Away
ehm.... Taiyou no Uta with YUI!
League and Star Dust...:)

6yr ago
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permalink we are same,I also like Taiyou no Uta.....

1decennia ago
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permalink The only one I can think of (but which is TRULY my all time fave) is the movie: [i]The Full Monty[/i]. :pray:

I'm not the type to watch and enjoy lots of movies, because I get bored very fast, but this one... I can watch it over and over again. :STbigSmile: And how I love their accents!

1decennia ago
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permalink :think: There's a lot of movies to choose from in the ol' Library, but i'll pick 3:

1. Star Wars, cuz i'm a nerd.
2. Lost In Translation, cuz i'm a romantic, Scarlett Johansson is hot and that movie further upped my goal of going to Japan. JAPAN ROCKS!!!
3. Ong-Bak, cuz Tony Jaa Kicks a whole lotta ass!!! :nod:

1decennia ago
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permalink My fav movies are:

The Live Action Nana Movie,
Kamikaze Girls,
The Grudge,
Saw (I like all of them... I can decide which one is the best)
The Nightmare Before Christmas,
The Exorcism of Emily Rose,
Howl's Moving Castle,
Alice in Wonderland,
The Grudge 2,
The Matrix,
The Ring,
The Ring 2,
Lady and the Tramp,
Sailor Moon Movies (love all three!)
and Spirited Away.

1decennia ago
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permalink Alice in Wonderland
The Ring
Pineapple Express (so retarded that it's good :RBstickout: )
Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
Moon Child
The Hole
The Faculty
Phantom of the Opera
Van Helsing
(just about EVERYTHING w/ Kate Beckinsale)
Pirates of the Caribbean: all of them! :D
24 Hour Party People
4 Rooms
9 Dead Gay Guys
Harry Potter
August Rush
Music && Lyrics

lol wow.. I think I could go on for hours if I don't stop now.

1decennia ago
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permalink One Missed Call Trillogy :omfg:
Lord of The Rings
Battle Royalle The first not the second
Godzilla Series (love Mothra) :shy:
Arahan (the funniest movie From Korea)
Animation Movies
Resident evil series
Vampire and Werewolf movies
John Carpenter Movies

1decennia ago
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permalink Pirates Of The Carribean
Rush Hour
Moon Child
L for Love,L like Lies
Temptation of Wolves
He was Cool
Itsuka no Kimi E
American Pie
Eiskalte Engel
Heavy Love
My Sassy Girl

1decennia ago
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permalink forbiden kingdom ( by jet li and jackie chan)
Hotaru no hikari
Lord of the Rings 1-3
hannibal rising,
city hunter (very funny!!! XD)
romeo must die
blade of the rose
chungking express,
fallen angel
rush hour
the sixth sense
the Ring
the grudge

1decennia ago
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permalink Hm.... so many....
My Best Friend Wedding, Duplex, 50 First Date, Stardust, Quill, Narnia 1&2, Lord of the Ring 1,2,&3; Madagaskar, Finding Neverland, Finding Nemo, Mean Girls, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Pirates of the Carabian 1,2,&3; Anaconda 2, Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diary, Uptown Girl, Legally Blonde, Man on Fire, Miss Congeniality 1&2, Kung Fu Panda, Mad Money, License to the Wedd, Maid of Honor, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Sister Act 1&2, Forrest Gump, ....

and many more....

1decennia ago
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permalink Moon child, Last Quarter,12 angry men, saw 1/2/3/4, oresama, howls moving castle, alice in wonderland, donnie darko, star wars,matrix,lord of the rings, my neighbor totoro,the corpse bride, the nightmare before christmas,pirates of the carribean...
eej i love movies :]

1decennia ago
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permalink I have two lists of favorite movies. Movies in English and movies in Korean and Japanese.

My favorite Japanese and Korean movies are:
-My Sassy Girl(korean) is there a sequel for this one??
-Great Yokai War(Japanese)
-The Red Shoes(korean)
-Shinobi:Heart Under Blade(japanese)
-Attack on the Pin-up Boys(korean) has Super Junior in it except for Kyuhyun
-Cinderella(korean Horror)
My favorite English Languaged movies are:
-Bridge To Terabithia
-High School Musical 1 and 2
-Unaccompanied Minors
-Searching For David's Heart.
-All HARRY POTTER films.(my favorite is Goblet of Fire)
-Forbidden Kingdom(Jachie Chan VS Jet Li)
-Shanghai Noon
-Rush hour
-Tokyo Drift
-Final Destination 1 and 3[edit]Last edit by ya soshla s uma on Wednesday 19 Nov, 2008 at 01:05 +14.1%[/edit][edit]Last edit by ya soshla s uma on Monday 22 Sep, 2008 at 07:06 +15.4%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink My fav movies is
KungFu Panda
Shrek 2
The Mummy
My Sassy Girl (korean movies)
4phia (thailand horror movies)
Anime-Meitantei Conan the movie
Harry Potter (my fav is the goblet of fire)

1decennia ago
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permalink check out yamazaki's latest "Gaki no Ue no Ponyo"...
Its Great!!

10yr ago
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permalink Japanese Movie:
- dororo
-death note 1,2&3
-crows zero
-Final Fantasy7...etc..

English Movie:
-lord of the ring
-harry porter..etc..

Korean Movie:
-Valcano High school...etc...

10yr ago
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permalink ^DeAtH NOtE 1, 2, 3 :RBheart: ^
^Ju-oN :RBblush: ^
^HSM 1,2,3 :oops: ^
^ThE GrUDGe 2 :rock: ^

10yr ago
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permalink i like erm..

-sky of love
-death note 1
-death note 2
-death note 3 [L change the world]
-then a few more tantei movies which i cant remember the names...

basically, i dont really like to watch movies, so yes, the list is short compared to others...

10yr ago
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permalink i also like koizora (sky of love)... it's a nice movie...

i really want to watch HYD Final but i can't since i haven't got the copy for it... :RBveryAngry:

--Another Cinderella Story (Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley... involves a lot of dancing)

--Azumi Series (samurai girl)

and i'm expecting hana-kimi japan's sequel!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE TO PICHEN: Wu Chun will never love you... :RBstickout:

10yr ago
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permalink kurosagi movie
rat race
scary movie 3
my top 4 don't really watch a lot of movies

10yr ago
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permalink One Missed Call (1 & 2)
The Foribidden Kingdom
Only You Can Hear Me
Death Note 1
Lord of the Ring
Ice Age
Nobody Knows/Dare mo Shiranai
Kung Fu Panda

10yr ago
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permalink Death Note 1 & 2

Spy Girl
She's on Duty
My Tutor Friends 1 & 2 ( I like both )
Marrying the Mafia ( funny, a bit naughty movie though... )
Innocent Steps ( the romance really touch me... )
100 pounds beauty
The host ( this one is really cool... )

Harry Potter ( all series ), but I like the book better than the movies
Dark Knight, 2 thumbs up
Step up - The Street ( really rocks, awesome characters, songs, freestyle dances, outfits... I just can't get enough of it )
Hot Chick ( sooooo funny, LOL... )

10yr ago
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permalink hmm...where do i start...

Edward Sissor Hands, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare before Christmas, Sweeny Todd, any other Tim Burton Films
Spirited Away...etc from Miyazakis films...
Nick and Noras Infinit Playlist, School of Rock (not to be confused with Camp Rock..thenyour just dead), Hitch, Disturbia, 21, Shutter, Pans Lybranth (can't spell, my bad), Titanic, Gone with the Wind, I am Ledgend, Cocoon, Red Eye, White Chicks (XD), Man on Fire, A walk to Remember, Walk the Line

well...i'm still thinking of some

10yr ago
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permalink there are a lot of movies that I really like, but my most favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink i love Hana Yori Dango Final at this time...and now i'm waiting for tegoshi's new movie

10yr ago
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permalink Arghh still yet to watch Kurosagi and Hana Yori Dango, but at the moment my fave movie will have to be 5cm per second. :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: I dont usually watch animated movies anymore but I loved this one!!

10yr ago
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permalink fave films are probably Moon child, Battle Royale,

films that had me thinking about them for about a week after watching them:
15 Minutes, Memento, Seven

i don't get to watch many films these days, and so not alot has struck me lately. Got round to watching The Dark Night yesterday, fave bit:

the Joker: how about a magic trick, i'm going to make this disappear
(the joker stands a pen/pencil on the table, guy strides over to the joker, joker grabs him by the neck....)

10yr ago
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permalink Battle Royale <3 BEST!!!

So many other movies I like,, too many 2 mention >.<

10yr ago
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permalink -hana yori dango the final
-tokyo drift
-all harry potter

10yr ago
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permalink I AM LEGEND!!
Star Wars XD
The girl who leapt through time/toki wo kakeru shoujo
dark knight

and others i cannot think of but im pretty sure theyre there...

10yr ago
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permalink I dont really watch movies all that often but their are some movies that I just have to watch over and over. My fav movies of all time are
-Titanic (yes, a sad romantic love story... lol)
-The Notebook (Just love this one~)
And its not just the stupid ol' love stories that I like... lol
I also like
-Battle Royale (Though I liked this movie I hated the ending!!!)
-Saw (the series - great plot. Man, the dude that made those movies has a warped mind :P)
- APT (great Korean Horror movie and I albsolutly love the ending!)
-Garfeild (Cuz he is just the cutest lil' kitty eva~)

10yr ago
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permalink Wanted
Eagle Eye
The Ring
Shutter [ thai version! ] [ soo awesome ! ]
Drillbit Taylor

10yr ago
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permalink I pretty much like any Horror movie.

Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Resident Evil Degeneration (Leon S. Kennedy is awesome!)

Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
My Neighbor Totoro
Nightmare Before Christmas
Corpse Bride

The Lost Boys
From Hell
Underworld Series
Blade Series

10yr ago
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permalink :RBblush: :RBblush: :RBblush: :RBblush: :RBblush: :RBblush:

Honestly...i like romantic movie.......

So...i like Sky of Love or Koizora,,,,A moment To Remember,,,,etc,,,

but i very like ALL JOHNNY DEEP'S FILM!!!!

:RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Well my favorite movie at the moment is definately Slumdog Millionaire:

As per The New York Times movie review: "A modern fairy tale about a pauper angling to become a prince, this sensory blowout largely takes place amid the squalor of Mumbai, India, where lost children and dogs sift through trash so fetid you swear you can smell the discarded mango as well as its peel, or could if the film weren’t already hurtling through another picturesque gutter."

You guys should DEFINATELY check it out!

10yr ago
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permalink of course [i]the lord of the rings[/i], the best ever for me :D

7yr ago
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permalink yea ofcourse <3

10yr ago
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permalink I love The lord of the rings both the books and movies =) i can't wait too they are going too make a movie of the Hobbit Book =) yay ^-^

10yr ago
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permalink Some of my favorite movies is Moon Child, Taiyou no uta (movie version). The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Ghibli animations(my favorite is of course My Neighbor Totoro :RBheart: ). And Tim Burton's! There is many more movies on my favorite list, but honestly - I can't remember anyone right now :RBconfused: The school is taking all my brain-power.[edit]Last edit by Aninochi on Tuesday 03 Feb, 2009 at 12:39 +6.9%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink My favorite is Gake no Ue no Ponyo :D

But I also like watching ET, Galileo (Suspect X or something), and HYD Final.

10yr ago
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permalink -Spirited Away
-Castle in the Sky
-Princess Mononoke
I love Hayao Miyazaki films, and those three I could watch over and over again. ^^

Some of my other favorites are
-Remember the Titans
-LOTR 3: The Return of the King

10yr ago
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permalink I'm deciding between Crows Zero and PingPong the Movie...

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