Your favorite jpop album art!

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8yr ago
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permalink Hmmm...don't know if there is already a post like this, but this is where you talk about your favorite album or single cover art from your favorite artist!

So this is my favorite album art:

Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari - Do As Infinity:RBhalo: (its so colorful)!!!

now it's your turn. :) :) :) [edit]Last edit by loveHpeace on Sunday 27 Jun, 2010 at 20:20 +12.1%[/edit][edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Saturday 26 Jun, 2010 at 01:17 +6.6%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink my favorite album art is

an cafe

8yr ago
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permalink That's a cute cover
I dont have a picture but mine's Ayumi Hamasaki Rock'n'Roll Circus DVD/CD version

8yr ago
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permalink here's one^^
Flow's single Answer~ drawn by vocalist Kohshi :)

SID has amazing covers but Monochrome no Kiss is my favourite~ :D

and i just had to throw this one in :laughing: love it love it~~

8yr ago
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permalink My favorites are...

9Goats Black Out - Sleeping Beauty

Ayumi Hamasaki - Mirrorcle World (cuz let's face it, she's gorgeous)

And let's not forget Kanon Wakeshima - Suna no Oshiro

8yr ago
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permalink Break It/Get Myself Back CD+DVD single cover by Amuro Namie

Best Fiction CD+DVD album cover by Amuro Namie

It's All Too Much CD single cover by YUI
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8yr ago
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permalink YEAH i loved BEST FICTION
Kanon Wakeshima's covers are cool too
but all time favourite
would be
Black Cherry CD+2DVD cover
Kuu is so classy
and jsut cool overall lol[edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Monday 19 Jul, 2010 at 11:06 +8.6%[/edit][edit]Last edit by kakuu0000 on Sunday 18 Jul, 2010 at 05:28 +25.3%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink I love the art for Ayumi Hamasaki's singles Endless Sorrow, NEVER EVER, Dearest, INSPIRE, and Mirrorcle world. I also loved the art for her albums Rainbow and My Story! It's so engaging!

Then there is always Kumi Koda's Black Cherry album Limited Edition album cover art.(I think some one already uploaded a picture of that)Anything by Kanon Wakeshima is gorgeous. Olivia's art for the single A Little Pain I think is really beautiful and unique. Also An Cafe's stuff is funny and cool. Anna Tsuchiya's cover for the single Cocoon was amazing and her covers for for Nudy Show and Rule are nice too.

8yr ago
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permalink From ikimonogakari- Hajimari no Uta!!!

7yr ago
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permalink I think HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN album's cover by YUI is good.. she looks beautiful there.. with her smile, i think she is as beautiful as an angel ! ^^

7yr ago
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Aa Yo ga Akeru Type A

Soothing colors and I love how every girl in Berryz looks gorgeous and flawless.

7yr ago
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permalink idk... that's a hard one.. cuz then there's the AKB48 groups and sub units n stuff and they always come out with singles with different artworks.. TO MUCH lol. iv always actually found Jmusic artwork kinda boring... I use to listen to death metal, deathcore and metalcore. LOTS OF AWSOME ARTOWORK compared to jmusic. example<

one of the only metal bands I listen to now. Progressive Metalcore.

6yr ago
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permalink SID's water color art!

6yr ago
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permalink I like many of them, like Kuu's Japonesque/Trick/Kingdom/Black Cherry. Namie's Best Fiction/Past
But my favorite has to be HYDE's Roentgen (Orginal version), followed by his own English version of the same album and FAITH, from him too!

6yr ago
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permalink For whole time..... since the beginning of Jpop I don't know.

But I really like LEO by Ieiri Leo's covers.
SID's Monochrome Kiss
Berryz Koubou's Ah Yo Ga Akeru.

and lots others...

5yr ago
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permalink everyone!!!

4yr ago
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permalink Kalafina - to the Beginning cover looks like angels...<3

4yr ago
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4yr ago
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permalink Mizuki Nana's Supernal Liberty and Perfume's Level 3. As often seems to be the case with quite a few artists lately... only the regular edition. The limited/special always seem worse for some reason, so while I buy those, the pictures I upload to devices use the regular edition.

4yr ago
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permalink 1.akihisa kondo-tete

2.ikimono gakari-haru uta

3.nana mizuki-THE MUSEUM 1 & 2

4yr ago
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permalink I really got felt excited when I first saw this ...xDDDD

4yr ago
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lately these two..even out of both of them i love the second one coz it seems like he's longing for something :) feelings...

4yr ago
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permalink ADAMS' Seseragi & Akisame~

4yr ago
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permalink Hello world - Scandal... :D

4yr ago
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3yr ago
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permalink 13 Colourful Character by Morning Musume
I'm sorry I just adore those dresses

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