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9yr ago
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permalink argghh wrong secion sorry[protect][/protect][edit]Last edit by hirokodino on Saturday 04 Sep, 2010 at 02:59 +0%[/edit][edit]Last edit by hirokodino on Saturday 04 Sep, 2010 at 02:56 +90.9%[/edit][edit]Last edit by hirokodino on Saturday 04 Sep, 2010 at 02:55 -1.2%[/edit][edit]Last edit by hirokodino on Saturday 04 Sep, 2010 at 02:55 +64.6%[/edit][edit]Last edit by hirokodino on Saturday 04 Sep, 2010 at 02:52 +4.7%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I love everything about Asagi from D. (Even though I dont know much about him) I dont care how old he is or whatever, I just love him to pieces.

9yr ago
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permalink Not crush, but my LOVE is, and will always be, Kohara Kazamasa, or Shou from Alice Nine to many.

I have a lot of J-rock crushes, actually. Takeru (SuG), Yusa (THE KIDDIE), Sou (ex-Lolita23q), Jui (Vidoll), and IV (ViViD) FTW! :RBblush:

9yr ago
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permalink At this moment?
ANGEL-TAKA of uchuu sentai NOIZ.
Lovely man.

9yr ago
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permalink constantly Jui of Vidoll.
Atm Ikuma of AND.[edit]Last edit by Juruwa on Sunday 05 Sep, 2010 at 06:54 +2.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink Hmm.. *thinks*

I have a few... but my main one has to be Asagi from D. Everyone thinks he looks girly, but I find him more masculine for some reason. Must be the voice... *-* And his eyes. His eyes are bloody amazing.

Other "crushes":
Umi from Vistlip ~ No idea why. At all.
Teru from Versailles
Jin from Nega
Emiru from Aicle ~ I'll throw him in because he's cute, and he's energetic, which adds to his cuteness.
... The list goes on.

9yr ago
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permalink [i]My first ever J-rock crush was Kawano Yumehito (夢人) from Ayabie & he still is, and probably will always be (Possibly only a crush). Even if Ayabie is no more.
But at the moment I'm infatuated (almost in love xD) with Yasu from Acid Black Cherry. He has an amazing voice that I really admire. :) I really like everything about this man. <3

- Shou (Alice Nine)
- Reita (the GazettE)
- Sei (Paradeis)[/i]
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8yr ago
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permalink Yasu is very magnetic, and has a bright, sparkling voice... normally I don't like higher-pitched vocalists, but there's so much gutsy power to his work that ya gotta luv it. LOL

8yr ago
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permalink I also think that Yasu is awesome!

9yr ago
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permalink hi :wave: :wave:

welcome to jpa :) :)

hope you enjoy here!!! :rock: :rock:

got a lot of friends here :cool: :cool:

btw.. .i hope we can be friends... :jangel: :jangel:

see you around!!! :high5: :high5:

nya :verysad: :verysad:

9yr ago
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permalink I've been crushing on Shou from Alice Nine FOREVER now, but I also think Kamijo from Versailles and Satoshi from Girugamesh or really hot too! :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink Hahaha i'm a guy(straight) and i still see some jrockers attractive ..not sexually but i can tell they're hot :D

Tomo from vistlip or Shou form Alice Nine are the "hottest" ones :RBhot:

8yr ago
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permalink Yeah, hey- why not? Orientation has nothing to do with recognizing skill or attractiveness. It's a personal strength and confidence thing. ;)

9yr ago
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permalink I have many Crushes but my LOVE would have to be
SHINPEI / SHIN from SuG and Secilia Luna (they is the same person) :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

My crushes would have to be

Jin from ScReW
Kai from The GazettE

What's with me and drummers??? :RBstickout:

9yr ago
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permalink my crush??
Ruka from nightmare[edit]Last edit by tinasan23 on Sunday 26 Sep, 2010 at 08:18 +47%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink N..not..not sure about that..
Though I found Hiroaki Masukawa from Bump of Chicken
pretty attractive somehow.. :RBblush:

9yr ago
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permalink nigu (cocklobin) and Ai (DEATHGAZE), 'nuff said.

9yr ago
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permalink Right now i'm crushing deeply over The Gazette. Ruki is my baby daddy. lol. just kidding.

9yr ago
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permalink Right now, it's definitely Juri from DELUHI.
*-* He can sing, he can scream, and he's sexy. ♥

9yr ago
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GACKT, now and forever... ;D

Seriously I change my man crush pretty often... As for right now: [i]Kazuki[/i] from SCREW, cause I just watched SCREW TV and it reminded me of "our" times together. lol

I have a feeling tomorrow I will be thinking about a different man. ;) Or at least next week... XD (But you can see the ones who usually are on my mind from my profile... My harem that is. x3)

5yr ago
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permalink me too~ lol :P

9yr ago
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permalink My loves always Nao - Kagrra and Jun - Golden bomber :RBhalo: :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink My current J-rock crushes..

Kyo (Diru)

* = All from GazettE

9yr ago
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Quote by Rainbowswirl
My current J-rock crushes..

Kyo (Diru)

* = All from GazettE

that was ALL gazettes... haha...
i used to fall head over toes with kai n uruha...
but lately i think Shou of Alice Nine really touched me~
so yeah, if u ask for CURRENT crush, it would be; Shou (A9)

but my favourite band would still be gazette~ hehe...

9yr ago
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Mi current crush is Yasu [Acid Black Cherry / Janne D Arc] :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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Has been my crush for three years, still going strong!

9yr ago
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permalink @domiNATE55 He´s cute, who is he?

My crush is probably Hizaki, Teru, Bou or Uruha.. I really can´t choose, I love them all[edit]Last edit by Maggi on Sunday 03 Oct, 2010 at 07:17 +17.6%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I looovee Aoi from Gazette

I love all of gazette too, aoi just stands out to me thou... :D
but im starting to like alot of oshare kei band people tooo like bou (ancafe) and Takeru (sug)^^

9yr ago
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permalink Current Crush!~ :RBheart:

Aoi - Ex-Ayabie

Uruha of The Gazette :RBheart:

& Jui from Vidoll!~

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9yr ago
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permalink Anoo . my first Jrock love was Reita from gazette . That was my true love and still is . ♥ . ♥ but I have a few more Jrock lovers . :D
Takeru SuG * he is so kawaiii so i kinda love him to . xD *
Yoshihiro GUILD *he is the one i loved before i saw him . but when i saw him (i mean live) i loved him more . he is so cute . n i love his eyes . n he smiled at me . xo xo xo several times during the concert . kyaaaaa*
Nozomi ClearVeil . *he is so cute. n so sexy i just love him . *
IV ViVid *he is my new love . n he's just beautiful . *
^_^ :) :)

9yr ago
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permalink No doubt about it. Shou from Alice Nine all the way!! :RBheart: :RBheart:
He looked awesome in White Prayer and Mirror Ball! And hearing the 'Discotheque' Mirror Ball piano version just made me love him all the more :)

9yr ago
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permalink Jui from Vidoll <3 (..more than a 'crush', I think he's utter perfection)
Ruki & Aoi from the GazettE
Sono from Matenrou Opera
All of SCREW :RBstickout:
Cra from Licker
All of exist+trace

..that list turnedo ut longer than expected.

9yr ago
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permalink gahhhh I have so many XD

My main love is Kyo of Dir en grey <3 I'll love him to pieces forever and always lol

but my other crushes are:
Uruha (GazettE)
Shou (A9)
Yuuki (UnsraW)
Byou (ScReW)
....and many, many more lol <3

9yr ago
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permalink Gackt one and only)

9yr ago
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permalink main love is Hyde and Gackt.
currently into Sui of Megaromania..he isssh sooo pretty. ^^ :RBheart: :D :RBohNo:

9yr ago
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permalink I'm really into Atsushi Sakurai right now... <3

Oh, and Shun from Rentrer en Soi. *-*

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9yr ago
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permalink ^ <3

my current crush(es) are Piko <3
and Ryutaro Arimura ( wouldnt believe he was 37 if you looked at him xD )

9yr ago
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permalink current crush is Kamijo and Teru from Versailles. Teru is getting more handsome and still cute. Kamijo is looking more hot and handsome!! haha

9yr ago
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permalink Haha Ruki and Uruha from Gazette XD

9yr ago
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permalink Shou - Alice Nine and Ruki - GazettE ♥

9yr ago
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permalink my crush/love is now and always will be my beloved Ruki :totallylove:

he is so beautifully gorgeous...

9yr ago
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permalink This dude.

9yr ago
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permalink I'm totally in love with Shou-kun of Alice Nine. :RBblush:

Though I also love:
Miku-An Cafe
Ruki-the GazettE

I have some crazy thing for lead singers. O-O

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9yr ago
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permalink Mao Yamaguchi Masao *he is so cute . ow . O///O :RBhalo:

but my first Jrock LOVE is Reita .Reita *my first Jrcok lover . He is so awesome n super kawaii . *
n yes i do love him even without make up .
Nozomi *oh he is just beautiful .. hehe
Takeru * he's my second Jrock lover . i like him cuz he's colorful* first PV i saw is 39Galaxy * n he is really cute n i love his smile . *
IV * he is so perfect . his eyes are beautiful *
Hiroto *he;s just super kawaii . n i loveee his cheeks . i could squeeze them all day . heheheh *
Miyavi * is super hot . sexy voice , guitar master, crazy , he is awesome !!!! *
Yoshihiro *he's gutar player from GUILD . n i saw him live . he's really awesome n allways makes some cute faces while he's playing . n he smield at me few times soo that maked me crazy about him . xo xoxoxox .*

9yr ago
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permalink hahahaha i just now saw i alredy posted com here . xDDDD

sorry . :) :RBblush:

9yr ago
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permalink I really wanna take someone like AOI on a date! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink I'll name all of mine!!

Bou-An Cafe
Kai-the GazettE
Nao-Alice Nine
Shiina Mio-canzel
Ayame-Matenrou Opera

9yr ago
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permalink I think i posted on the forum before... *checks* yuupp i said i liked Aoi from Gazette, Takeru from SuG and Bou fron An cafe xDDD

lemme add to that list:
Hiroto from Alice Nine <3333

Quote by kekekuku
I really wanna take someone like AOI on a date! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

lolzz!!! Mee TOOO!!! xDDD
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9yr ago
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permalink Soshi from Lolita 23q. His voice = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

9yr ago
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permalink My current Jrock crush has to be Aoi from the GazettE, my god that man is pure perfection if you ask me. Gah, too hawt~ :RBheart:

But I have many, many more as well:
- Ruki, Uruha, Kai and Reita from the GazettE
- Asagi, Ruiza and Kide-zou from D
- Karyu, Zero, Hizumi and Tsukasa from D'espairsRay
- Toshiya, Shinya and Kaoru from Dir en Grey
- Saga and Nao from Alice Nine
- Mana, Kami and Gackt form Malice Mizer
- Mako from deadman
- Yuuki from Lycaon
- Byou from ScReW
- Kanon from An Cafe
- Maya from LM.C
- Satoshi and Ryo from Girugamesh
- Kizaki from Phantasmagoria
- Aggy and Sujk from DELUHI
- Kamijo, Teru and Jasmine-Yuu from Versailles

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