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1decennia ago
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permalink Heej guys,

I'm just curious about who are writing lyrics.
I write lyrics for like 3 years.
Does anyone write lyrics and do you make music on it?
Just like to know.
Thanks in advance.


1decennia ago
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permalink Sometimes 4 school plays I'm ask 2 make lyrics :D but now i suck at writing lyrics lol

1decennia ago
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permalink If they asked you to do it, then I think you have talent for it :RBhalo:

1decennia ago
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permalink i love to write songs... i made one song which inspires me from the song of chieko kawabe its "be your girl..." from the beat and rythm of this song i actually made an english song through this song... i will post here the lyrics sometime...

1decennia ago
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permalink i actually started writing songs when i was 10 but none of them were any good so i gave up for while. I started writing songs again this year. They're all on my journals. There are only 8. I dont make any music for them though coz i dont know how.

10yr ago
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permalink i used to write songs

except they never sounded right...

so now i just write poems. words don't have to be put to music to be beautiful :D

10yr ago
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permalink I write songs/ or poems that end up as songs lol. Sometimes I add music but only when it is meant to be a ballad as I can only play the piano. :RBsealed:

Blood: I agree, I love poetry an sometimes the words alone are enough.

10yr ago
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permalink I haven't written anything since March because of some horrible writer's block, but my yaplog still has a little over 130 songs.

My friend helped me compose a song, then another friend made a midi based off it which I don't have anymore thanks to a crappy server.

I have recorded like 30 melodies, not full songs, but at least the intro -> chorus, but just so people had an idea of how the songs should go. My one friend liked them a lot and his dream is to become a producer XD so I told him when he has the money he can feel free to use them for practice.

I don't play any instruments because people are unfairly impatient with trying to teach me due to my hearing impairment XP.

9yr ago
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permalink I've just started writing songs this year!

I'll post them on my journal. They are quite rough, but I've posted some music videos I've made on youtube.

9yr ago
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permalink I've just wrote the lyrics for this song yesterday


9yr ago
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permalink In school we got forced to write a song, it sucked. Some blues-shit XD We had fun, pretty much, but the song itself was about a man with a plastic arm, I think. So no, I don't write lyrics. XD

9yr ago
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permalink I've been writing lyrics since I was 9 or 10.

It's fun to write lyrics, they help me express myself.

I don't come up with music for the lyrics though.

9yr ago
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permalink Its alot of fun to write lyrics but I would consider the things I like to write poetry because I don't have any instruments.

9yr ago
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permalink I used to write a lot of lyrics and poems when I was younger, but now I don't do it very often :smilec:
that's because I was really, really shy and kept all my feelings for myself, expressing them only on the pieces of paper :)
my shyness hasn't completely gone away but now I prefer to speak out :D

still love to translate lyrics to Polish though :RBhalo:
not writing the whole song by myself, but trying to reflect its meaning in another language and in my own words :)

9yr ago
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permalink i do write lyrics and sing them to myself~
and now i wish i can play an instrument or at least learn how to write songs

9yr ago
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permalink i'm currently working on one english and one japanese and somehow both of them are really really weird :laughing: i can somehow get the music into my head and it sounds much weirder :laughing:

9yr ago
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permalink I also write a lyrics once, but that was only because I still want him to know what I really felt. Until that, I never write anymore.

9yr ago
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permalink when i write lyric, the lyric sentence sounds weird and not artistic enough

9yr ago
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permalink I write lyrics. Been writing them for like 2 years or so. As a matter of fact, I wrote a song like 3 days ago, it's called "Questions" (: I also try to compose songs, and I have 2 of them so far. But none of them fit with my lyrics D:
And, most of my lyrics are Tegan and Sara-inspired xD They're like my muses xD

9yr ago
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permalink i love writing poems or any compositions but sad thing is... I don't know how to insert tune in it... HUHUHU :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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permalink I have like 100 of texts (maybe not 100, at least not that I'm satisfied with), but no music, not even melodies in my head. That kind fo sucks. I usually write whenever I get inspiration, but sometimes it just doesn't end up good :RBohNo: Whatever, I'll keep trying - as always :D

9yr ago
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permalink I write lyrics whenever they come to me. At one point in time I was in love with two guys and I wrote a song about them. Long story don't ask. But if you guys don't mind I'd like to share them with you and they are in English. Believe me if I could read and write in Japanese I would. I would love to learn someday. Well here goes.....:D

If I got to see you I would fall down on my knees
I know you still love me but I call myself a sleeze
But I'll be begging you don't you go please
Now you say it's okay
We can walk away from this

(chorus)Then tell me why, tell me why, tell me why does it hurt so bad?
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why I always feel so sad?
Suddenly it's over, suddenly it's over, suddenly it's ver the love we could've had
Swore myself a promise, swore myself a promise, swore myself a promise of faithfuliness gone bad

My broken heart and shattered dreams are mending at the seems
Now I sit all alone wishing all my feelings were gone
The magic of our kiss still lingers even though we're done
Now you say it's okay
We can get through all of this
(Repeat Chorus)

I could walk away if there weren't two in my world
But still here I sit to be the only girl
The only girl who has two people in this lonely world
But to say it's okay
I can't walk away

9yr ago
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permalink Almost forgot the name of the song. It's called Two Faces

9yr ago
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permalink I write nearly 3 lyrics/songs every day. This is a little bit of an older one but, thought I'd share it. I can't play any instrument, otherwise I'd put music with all my lyrics. (: anyway.. Enjoy!

Tiffaney Crandall
March 31st 2010
3:49 AM

I'm not going to speak the finer words any longer.

There were things I forgot to say to you
I wanted to share my happiness with everyone
But, the sadness you caused I will share with no one.

Even if my voice sends chills down your back,
Please don't forget me and our darkened days.

Embracing ones heart while also clutching onto mine
You stagger and wander away from both paths.

The moon never ceases to rise, shining against my eyes
The moon never ceases to mask my eyelashes, stained from tears

There were tears I wanted to shed for you
When suddenly we turned our backs to one another
The rain broke the sound of my heart cracking
I told you that I was sorry and I meant it

Our lives are such beautiful miseries
But surely they are meaningful?

I wished for your protection from the cruelty of time and age
My fingertip graced your own and I felt connected for all of time
Embracing ones heart while also clutching onto mine
I decided one had to be let loose...

9yr ago
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permalink I wanted to post again just because I couldn't put this in a journal today.
It is the part two to a previous one that I wrote titled "Black Garden" though I can't find it at the moment :RBcrying:
Hope everyone enjoys it :)

Black Garden ~PART 2~
Tiffaney Crandall

Your neglectful gaze leaks frequent Insufficiency
I wonder again "is it me or her?"
I tend to seize the opportunities
Frequently inhabiting my cranium

The glare is so bright it symbols the form of an icicle
If you are gone, what am I to use as a guidepost?

(*) I quiver and twitch at the thought of blooming again
It is irrelevant but, it brings cracks into my heart
Leaving wounds that leave me prim, prim
Insanity reins its dominance once more

Your gentle smile pours a cloaked progression
Rage fills my spirit making me heedless and ill natured

If I am to modify my ways of indisposition and become benevolent
Would I have to bring up the demise of my own dreams?

Malevolent thoughts occur in my heart
Causing sharp thorns to blossom around it
The petals have fallen, all that's left is the thorns
Is a Black Garden more exhilarating?

(*) Repeat

Malevolent thoughts occur in my heart
Causing sharp thorns to blossom around it
The petals have fallen, all that's left is the thorns
Is a Black Garden more beautiful?

8yr ago
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permalink How I write a lyric.. :think: :think: :think:

8yr ago
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permalink I've never really written a lyrics, because I can't write any without music. And since I don't have the music...

I did edit two lyrics though, to make they'd fit in our choir repertoire. I'm singing a catholic church and they tend to be pretty strict on certain things... (as expected) But editing lyrics is pretty fun as well. It's maybe slightly easier as well. There already a base and I just need to replace words and sentences that don't go with the ideas of the church.

I might wanna try to write full new lyrics on already existing melodies later, but for now I don't have any time to do so.

8yr ago
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permalink I usually write lyrics when I'm sad or upset about something. It feels a lot better writing them down. Problem is, I can't play any\instrument so I can't make music for them.

8yr ago
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permalink I Know that this question may be tree years old but I love t owrite songs. I would not have liked to write songs if it wasn't for my favorite korean artists G dragon,he become very insperational to me.

7yr ago
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permalink The lyrics i have written has gone from 8 to 76 in 3 years. but i dont write anymore.

7yr ago
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permalink I wrote a few lyrics but without melody for I don't know how to play any musical instrument. Hopefully, I'd meet someone who can help me with the melody. :)

7yr ago
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permalink i write lyrics... but idk how to put tune on it... u can read them on my journal... ^^

6yr ago
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permalink I used to write few song but non of them make scene.

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
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permalink i can write the lyrics of my songs ^^

6yr ago
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permalink I am still writing songs. Well, I wanted to become a singer-songwriter but now I've changed my plans.
Writing a song depended on my mood.
You can also find the lyrics I composed here: http://www.otakuzone.com/club/7584/discussion/2564237/index.htm
Both songs by KikkaKoharu and Lavinyaa are mine.

Here is a song named Why my death came?

I was looking on the window
It's was a simple rainy day
But, you already rise your wings
Oh, why?

Is my time to die
I would like to be poisoned
By a bitter kiss of yours
Oh, why I have to die?

Ahh, I feel
I'm already going to heaven
I'm out of heartbeats
Oh, why?

If I die, this is the destiny
My destiny
Ohh, I love you
Ohhh, my dear devil

Catch me, hurry, hurry
I'm gonna go to heaven
When you're forbbedien
Ohh, why?

Yeah, yeah, Yeah
Is not my time
Go away, death
Bye-Bye Sayonara


I was kind of inspired by Trinity Blood's Wings. The opening.

6yr ago
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permalink i really don't think it is someone copying also in a google crome

5yr ago
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permalink hurmm i have one.. but i dun feel like post in here yet :p

5yr ago
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permalink I wrote some lyrics, but I'm so bad at writing lyrics that I threw them away ^.^" xD I'm better at writing songs/instrumentals :P

5yr ago
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permalink I'm writing lyrics to my instrumentals now since more than 3 weeks :D if you want to read them, then check out my journals ^o^

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