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6yr ago
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permalink Hello all! Hey I'm a writer and I have been wondering how in the world can I create a plot twist?! I love a good plot twist in anything I read and would love to incorporate it into my own writing. Thank you all, all suggestions are welcome!

6yr ago
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permalink Well it would depend on what your story is about? Or what do you have in mind on writing? I like to write myself and it's somewhat difficult to get plot twists for me too. I have a few stories on my journals if you want to take a look :)

5yr ago
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permalink Good luck on your writing. I normally don't write plot on a piece of paper but on my mind. But I must list the character name first. And their names must give impact to the story we wrote. Names for character also important thing. I prefer, find a name for character first while thinking about the plot.

When I write, I don't let 'plot' limit my 'move'

3yr ago
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permalink All plots and varieties are described in schemes. If you browse, you surely will find them. There is nothing new in it, only the author's skill can help you to make a mastepiece :)

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