Worst movie ever seen?

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3yr ago
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permalink Have you ever seen a movie you really hated that had you get up and leave or turn it off? Or just continue watching it because it's so bad? Mine is Birdemic Shock and Terror. Veeeeery pleasing little movie of you like the horrible acting and animated birds. Anyways how about you?

3yr ago
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permalink Moved to Movies sections

3yr ago
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permalink The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)

3yr ago
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permalink Mine would be Twilight

3yr ago
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permalink I'm gonna go with The Last Airbender. Literally just typing that out made me mad all over again. It's a travesty.

3yr ago
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permalink House of the Dead. Uwe Boll shouldn't be allowed to make any more movies...

3yr ago
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permalink BURIED.
the story only shows one man that was trapped inside a coffin. He's the only character and that's the only location.

3yr ago
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permalink Lan Kwai Fong 3, the only upside was that the Korean guy looked like buff Crucial Star

3yr ago
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permalink Gotta agree the movie is pretty messed up. People preaching hedonism everywhere :footinmouth:

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