Why would a guy do this?! Guys, Girls! Opinions?!

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permalink I was texting with my crush last night and he kept saying "aren't you tired? Aren't you going to sleep already?" I said no but when I stop replying cuz I think he doesn't want to talk, he starts texting "are you asleep?" So finally I was like "what, do you want me to go to sleep?" And he never said anything til the next day, acting like nothing ever happened. And I brought it up later when he called me and he was like "what? I don't remember... Oh, you're right. Hahaha well, I guess I did want you to go to sleep." And I kept asking why, and if it was because he didnt want to talk to me, and he was like "No, thats not it. It was because you seemed tired" which I told him I could tell was a lie, so then he just kept saying "I don't remember, I don't remember". I know this is probably a petty thing for me to ask about, but I don't know why someone would do something like that, and then lie about it. It seems suspicious...
Any opinions?!

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permalink maybe he was tired but didnt want to be rude to you. so he waited for you to go to sleep. which could be why he was askin.

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permalink As the above poster said. He was probably tired and didn't want to seem rude. People do that all the time except I value my sleep so if I have to sleep I willl lol

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permalink If he says something like he doesn't remember, then that situation might be awkward for him and he just doesnt want to talk about it? :D
Maybe your answer about him wanting you to go to sleep was a bit too harsh or he misunderstood.

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permalink Maybe he had homework he hadn't finished but was conflicted and wanted to text you still?

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permalink There's two reason: Either he's tired OR he want you to get some rest. But some cases he didn't know what else to talk about at the moment.

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