Why did C-pop's popularity decrease?

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6yr ago
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permalink All those C-pop fans around me are decreasing... Are do not whether this happens to you all... Why? Most of them got nice songs.... I just love every pop... Nowadays, people are affect by physical look... :"( I just feel sad for this...

6yr ago
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permalink maybe k-pop and j-pop is on the rise?

6yr ago
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permalink still, cpop is the best sellers here in taiwan. i feel like jpop is decreasing instead. there were a couple of friends/students around me who listen amuro namie and arashi but i can't find them easily around me nowadays.

6yr ago
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permalink yeah i think cpop's popularity decreased a long time ago, but nowadays it is jpop that more decreasing, and kpop rising up instead...
for a few years ive also listened to almost only kpop, but nowadays i listen more to jpop and cpop, because i feel like kpop is so superficial...
but i do think more people should try listening to cpop^^ and i want jpop to rise up again

6yr ago
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permalink What is c-pop? ........

Haha! Just kidding! I have never heard a c-pop song before in my life. Sorry. :P

6yr ago
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permalink I would hope C-POP's popularity isn't decreasing. I like a lot more than J-POP at this point. Maybe it's just a lull atm? Because recently there have been artists debuting (EXO-M and TimeZ) who have both C-POP and K-POP appeal. If we're talking about artists like Fahrenheit, Vanness Wu, Lollipop F, and other female artists, I'm not exactly sure why. It seems as opposed to actually doing promotions (which I rarely hear about) almost everyone's songs are for a show and not really for album promotion. I think Han Geng is an exception, he's extremely popular atm :)

6yr ago
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permalink I think it decreases because of the impact of jpop and kpop. The people get in to these two countries' music first by watching anime, doramas etc. and they stand more closer to people because of their style and that's why c-pop is not really that popular.

6yr ago
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permalink Kpop is completely on the rise. Jpop is not the music everyone likes because it sometimes tends to be a bit crazy. And I'm not sure if Cpop really had been very famous before. But if I'm honest, I tend to listen to the older songs more because they are mostly just better, my problem with many Cpop-singers is, that they often aren't very good singers, of course there are many exceptions, but some singers are just famous for their looks. This might also apply to Kpop, but if a Kpop artist debuts in one of the bigger companies, they are most likely to have received years of training before they are being put on stage.
And many Cpop artists end up with only acting in the end, I don't know why, but many start out with singing or being an idol and then when they are a bit more famous, they change to acting.
But there are still famous Chinese singers like JJ Lin Jun Jie, Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom etc.

6yr ago
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permalink There are too many TV programs in Taiwan, so it's hard for new artists to be known.
And we have no program like "music bank" or "music station" let the singers to be heard.
If your singing are not talented or your voice are not special, acting is a good way to be well known and be popular.
There still have good and pop "singers" in Taiwan or China, but they didn't act any dramas or sing any drama's songs, so they are not well known by foreigners.
Jay Chou, A-mei, Mayday, Sodagreen, Jolin etc. are pop singers in Taiwan.
A-fu, Jess Lee, A-lin, Jam Hsiao, Crowd Lu etc. are also popular these years.
In fact, indie music are increase because of Desert Chang, Cheer Chen, Sodagreen.
For Taiwanese, idols are just for teenagers.
So the companies didn't ask these idols to sing well or dance well.
If you are good at singing, you'll be an solo singer not an idol.
You can't find many great Cpop "singers" from dramas, that's why Fahrenheit, Lollipop F are not that pop in Taiwan but pop for foreigners.
I think the most different thing between Kpop and Cpop is "Korean love idol groups and Taiwanese love song-writer singers".

6yr ago
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permalink in our country, they don't like c-pop because of the impacts on the issue of racist dominant..not all but its what i noticed to those on my generations..especially when they find a drama that we FILIPINOS are slaves..what is that??? sometimes, gaining fans is also gaining respect..which means you're showing respect to others too ^^

6yr ago
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permalink cause jpop and that horrible thing people call kpop is on the rise.. for be jrock is at the top of my asian music.. but as far as the pop goes.. cpop is the top for me^^ then jpop and nearly all kpop is just bleehhhhh

6yr ago
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permalink idk much about cpop or jpop.... but i used to listen to old cpop songs and slowly i left that and never listen to since i thou it's become more ridiculous... sory if i said may hurt some ppl... :) :) it's juz my opinion...

6yr ago
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permalink cause F*cking kpop is taking over :angry:

6yr ago
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permalink In my opinion I don't think Cpop's popularity is decreasing. It's just that Cpop has never really been ultra popular or at least since I've been into Asian music. Up till now Jpop(including the sub genres) in general were leading the Asian music scene for decades. Now, Kpop has almost completely over shadowed Jpop. As much as I like Cpop it really didn't and doesn't stand a chance against the Hallyu wave. Plus Kpop out of all the Asian music genres actually has made it their mission to break into the western music markets. Cpop and Jpop is geared more towards their population. So those are my 2cents on the topic.

6yr ago
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permalink i really have no idea

6yr ago
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permalink maybe coz kpop is mostly viewed in our country

5yr ago
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permalink cause of that dreaded k-pop!!!!

5yr ago
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permalink maybe lack of advertisements from the company

5yr ago
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permalink I feel that it's not C-pop that's decreasing, it's more like Jpop.
I still remember at one point of time, everyone's like JPOP JPOP JPOP.
Ayumi ayumi ayumi. Now's Kpop, kpop, kpop. :/

5yr ago
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permalink Lack of advertising~~

5yr ago
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permalink not interesting at all

4yr ago
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permalink the genre of music

4yr ago
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permalink Jpop used to be one of the most popular and now it's kpop i'm not really a cpop fan but perhaps the lack in advertisement.

3yr ago
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permalink Well I could say that because of K-pop popularity. Also I do agree that Mainland China don't push pop music globally compared to their Korean counterpart, and also factor in Chinese music doesn't sound as good as their K-pop counterpart. I mean it's no surprise that K-pop fans don't branch out to other Asian pops (yes, that include J-pop). However, I do see K-pop fans slowly branching out to Taiwanese music despite the music doesn't have the same appeal as Kpop nor J-pop. I think this might be because of the popularity of Taiwanese dramas, I mean read this article from LA Times. Also I think because of the collaboration with K-pop and Taiwanese one like for example:

I think that could be the reason why K-pop fans are slowly branching out to Taiwanese music.

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