Why are Cpop fans uncommon?

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7yr ago
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permalink for some reason i feel like this category isnt as common as others, but idk why. for me i love cpop. its just as awesome. how do you guys feel? ^_^

7yr ago
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permalink I feel the same but I dont see the songs I hear around Beijing on here. There are some really good songs. I just wish I knew what they are called.

7yr ago
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permalink You're right, this is just odd, i totally love the C-Pop, hahahahahaha.

7yr ago
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permalink That was just wrong the hahaha wasn't me *angry face* I love C-Pop

7yr ago
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permalink AH this is so true! where are all teh other CPOP lovers......

7yr ago
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permalink well, since i live in China, i know lots of them.. too bad here in JPA, cpop is kinda neglected compared to others genre.. but there are many great singers, they need more recognition :)

5yr ago
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permalink promoting artists are lacking

4yr ago
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permalink thats right! lack of promoting. If it got out there, it would be as great as korean and japanese music. I love c-music. Just more branching out can help it.

3yr ago
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permalink What about Tpop. They don't many fans :(

it's thanks to J-pop and K-pop taking the scene.

3yr ago
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permalink I'm guessing there aren't as many international promoters for C-Pop like there is for K-Pop and J-Pop/J-Rock

3yr ago
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permalink I just got into Cpop lately and I wish it had more fans on international level.

3yr ago
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permalink cpop is not bad but, Japan and Korea have popular TV series and films and Japanese anime (actually ACGN), they made their music be known.
many bands I first listen from anime's op/ed and ... wow it's cool

3yr ago
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permalink *sigh* This is one of the few questions that I have asked myself over the years of being here. I think the main reason is lack of promotions, which is extremely sad because Cpop is so underrated.

It's like the case with indie bands~ a lot of them are terribly underrated.

3yr ago
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permalink @ruki11, and @weebllikespie

There maybe some hope for Taiwanese pop. I do see K-pop fans slowly branching out to Taiwanese music (probably due to Taiwanese dramas rising popularity).

Also It looks like the Taiwanese has been heavily inspired by K-pop's global success, that they have invested money into revitalizing their pop music industry, it looks like they're trying to rival K-pop in the future. I mean let me show you:

ROC Cabinet spurs cultural and creative development

Kaohsiung breaks ground on pop music center

I also remember Taiwan's new president, Tsai-ing Wen has said it on a interview with Korea's Yonhap News that Taiwan want to increase bilateral ties with South Korea. I wonder why? I have the answer:

I mean this make sense. Taiwan was the first Asian country to cash in/ride on the K-drama popularity. That's why Taiwanese dramas are catching popularity amongst K-drama fans, it's already catching popularity in Latin/South America.

The good news is that Taiwan has studied their K-pop counterpart carefully. Taiwan has already has gotten 2 pop music center set up:

Taipei pop music center:



Kaohsiung pop music center:



So this is very ambitious for Taiwan. They're going the right direction when it comes to re-inventing their pop music industry. But here's one question: Can their pop music capture K-pop fans attention?

I mean judging from what I listen from Taiwan, I don't know if they can make music as good as their K-pop counterpart. I mean which Taiwanese music can capture you (and majority of K-pop fans attention) the same way as these music from K-pop and K-drama OSTs:

Also I was listening to this song from Hong Jin Young, and several people left comments said this song reminded them of old Chinese pop songs:

Despite being trot and sounding similar to Chinese, this got accepted amongst K-pop fans and non-fans outside of Asia while something sound similar in Chinese doesn't get accepted. So my question is: Should hit Chinese songs get a K-pop remake in order for international K-pop fans to branch out to listen to Chinese songs?

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