Who likes romance genre the most?

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6yr ago
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permalink are there others that love the romance genre for anime a lot more then an other genre like me:)

6yr ago
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permalink my fave romantic anime would have to be Itazura no kiss. makes me sad to find wonderful, kind gentlemen in the real world.

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink hmm.... im not a person love romance but i suggest lovely complex..

5yr ago
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permalink It seems nice, but I don't know anime only about romance X) I guess Inu Yasha has got some romance though.

5yr ago
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permalink its nice :D like the one in maid sama and special a :D

5yr ago
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permalink fushigi yuugi ..

5yr ago
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permalink well, I keep myself in distance from romance because in my past happened something which I don't like so I don't want to know anything about love -_-

4yr ago
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permalink Oh me!!! Ao Haru Ride, Love Stage and Toradora! :D

4yr ago
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permalink me!
stopped counting xD

4yr ago
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permalink Me!! The only Mangas I read are romance related, and I peefer watching romance related anime way more than the ones that are not romance

4yr ago
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permalink Me~~❣ I only like Yaoi/Shounen-ai's though :blush: <3

3yr ago
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permalink No. I don't like this genre the most.

3yr ago
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permalink I don't dislike it. I watch it occasionally

3yr ago
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permalink If it's not just romance I like it

3yr ago
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permalink I watch it sometimes but there were good anime like Kimi ni Todoke, Say I love you .......

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