Who is your j-rock idol?

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9yr ago
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permalink My j-rock idol has always been Ruki from The GazettE :RBheart:
he never gives up and even though people always mistake him :RBohNo:
Plus he and I dont like beans and we both like the winter! :RBhalo:
I love his hair and clothe style
Other then that I look up to Ruki for just who he is :)

9yr ago
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permalink my Jrock idol would have to be hide-sama.

He was a really fantastic lead guitarist and singer. He lived a great life until he died. He was a fun person, his music was great and most Jrock band members (Hitsugi,Ruki,etc.) were inspired by him.

Other then that I look up to Ruki for just who he is :)

same goes for hide :)

9yr ago
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permalink Ooohhh, those are many o.o
But I'd have to give a plus to all of those female vocalists out there, proving that women can sing rock just as well as men! :)
I'd also have to say Maya from LM.C, Ruki & Reita from GazettE and... Well, Waka from Danger Gang, Jyou from Exist Trace & Suiya from DecoLa Hopping, just because of their amazing vocal ability.
As for Reita... He's just an awesome bassist, ne? XD
And Maya is... Funny, cute and purely awesome :RBstickout:

Other than that, I can't remember any at the moment...

9yr ago
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permalink Miyavi xD

9yr ago
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permalink I have two.
Gackt & Hide

9yr ago
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permalink Idol.... I don't know.
I'd like my guitar skills to someday be like Hide's. (Not hide. Hide)
But as a person... I think it'd be Isshi from Kagrra, because he's very secure in himself and does his own thing without thinking of trends. And of course his scary stories, pretty lyrics and awesome voice. And that golden hair I want so badly.[edit]Last edit by Juruwa on Wednesday 15 Dec, 2010 at 15:10 +6.6%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink mikaru, I guess. I'm do freaking jealous of everything he is and does.

9yr ago
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permalink Nobody can be better than Matsumoto Hide ^^ but he is dead :(
i say Leda guitarrist of Deluhi but hide rock's!

9yr ago
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permalink rin's idol is Shin from ViViD for his amazing vocal skills.

Ko-ki and Nao-chama for their drummer skills.

rin one day hopes to be as good as them

9yr ago
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permalink My JRock idol.. Hmm. I dunno? I guess I have to say Miyavi-san! I love his hairstyle! hehe..

9yr ago
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permalink its Ruki of the GazettE :rock: but i also idolize Kyo, Hizumi, Byou, Ryoga [iv gotta thing for vocalists :RBblush: lol] i do also idolize alota guitarists!!!

9yr ago
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permalink Wow...there're so many people with so many great idols...
I'd have to say either Aoi or Kai from GazettE for me...
Aoi, the underhand guitarist, and I have a lot in common...both wanted to be musicians since Middle School and parents who didn't appreciate...I wish I end up something like the guy. :RBhot:
Also, Kai because he really gives music his all. Got a few fevers from over-drumming...*has a thing for the rhythm team*

9yr ago
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permalink [i]Yasunori Hayashi of Acid Black Cherry/Janne Da Arc.
I just...cannot explain how great this man is to me. He is just so talented and has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life.[/i]

9yr ago
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permalink [size=9]Mine would be Hizumi from D'EspairsRay.
I guess he just gives off these vibes that make me look up to him. His personality is amazing. Even with his voice condition, he still remains optimistic, I envy him for that. His truly dedicated.
And he is so friendly in person too! c:[/size]

9yr ago
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Quote by Hide
Nobody can be better than Matsumoto Hide

+ 1

9yr ago
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permalink I don't have any idols nowadays, cos I'd probably too old to be idolizing any star now I guess. I do remember growing up idolising the three biggest j-rock vocalists Eikichi Yazawa, Kyosuke Himuro (from Boowy) and Hiroto Kōmoto (from Blue Hearts).

You couldn't believe how excited I was when I saw this youtube clip where all three of my idols were on stage together!

9yr ago
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permalink that's easy ~ Gackt-sama!!! :D

9yr ago
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permalink Sugoi..Minna-san
I bet our idols are very happy we look up to them
Arigato!~[edit]Last edit by cheechan on Thursday 20 Jan, 2011 at 14:58 +9.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink Wǒ de ǒuxiàng shì Jrock héshàng! Wǒ ài tā, wǒ fēicháng ài tā de shízhuāng. Tā qǐfā le wǒ hěnduō! Tā shì yīgè shuí ài rìběn yīnyuè dài jìn wǒ! Wǒ yīzhí ài tā, huì yǒngyuǎn ài tā. Wǒ rènwéi tā shì tèshū de, yīnwèi tā shì yīgè fēicháng hé guānxīn tārén de rén. Fēicháng gǎnxiè nǐmen měi yīgè rén. Hěn yíhàn wǒ de zhōngwén xiězuò bùshì wǒ de yīngyǔ xiězuò jiātài měihǎo le. Dàn wǒ zhǐ xiǎng zhīdào nǐmen héshàng!

9yr ago
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permalink For me, it's probably Satsuki from ReS.
He has absolutely amazing vocal abilities, and he really showcases them in his solo stuff now as well. He has so much raw emotion in his voice. <3
Also, I read somewhere that he can play the piano, guitar and drums as well. So, multi-talented. n_n

9yr ago
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permalink Yoshiki. He's been through a lot and he's really old for a jrocker but hes still gonna do his thing..

I mean, when doctore said his neck would only hold out for 2 more years, cuz he had a herniated disc or something, and they told him to stop drumming, he was like, "Screw that." And he still plays.

he's sooooo cool XD

9yr ago
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permalink Yoshiki. For never giving up and everything he did in his live. And for me without knowing it. Without him I wouldn't have met my best friends, so... I think, I have to be thankful.

Actually I don't really like him, but... I have so much respect (and he doesn't look THAT bad ;))

hide & Taiji. For saying their opinion to Yoshiki. In X's music where 2 big changes: One after Taiji left and one after ... you know. And at every changing point the music became different. The first Change was okay for me, but the second? Sorry, but... The new stuff sucks.
and of course both of them are great musicians!

9yr ago
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permalink Umm. Hmm. I think Zekusu is my idol! Well, I have a lot of idol..

9yr ago
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permalink i choose...hyde

9yr ago
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permalink My #1 idol in jrock is Mana-sama(Malice Mizer/ Moi Dix Mois)!
He's simply amazing! :lovec:
His music is beautiful and so are his fashions. It's incredible how he makes them himself.

9yr ago
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permalink My idol is Koshi Inaba ^-^ I just love his voice- so emotional, powerful and like a silk for my ears *-* I would listen to him over and over (well, I actually do XDD) and I love watching him on live performances he's the best for me <3

9yr ago
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permalink my idol is Ruki from The GazettE..
i esp. admire his voice, he can really put out the emotions every time he sings~~
like in Pledge~ (made me cry too ..T^T )

9yr ago
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permalink My Idol is Reita from the GazettE. He inspired me to play bass guitar! :D

9yr ago
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permalink Miyavi-sama
he's my god :)

9yr ago
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permalink all the members of alice nine~

9yr ago
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permalink Ruki, from GazettE
And Taizo (ex. guit. Zoro)

T_T~ <3

9yr ago
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permalink Ruki from The GazettE! ♥ ^^
He expresses himself so well through music and he can write really beautiful and touching lyrics (just look at Cassis, Guren Okuribi etc.) He also has his own unique style and doesn't follow the stream, you gotta love him for that <3

9yr ago
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permalink I have soo many...it's hard to pick just one, I have so much respect for them all and I look up to them so much.

But whenever i'm asked I normally say Bou(ex. Antic cafe) I just love who he is :3

9yr ago
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permalink I have to say Kaya...?
Although Miyavi is a very sweet person, I saw him last June :)

Everyone's talent is a wonderful thing to look up to, but if I'm going to pick someone it has to also be based on how they are as a person.

9yr ago
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permalink I'd say Yugiri from Daizystripper, I love his voice, gives me a lot of emotions ~
Next to him, I have to say Hizaki, he's a formidable guitarist and his dresses are beautiful <3 The music he compose is always so beautiful!! ^^

But I have a lot of idols, can't say them all XD

9yr ago
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permalink Gackt and X Japan are my idols! Love and respect!

9yr ago
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permalink HYDE ♥♥♥ !!! My Sweet Oriental Dream !! >.

9yr ago
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permalink i dont have any idols, would rather say i have alot of people i find inspirational and i admire. really hard to choose one (or few) people, cause it is so many xD

9yr ago
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permalink ko-ki !!!!! ( ViViD ) I Like His Style when Playing Drum !! >.<

8yr ago
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permalink of course HIZAKI ...(Versailles)

8yr ago
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permalink I really have a lot of them. But I think the most important is Teruki(from An Cafe).

He was my biggest role model and idol. ♥ I love his personality a lot, in everything. He tries to be as positive as he can, but still he knows his lines. He want to communicate with cafekko, also in overseas. He started to took some English courses to talk better with overseas cafekko, he started to translate his blog into English (And made facebook where he adds his English entrys, and also told that in his twitter) and nowadays he started to translate his every tweet. I really appreciate him 'cause he really want the people, who doesn't understand Japanese, know what he say if they want.

He do a lot of job, and also do his best in everything. He support many bands and artist. He also always so kind and sweet, like every time I translate his entries to Finnish I'm close to tears 'cause he sometimes talks so beautifully about his fans. Every single time I do that I start to love his more and more, even it wouldn't be possible. xD

And If we want to go to the things like look, I have to say his smile is so adorable. Every time I see it I feel like I melt into my floor. His smile and laugh will cheer my day, was the day as bad as it could be. I also like his look etc.

Teruki's the reason I wanted to learn some Japanese and went to course. He's the reason I really try my best in school. I wish I could someday be just like he... (well, mostly with personality;D).
Well, I think you get my point, ne?

(I'm sorry if this is kinda... well unclear. I'm kinda tired 'cause clock is 1:18AM ^^')

8yr ago
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permalink My idol is Aoi from The GazettE and of course Kyo from Dir En Grey!
Yuu - san knows his worth,frozen bachelor,he can be a great leader!He is my example to follow.
He a awesome freak,same as lots of other j-rockers,but still..I see in him something that is just in him..

8yr ago
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permalink i would have to say kaoru from dir en grey. hes an amazing guitarist, and he inspires me. :)

8yr ago
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permalink Hyde! from L'Arc~en~ciel and VAMPS

8yr ago
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permalink Its RUKI and URUHA of the gazette

8yr ago
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permalink Gackt and Hyde...especially Gackt! :)

8yr ago
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permalink Gaaaaaaaaackt :D

8yr ago
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permalink G A Z E T T E. . . . .

8yr ago
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permalink for me its gotta be Reita from the Gazette
one of the best bassists in the world!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink mine is ruki from the GazettE...it inspires me, relaxing me, its just awesome

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