Who is your first bias group?

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4yr ago
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permalink and why?

3yr ago
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permalink Well, who is yours? You should have answered the question too.

3yr ago
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permalink Super Junior ♥

They hold a big part of my heart tbh. My sister introduces me to Super Junior and that was the door, that lead me to big kpop world. I really liked the group, watched the variety shows and listened to their music. After that I found other groups, which I like to listen. But Super Junior stayed as my favorite.

I really like their songs. I like the members personalities. I can't really explain, but it's the feeling I get when I hear their music or watch their videos. It's a lot more powerful than what other groups provide.

Good, recent, example of this is, when Super Junior came back with Mamacita. I actually put my alarm to wake me early to see their performances. I participated to different projects and did my very best to give my full support. When watching their shows, I was so happy that I even became teary eyed.

< And i might or might not have listened to mamacita so much, that my mum learned to recognize the song... and she literally said a couple of days ago, that every time she sees me, "the ayayaya song" comes to her mind and then she tried to do the dance move. >

3yr ago
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permalink Yaaay! Me too! I love SJ! They helped me alot when I wasn't myself!

3yr ago
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permalink FT Island

3yr ago
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permalink Hey Say JUMP

they are so charismatic and fit so well together. i really like their music and the ships are so cute

3yr ago
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permalink DBSk when they were still 5 members.

3yr ago
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permalink Super Junior, they are first bias group. No other group can replace them. I was depressed when I was younger and I when I had gotten into them they were like my light. I love their music even if they aren't many songs I still havent heard but I'll forever be an ELF! I always thought this was a phase at one point but I'm at 5 years now so I know its not!

3yr ago
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permalink SHINee! Always have been my faves and always will be~ I love them so much

3yr ago
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permalink Bangtan Sonyeondan <3

3yr ago
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permalink BTS they were my first K-pop group I have listened too and they will always stay the number 1. ;)

3yr ago
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permalink Even though Big Bang was the very first group I've listened to, they were never my #1. My all time #1 group is GOT7~ Reason why was because their 'Just Right' had extremely good vibes, the lyrics were deep and it made me smile. I fell in love with them instantly. Even though I'm a new IGOT7, I'm extremely glad I stumbled upon this amazing group~ :)

1yr ago
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permalink probably Teen Top or B.A.P. I just really liked their music at the time and I always looked for more music by them and listened to their older stuff and even attempted to learn the dances to their songs. but its been a while and I have another bias group but they'll always hold a special place for me and act like as a marker to when I really got into Korean music.

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