Who is your favourite asian actor/singer etc? and why?

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10yr ago
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permalink Hey everybody!

Who is your favourite asian actor/singer etc? and why?
You can more than one but less than three. :RBhalo:

Mine would be Danson Tang. :love: cause he's cute, aodrable, and a pretty good singer. I also love his acting...so adorable in rolling love!

I also like Wu Chun/zun in fahrenheit...cause i think he's cute and adorable...like a puppy. :boogie:

what about you?

10yr ago
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permalink hmms... :RBundecided:

~|` 1= G-Dragon

~-~\* I like him because he's cute, he ish smart, handsome, hot, a rapper, he models well, he suits with any hair, he composed songs for Big Bang, he ish the leader, he ish a fashionista, he teases all the Big Bang members, he acts stupid when he pretends to be a girl, he ish mean and etc etc...I just love everything about him. :RBhalo:

~|` 2= Jong Hyun

~-~\* He ish cute, he can dance, hot, handsome, the main vocalist, he's short XD, he likes wearing baggy jackets, he teases the SHINee members, he still looks pretty with a wig on O_O, and etc etc.

~|` 3= Hwichan

~-~\* huhu, I like him because he's cute XDD

that's all, I guess. :D

10yr ago
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permalink i like

>mika nakashima
because she's beautiful and her voice is cool.i really like her music!

9yr ago
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permalink I like atsushi sakurai
because hes been in the singing buisness for 20 years,
he has also played in the movie longinus.
done a single concert without buck-tick Ai no Wakusei , planet of love
has an excellent singing voice. :nod:

He also has a likeble personality of that you have seen of it
Read somewhere that he love cats :STbigSmile:
Hes good looking :oops:
hes a singer who is dry behind his ears ( excuse the saying)

9yr ago
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permalink I love HYDE! :RBheart:
He's so cool, and his music, so... You know... I can say it so charming for me :RBblush:

9yr ago
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permalink My favourite is Xiah Junsu. His voice is very powerful and soothing.

9yr ago
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permalink My love at first sight to KAT-TUNwhen my best friend shows me
their MV.at first i think it's just OK.but when i hear their song so many times,
then i realise,they ARE GREAT!i became addicted to their songs especially
Yorokobi No Uta and Real Face. among the member of the group,
i really like Nakamaru because of his amazing beatbox
they are also so funny in their TV show..
KAT-TUN are my first J-pop band i like and i will always support them

9yr ago
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permalink Film Rattapoom
Cause he's reaalllyy cute, a good singer,and i've never seen his acting

9yr ago
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permalink I will just say one male and female :D otherwise it would be too much to write ;)

My favorite male artist would be Gackt :) his voice is amazing, his lyrics as well and he has almost every kind of music in his repertoire :D
My favorite female artist is Ayaka ^___^ her voice is also amazing (not to high and everything is just right :D)

My favorite male actor is Mizushima Hiro, why? I don't know, its hard to explain I think öö I just like the way he acts and interprets his roles :D (besides he is handsome :RBstickout: )
My favorite actress is Ziyi Zhang ^^ She plays in a lot of my favorite movies and I also like her way of acting very much :D as I said before, I'm bad in explaining why I like them ^^'

9yr ago
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permalink hi!!
my favorite singer is Mamoru Miyano...
she's an actor too... a voice actor in first place
i love him since i know that he is the voice of my favorite anime character... and i love him cuz him music is really interesting..
and he is an model as well...

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8yr ago
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permalink My favorite actor in action movies is Donnie Yen! (and I'm pretty sure, he's others, too) His fighting skill are awesome. I like have a WHOLE set of his movies in my room. It's awesome. Love you Donnie Yen!!!

8yr ago
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permalink i really like namie amuro because she is very beautiful and she got me intersted in jpop with her beautiful voice. I want to thank her and be as in her band or work with her thats my goal only question is how?

7yr ago
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permalink Jet Li lol or or Jackie

7yr ago
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permalink Rain!not because I'm his fan,because he is really quallifyed!he is good acter,singer & dancer!

7yr ago
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permalink my favourite asian actor is Jang Geun Suk ♥
~ cause he's sooo good actor and I'm impressed with his acting skills! :) I like watching dramas with him! He's handsome, sexy and awww I like his smile ~ true and sooo adorable <3
aww i love him!! ♥___♥

7yr ago
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permalink Jay Chou ~ cuz he's such a good actor and i love his voice <3
and i really love his way to play the piano, very impressive

7yr ago
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permalink Actor: Lee Minho
Singer: Lee Donghae

*I have a thing for Lee's, LOL*

7yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Ayumi Hamasaki - because she's the queen!

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink I have only one fave actor and singer he is oppa kim hyun joong...


5yr ago
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permalink Favorite Singers: Kyo b/c he conveys so many emotions beautifully nd Mamo b/c he made me fall in luv w/ jrock nd visual kei
Favorite Actors: Kim Bum b/c his wonderful smile nd acting never fail to impress me nd Tomohisa Yamashita b/c he always takes his characters' roles seriously

5yr ago
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permalink Mine is oppa hyun joong...
-he is really gorgeous and lovable
-kind,humble and i love his 4d personality
-he is not a boring person...
-i love him a lot he is hot..

5yr ago
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permalink My fave actor would be toma ikuta. Cuz he's really funny and cute! As for singers... Well I have too many. XD

5yr ago
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permalink yamapi, kame, and sato takeru ~ they are great!!

5yr ago
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permalink Only kim hyun joong.......he is awesome....i love him much....

5yr ago
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permalink ASAGI from D <3

5yr ago
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permalink UVERworld... and always will be my #1 fav

5yr ago
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permalink asagi from D

5yr ago
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permalink Singer - Teru from GLAY.
Even when the lyrics are nonsense, it sounds like he's singing from the heart. He also has the cutest stage moves I've ever seen.

Actor - Yousuke Kubozuka.
He really transforms when he acts, and I like he has a sort of different look from most drama actors. His face stands out a lot to me.

5yr ago
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permalink actor: yamamoto yuuske, singer: Hizumi (EX. despairsray)

5yr ago
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permalink Chihara Minori. Because her voice is amazing, her songs are all great and she's really beautiful.

5yr ago
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permalink Mao from SID because I find his voice soothing (I don't think that's the correct word I was looking for..) because every time I hear one of their songs and his voice I always smile~ :)

5yr ago
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permalink ruki of the GazettE ~ best singer ever

5yr ago
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permalink Jericho Rosales..

5yr ago
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permalink Favourite Asian Actor: Lee Min Ho or Jang Geun Suk
Favourite Asian Band: the GazettE
Favourite Asian Drummer: Kai from the GazettE

5yr ago
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permalink Super junior's Kyuhyun
I have a billion reasons
First he's a great singer with a heavenly voice
He's cute , handsome , sexy , he's full of charm and charisma ,and he has a unique personality .
I Think I should stop this far
I'll keep going on and on

5yr ago
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permalink Actor: Stephen Chow. HE IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! I mean, have you guys seen Kung-Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer!?!? I mean, whut even, he's waaaay too funny XD

Singer: Jun from GOTCHAROCKA c: Although, Jun is now the guitarist, he did do some singing too c: I don't mind his singing, but I love the way he shreds the guitar. It can be so crazy, and rhythmic too! I'm a guitarist (a pretty bad one at that :p) myself, and I usually go for guitarists, so my opinion is always biased, but Jun has always captivated me with is guitar playing. And also, he is a cutie, with a silly personality c:

3yr ago
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permalink of course, my ichiban will forever be Matsumoto Jun. i also like SHun Oguri, Sousuke Takaoka, Takeru Sato, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nishikido Ryo, Haruma Miura, and Mokomichi Hayami for Japanese celebrities...

For Korean ones, i like Kim Jae Wok, Kang Dang Won, Yoochun, and Song Joong-ki..

for Taiwanese, I like Gerry Yan...

For Filipinos, I like Dingdong Dantes, Richard Gomez, Richard Gutierrez and James Reid.

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