Who is studying Korean?

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3yr ago
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permalink Hey, I'm Davina and I'm trying to INTENSELY study Korean. You don't have to know Korean, but I'm actually just looking for another person or group who is also really serious about learning this language within the next year so that we can share points that we're studying together. Just drop me a message or comment here.
I'm working out of the "Complete Korean' Beginner-Intermediate workbook, and I follow korean language blogs on tumblr, I subscribed to Korean help pages on youtube, I'm doing everything I can because my goal is to have enough fluency with this to begin translating Kpop videos, shows, and interviews. I want to be on a subbing team one day!

3yr ago
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permalink I'm currently studying Korean! I have been for about a year now

3yr ago
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permalink me 2

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