Which song makes you feel better when you are sad?

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8yr ago
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permalink some sad songs also make us feel better ahaha..for example secret by maki goto^^
happy song like bouken bouken desho by hirano aya..minna please write ur thoughts here^^

8yr ago
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permalink some songs that i listen to are
Love does not wait by orange caramel
because of you by After School

For a happy song i listen to
wonder boys by super junior
and balloons by DBSK

8yr ago
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permalink It kinda depends how sad I am....
And what I am sad about.... :RBundecided: :RBundecided:

But I like listening to ....

I'll Back Off So You Can Live by G.na :)
Lies by Big Bang :)
Lies by T-ara :RBstickout: :RBstickout:

I know that they are sad but I think it helps because listening to a sadder story makes your one sound less sad. :RBundecided: :)

I think..... :RBstickout:

8yr ago
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permalink Happy songs:
Haengbok - Super Junior
Sarangsurowo - Kim Jong Kook
Magic Girl - Orange Caramel
Marry U - Super Junior
Rokkugo - Super Junior T
Lollipop - Big Bang ft. 2NE1

Sad songs that make me happy:
Love Song - Rain
Heartbeat - 2PM
Raining - FT Island

8yr ago
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permalink nantoka naru sa by NEWS

-chu chu chu
-Tanabata matsuri'
-kibou no hikari wo kokoro ni tomosou by tegomass

yorokobi no uta by Kat-tun

-Kitto Daijoubu
-Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsuna mono
-Lucky man
-Sakura sake
-we can make it
-nice na kokoroiki
-hadashi mirai
-tokei jikake no umbtella
-typhoon generation
-la tormenta
and actually alsmost all arashi songs! :RBstickout:

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8yr ago
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permalink Versailles songs usually make me feel better.

Other songs:

Veil of Maria -- Satsuki
Strawberry Butterfly -- Vistlip
Ozone -- Vistlip
Aya -- Vistlip
Conquest -- The White Stripes
Hypnotize -- The White Stripes
Do You Want To -- Franz Ferdinand
Rosarium -- D
Viva La Vida -- Coldplay
Fuck You 2 -- Bif Naked
Que Onda Guero -- Beck
Merry Making -- An Cafe

..lots more. n_n[edit]Last edit by xKokoroxKisekix on Sunday 22 Aug, 2010 at 18:29 +43.9%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink L'Arc~en~Ciel's songs always make me feel happyyyyy. <3333 They make me feel better. Any song by them!
Tetsuya's songs make me feel cheerful when sad. <3333 [size=9]TIGHTROPE, WHITE OUT ~memory of a color~, Roulette, Looking for Light, Shinkirou, Pretender, etc. [Even if some are sad, his music is for some reason happy.][/size]
An Cafe music makes me happy. [size=9]Cherry Saku Yuuki, Tekesuta Kousen, My Heart Leaps for "C", Escapism, Smile Ichiban ii Onna, etc.[/size]
"Stray Cat" by alice nine. always seems to be happy sounding to me.
LM.C music makes me happy and hyper.
the GazettE music can energize me. [size=9]FILTH IN THE BEAUTY, the Invisible Wall, Naraku, ETC.[/size]

That's all that comes to mind right now.

8yr ago
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permalink I have many songs tha make me better but these are some some i remember now, lol
- Kimi Doroppusu - Triplane
- Spica - Plastic Tree
- Treasure - F.T Island

7yr ago
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permalink Any song from Arashi would do!! b(^v^)d

7yr ago
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permalink whenever I'm sad, I listen to "Alright" by Kana Nishino. I swear, this song has healing properties :D

And also, any song by A-Fu Teng (鄧福如) also works wonders :)

7yr ago
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permalink lonely-2NE1 is what i like to listen to for some odd reason :)

7yr ago
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permalink ARASHI SONGS.............(^_^)

7yr ago
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permalink Top Of The World- Big Bang
Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
Gucci Gucci- Kreayshawn
Nu Abo- f(x)
Number 1- Big Bang
Gara Gara Go!!- Big Bang
Koe Wo Kikasete- Big Bang
The Drug In Me Is You- Falling In Reverse
Dead- My Chemical Romance
You Make Me Feel- Cobra Starship
I Need A Girl- TaeYang
Take It Slow- TaeYang
Babies- Stevie Hoang
Next 2 You- Chris Brown

7yr ago
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permalink St. Jimmy by Green Day for now :D

7yr ago
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permalink Honestly, ANY song by Arashi! :)

7yr ago
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permalink Pretty much what labellagorda said, any Arashi song. Maybe not the ballads, but all of their so hopeful songs. ♥

And World is Yours by Yamapi somehow also makes me cheer up a little. ♥

7yr ago
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permalink I don't really have specific songs that make me feel better I guess... Any song of Furukawa Yuuta would do, and I also have a fair amount of other artist with songs that make me feel better when I am sad...

7yr ago
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permalink well it's a new song called ナツコイ and it's by Key it's a recent band ^o^

7yr ago
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permalink Fiction by Avenged Sevenfold.

7yr ago
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permalink Rainbow dust by Kurumi Enomoto. Just always makes me feel wonderful about life :)

7yr ago
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permalink Funny enough ... i find that sad songs make me feel better XD cause ... anything else ... i would most likely not be in the mood for :undecided:

... so ... mainly cpop ... cant really think of a certain song ...

or! ... this = Spitz - tsugumi

7yr ago
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permalink all of The Pumpkin Head songs

7yr ago
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permalink YUI - Laugh Away , Crossroad
Ikimono Gakari - Kimi Ga Iru
Yuna Ito ft Micro def tech - Mahaloha
Sistar19 - Ma Boy
SNSD ft SUJU - Seoul Song

7yr ago
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permalink Any Arashi song will make me feel better when I'm sad.

7yr ago
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permalink Any Arashi song, but especially the cheering song. I don't know its title though. :)

7yr ago
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permalink News
1. Summer time
2. Smile maker
3. Happy Birthday

7yr ago
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permalink Any Arashi song. That'll certainly make me feel a whole lot better.

7yr ago
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permalink ^ same as the person above me \(^v^)/

7yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN - No Matter Matter, Yorokobi no Uta + Sweet Chain :)
KAnjani 8 - Mugendai
Arashi - One Love, Love so sweet

7yr ago
6,919 jpops
permalink Perfume's songs... if not, then it's Beni's "Darlin'"

7yr ago
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permalink Matsushita Yuya-Super Drive
Matsushita Yuya-Secret Love
Matsushita Yuya-Paradise ^_^ *feeling better now...*

7yr ago
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permalink 2AM never let you go when i listen it make me cry n i feel better...

7yr ago
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permalink Star time by hsj..
Alones by aqua Timez
Perfect day by supercell
Aki no sora by news
Sakura girl by news

7yr ago
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permalink Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, Nishino Kana and Shimizu Shota's songs, I play their whole discography XD

7yr ago
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permalink too many... hahaha....

7yr ago
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permalink ONE OK ROCK - 完全感觉dreamer !!!

7yr ago
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permalink Aki no sora _NEWS

7yr ago
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permalink Haruka by Scandal

7yr ago
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permalink Any song by Exist Trace! I always feel better once I hear Jyous voice.

7yr ago
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permalink Eye of the tiger by survive
N.M.P by kattun
Romeo & Juliet by Hey!say!jump!
Spanish train by Chris de Burgh <3

7yr ago
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permalink gee by snsd or because im stupid bt kim hyun joong/ss501 or kim joong kook lovable

7yr ago
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permalink [i]... Nothings Over by Infinite
Or ... Not Alone by Park Jung Min <3[/i]

7yr ago
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permalink Every Heart by BoA:)

7yr ago
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permalink OLIVIA - Wish
BoA - Copy & Paste
High School Never Ends (the song XDD)
Crystal Kay & BoA - Girlfriend :)

7yr ago
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permalink KARA - STEP, Wanna
MiChi's Pretty Fly For A White Guy Cover

7yr ago
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permalink day by day -d date
or magic power by hey say jump

7yr ago
6,429 jpops
permalink Matsushita Yuya-Secret Love
Matsushita Yuya-Super Drive ^^

7yr ago
34,274 jpops
permalink Niji or One or velonica by Aqua Timez :D

and then ... After dark - AKFG

cpop wise .... Jay Chou or Lee Hom Wang :D

7yr ago
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permalink I love After dark and Aqua Timez! You have good taste in music :D

7yr ago
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permalink perfect songs

YUI-goodbye days
Vanillia unity-Hero
and another song from an anime i've watced. The anime is Angel beats and the song is called "My song" but im not to sure who the artist is :P

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