Which is more popular? One Piece or Naruto?

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6yr ago
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permalink Is One Piece or Naruto more popular? I was just wondering...A lot of people told me One Piece is the number 1 story in Japan..and then they said it was number 1 in the world. Personally I think it's Naruto. I never heard of one piece till I started getting into anime and manga. And if you talk to someone without any knowledge of anime, Naruto is the first thing you hear from them. And I know this last thing doesn't account for much since it's just one site..but on the site I read manga on. Naruto is ranked number one. Also it has a lot more views than One Piece.

Not trying to be bias btw. I read both Naruto and One Piece. Though comparing I like Naruto's story better. It has more emotion in my opinion. I wonder..did I get off topic with this last part? (_ _)

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink i think naruto....

6yr ago
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permalink In Japan, One Piece is the most popular, as far as I know.
Everyone knows which manga it is, while not everyone is as aware of Naruto.

6yr ago
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permalink i think its one piece.. but in my place naruto is VERY well known

6yr ago
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permalink I think more people knows Naruto than One Piece. But One Piece has more fans than Naruto. ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Ive never watched either lol..I know of both though cause they use to come on tv..well Naruto still does..not sure about One Piece though

6yr ago
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permalink lol i don't watch One Piece, so for me is Naruto. :D

6yr ago
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permalink Definitely Naruto

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink I say Naruto. Just saying cuz lots of people know about Naruto.

5yr ago
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permalink Naruto most of my friend in facebook like it and talk about it. But for me, I`ve follow one piece in terms of anime and manga. but I got bored and annoyed of unending I stopped watching both. :)

5yr ago
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permalink for most people in Sweden.. non of them is known outside of anime people, I think that One Piece is bigger in Japan but both are pretty big and well know!
I like them both but I will still say one piece. I love to read the manga and watch the anime!

5yr ago
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permalink Naruto is more popular for me :)

5yr ago
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permalink One piece is Number 1 and always be Number 1#

5yr ago
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permalink One Piece

5yr ago
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permalink i would say Naruto

5yr ago
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permalink One piece.

5yr ago
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permalink I feel like maybe Naruto is more globally popular, but in Japan more people like One Piece? Like everyone here has at least heard of Naruto but less so One Piece. I'm not really sure about Japan but if that's what they say then...

5yr ago
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permalink I think Japan likes One Piece more, while in other places it would be Naruto.

5yr ago
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permalink One Piece. See it here Your text to link here...

5yr ago
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permalink Definitely Naruto!!!

5yr ago
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permalink One Piece is

5yr ago
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permalink I reckon Naruto!

5yr ago
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permalink i think its one piece though im a naruto fan..

5yr ago
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permalink I love One Piece compared to Naruto (no offense Naruto fans). :)

5yr ago
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permalink One Piece is more popular in Japan and more people worldwide like it. People across the world know Naruto but a lot of them just simply hate it.

5yr ago
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permalink hmm I'm not sure. They're pretty even to be honest

5yr ago
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permalink i say it has to be naruto

5yr ago
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permalink Naruto is almost finished. One piece will be more popular in the future

5yr ago
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permalink In my country, Naruto is number one

4yr ago
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permalink Naruto is more popular

4yr ago
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permalink Of course lah NARUTO. I have all his comics. :d

4yr ago
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permalink Naruto for all i know

4yr ago
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permalink Hmm Naruto I guess... but both of them are awesome! !

4yr ago
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permalink NARUTO ofc...

4yr ago
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permalink I don´t actually know... both are well known and really popular... So I can´t give an opinion about this...

4yr ago
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permalink i don't know u.ú both are loved by whole world :D let's to tell that gives one draw between them, okay ? ;)

4yr ago
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4yr ago
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permalink Probably One Piece

I grew up in Australia and they played it on the TV!!
In Australia!!!
ON TV!!!

So yeah, One Piece

*flies away*

4yr ago
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permalink I'm guessing it's One Piece...

4yr ago
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permalink I think both popular ..

4yr ago
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permalink I've never seen One Piece so Naruto. Though I'm probably wrong.

4yr ago
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permalink I know Naruto since I was a kid. Just getting know of One Piece once I start my college life.

So for me it's Naruto. ^^,

4yr ago
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permalink I would say Naruto is more popular since I knew it first before One Piece

4yr ago
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permalink Multiple manga sites usually have Naruto as the more popular manga.

4yr ago
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permalink Where I live One Piece seems to be way more popular than Naruto.
Most of the people I know normally say 'Anime is stupid bla bla.'
But they are watching OP, even wait patiently for the next subbed
Episode. On the other hand Naruto isn't that popular.

4yr ago
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permalink I think that it is pretty equal right now. Naruto is going through a lot of publicity right now with its 15th year anniversary and the release of "The Last: Naruto the Movie." One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are the three main Manga in Shounen Jump and are equally popular. They are considered the trinity manga because most people in Japan can tell you about them. I think Naruto is slightly ahead of the One Piece right now because of its anniversary and the new movies. There is also excitement about the next generation series coming out with the Baruto movie starting it off!

4yr ago
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permalink I think naruto is more well known since it helped me get into anime..... but i feel one piece has more fans

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