Which ending do u like it sad ending or happy ending ?

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10yr ago
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permalink Which ending do U like it in Anime & Manga ? Sad ending or happy ending ?
I`m more like "sad ending" like in Fate : Stay Night, Evangelion, ext. !

And what kind genre of Anime & Manga do U like it ? Adv., Love, or kind of reality ?

10yr ago
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permalink That's a hard one haha.

I do like the happy endings because duh, they're happy and everyone gets something and some kind of closure. :p

But I think the sad endings leave more of an impression on me, because then I proceed to spend hours or days agonizing over it. They blow my mind, in a good way. x]
So yeah, I guess sad > happy. But not too much sad endings one after the other. I can't handle it lol.

10yr ago
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permalink I guess it really depends on what ending fits the anime. Like, if Pokemon ended with Pikachu going insane and killing everyone, then well. That wouldn't really fit. =/ So I kinda like happy and sad endings equally. <3

6yr ago
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permalink Plus death doesn't really exist in the Pokemon world. The movies do tend to be slightly darker, but I never do take them seriously. The world really needs a serious Pokemon movie, if a really gutsy director is willing to take it on.

10yr ago
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Quote by Generic Otaku
I guess it really depends on what ending fits the anime.

You are like reading my mind. I totally agree with you on that.
Sad animes should have one ending and happy - another. That's what I think.
It just would have been weird for animes like Pokemon, Ouran High School Host Club, Special A etc. to have a sad ending, you just don't see it coming, the anime itself shows you what kind of ending there will be.
But I personaly think that in anime sad endings are more realistic and after watching you think about them often, because they are so moving and leave more impression, at least on me.

10yr ago
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permalink when i'm sad or have bad stories, i always like bad endin' becuz so that i can cry as much as i want to ( well, it sounds like make me more horrible but actualy it makes me feel better)
and when i'm happy, of cos i want to be more happy so i think happy endin' is suitable that time.^^

10yr ago
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permalink hmmm that's a tough one Happy endings
are always my favourite but sometimes
it doesn't leave you with the full on
impact at the end..where as if the
ending was sad then it leaves an
impression on me for days

BuT im going to say happy because
i tend to yell at the t.v or manga
when its a sad ending :RBohNo:

10yr ago
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permalink Hmm i love happy endings, when right before the end it went really bad, and you thought it would be a sad ending. But in some ways, sad ending can be better. Also, when it has a sad ending it stays longer in my mind.

Kind of genre.. I like drama, shoujo, magic and slice of life. Combinationts of these are just perfect. Like Rozen Maiden is a mix of drama and magic, and shugo chara a mix of magic, slice of life and shoujo.

10yr ago
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permalink I've got to agree with everyone else really - there's a time for happy endings and a time for sad endings. Though I have to say, I do tend to like tragedies more. Not too often though or I get too depressed. :RBfrown:

10yr ago
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permalink i love watching happy ending's i make an exception for death note i liked that end even though that was not a happy ending

10yr ago
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permalink actually I like a sad or... well rather some mix between a happy and sad ending. Cause it is just boring when every one lives happily ever after and the "fangirl" gets the guy she dreams of and all her friends are happy for her and bla bla... :RBangry: I like it when they are happy and all but every one can't be happy in real life and I like it more when it ends like that. And I HATE when the fangirl gets together with the good-looking guy -.- that's like Sakura (the pink haired *** from Naruto) gets together with Sasuke.... :RBveryAngry: urghhhh! XD yaoi for me! that's all I'm saying

10yr ago
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Quote by Sarake
I HATE when the fangirl gets together with the good-looking guy -.- that's like Sakura (the pink haired *** from Naruto) gets together with Sasuke.... :RBveryAngry: urghhhh! XD yaoi for me! that's all I'm saying

AGREED. :RBveryAngry: hate shoujo protags with bishie endings. I'd rather an anime with an ota girl protag accidentally on purpose snagging a bishie but going for the childhood friend in the end type of endings. Or, as you said, male protag goes for (dadaradaaaan~) the other male protag.

but I've strayed off topic. everyone loves a happy ending, but depending on the story (as mentioned earlier) you don't want sad endings for every anime (imagine say, Doraemon, with a bad ending).I like endings that are a mix of both, where you get the feeling that it could have gone better, but it could have been a lot worse.

now my inner otaku likes multiple endings, the kind you get while playing games like Fate Stay Night. I imagine that if networks made multiple final episodes with different outcomes, and broadcast them simultaneously in different regions, it would cause quite a fuss. ne? XD

10yr ago
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permalink i think i like both of them.sometimes the sad ending is good,and sometimes the happy ending is good.

10yr ago
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permalink that is a vry hard one
IN Anime & Manga , Sad ending or happy ending ?
u can't neither choose one,, Some of the anime don't fix in sad ending .. some don't fix in happy ending...

KimiKiss Pure Rouge it got to be a sad ending coz of the ppl u like.. it hard to choose who u wanna be..

i think is hard question and answer ... BUT

Personall i like sad ending ..

coz in reallty there will not be too such happy ending... btw

wad ending also the same u got wonderfull memory

10yr ago
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permalink Well, it depends on the anime.

10yr ago
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permalink lolz ,depends on the anime, tt is a good one..

10yr ago
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permalink well!!

i like them both..

but i prefer sad engding!..

when i watch animes i really want to cry on that anime because i just want to..

theirs no special reasons!!..
hihihih :D :D

10yr ago
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permalink Uhhhh. I like Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist, the endings are sad but I prefer happy endings.

10yr ago
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permalink I also think that sad animes should have happy ending :RBfrown:
Like Nana, it is sad already and then Hatchiko ended up with Takumi :RBangry:

10yr ago
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permalink It depends on the anime. But maybe happy endings are still better, because everything goes well.. :D

10yr ago
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permalink ...I prefer happy endings...............
...................The reason behind is ,,,,,,,,,,My heart fell so ill......when it ends sadly......... :RBcrying: ...
.................................Back to the realization ..not all anime ends happily...so maybe...it depends on the story..........

10yr ago
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permalink Sad endings leave more impact to me, makes me feel like wanting more of the anime but I'd rather prefer happy endings, makes me satisfied up till the end..Well, all endings depend on what atmosphere the anime gives(I believe)..

10yr ago
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permalink I like happy endings but at the same time I like sad endings.

Happy endings somehow makes me "move-on" a little easier when it comes to animes because I'm contented with the ending and everything.

Sad endings well it errr... makes me think more about the anime, like many what if's comes to my mind like what if they became togetherr something like that :) :joops:

9yr ago
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permalink I like happy endings of course!
I also like ending that tell you..
"This isn't actually the end...I SHALL RETURN"
Haha.. I love anime... endings are good...but

9yr ago
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permalink of course happy ending. :)
because sad endings make me depressed and I could end up suicidal. hehe, :D

9yr ago
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permalink I'm a happy and positive person so i want a very good happy Ending...

it makes my mood stress free.. :D

9yr ago
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permalink I prefer happy endings. :D

If a sad ending fits the story I don't mind it, but I hate it when all the main characters die at the end just for shock value. :RBveryAngry:

9yr ago
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permalink i prefer a sad ending because i think happy endings are very common..haha. :RBstickout:

But whenever i watch anime with sad endings my heart really breaks and i end up crying alone inside my room or crying in front of the television... :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

However, even if i end up like that , i still like it 'coz anime with happy endings are very predictable..hehe..

9yr ago
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Quote by Pineappley
I prefer happy endings. :D

If a sad ending fits the story I don't mind it, but I hate it when all the main characters die at the end just for shock value. :RBveryAngry:

haha. yes, i agree with you.. i don't like it when all of the characters die at the end. just like the X-clamp? haha..is it the title?

9yr ago
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permalink Sad or depressive ending stays in my mind a lot longer than a happy ending but it makes me feel depress for a long time too... :RBcrying:

Happy ending makes me feel light but not for long, only when I remember it... And it makes wanna watch it again... Over and over... :D

So even though sad ending has a bigger impact, I'd go for the happy ending...

8yr ago
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permalink Sometimes sad endings fit well in some stories.. but still happy endings are happy endings. It makes you feel better after you finish the story. :smilec:

8yr ago
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permalink I like... both. If the end is good and makes sense it doesn't matter to me if it's a happy or a sad ending.

8yr ago
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permalink As long as the anime is fantastic and the ending makes sense, I'm down with anything. xD Happy, sad, bittersweet-as long as the ending was filling, it's fine.

8yr ago
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permalink It depends on the storyline for me. I love both happy and sad endings.

8yr ago
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permalink i like sad endings and happy endings depending on the genre.
but i love tragic story lines more
i loved elfen lied and it had a really tragic ending!

8yr ago
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permalink Definitly happy endings, I hate sad endings. They make me cry :RBcrying: Genre usually depends on the manga itself, but I love shojo mangas :RBheart:

8yr ago
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permalink definitely sad endings.
They really leave a mark on your mind.
You tend to think about how could they have avoided that?
or did it had to end that way?
or i can do better with my life!
Happy endings are just that... happy! :D
Though i have to agree when it comes to the genre.
manga or anime that are always happy with a lot of jokes can't end with a sad ending.

8yr ago
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permalink sad, twisted,complicated...

7yr ago
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permalink definitely happy endings... cause if it is a sad ending or a bit complicated... it makes me want for more... huhu

7yr ago
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permalink I prefer HAPPY endings but SAD endings leave much more of an memorable impression!

6yr ago
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permalink I like openings and endings to contrast with each other. Since I like happy and energetic openings, I usually like the anime to end with a sad and touching ending. But in the end, it all depends on the anime itself. If it's strictly comedy anime like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, then all of the stuff I said, it does not apply. But if it's an anime like Fairy Tail or Katekyo Hitman Reborn, then all of it has to be definite.

6yr ago
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permalink i don't like when it's too predictable
a twisted ending would be nice

6yr ago
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permalink It depends on the storyline.

6yr ago
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permalink i like them both but im more in to happy endings i have enough sadness in my life no need to make it more

6yr ago
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permalink I like happy ending more. I the character to be happy too. :)

6yr ago
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permalink I like happy endings.
A sad ending is nice to mix things up.

6yr ago
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permalink Both of them, i love them all,

6yr ago
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permalink I'm a big fan of the happy endings. But, sad ending can stir up so many feelings.

6yr ago
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permalink depend on the anime but mostly i'd prefer happy ending
i hate those half hanging anime without a real ending

6yr ago
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permalink I would prefer both

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