Which do you prefer more; Noodle or Rice?

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9yr ago
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permalink hey,,tell me..which one do u prefer..noodle or rice?!
most asian countries has this kind of food rite?!dunno europe n other countries..neva been there..but u guys can still share ur thoughts..^.^
personally,,i like noodle more..the soup one better..like these~~


so,,what bout u guys?!

5yr ago
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permalink noodles. they make you feel warm inside

9yr ago
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permalink [i]i have had bad experience with noodles :joops:
so i must say rice...
with chicken if i may add that :RBfrown: [/i]

9yr ago
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permalink bad xprience wit noodle?!wat?!almost die choking?!hehe..jus kidding..XP

9yr ago
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permalink well..instant noodles here in sweden is cheap..so mom bought alot and forced me to eat it...
cant say i love eating it after awhile :RBfrown:

9yr ago
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permalink hak2..poor u..ask ur mum to stop buy it..can ah?! :STbigSmile:

9yr ago
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permalink i have XD

but that on the pics looks really good

9yr ago
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permalink lol idk what to say. well i love rice so much but then..i'v had some good noodle dishes.

9yr ago
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permalink Hmmmmm!! personnaly I prefer Noodles !!! like the tast and the smeLL !!! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink Why have one when you can have both! :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink well...i eat both. and LOVE both very much.

PHO noodles is the best. :RBhalo:


along with instant noodles. i love them to <33...also some other culture noodles that i dont know how to translate...all so yummy :jangel:

then RICE is basically YUMMY!! stir fry chicken and rice :jangel:[edit]Last edit by on Sunday 09 Aug, 2009 at 17:13 +5.3%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink Noodles or Rice... omg I can't choose.

Right now I have a craving for noodles so that may make my choice biased XD

9yr ago
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permalink I love nabeyaki udon. Especially the thick kind of noodles. :RBheart:

But yeah, I stay to rice mostly.lol
I like sticky rice because you can make many different dishes with it.[edit]Last edit by on Sunday 09 Aug, 2009 at 17:42 +4.3%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink Noodle is not good for health :RBstickout:
I hate that :RBveryAngry:

9yr ago
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permalink Well... I like both of them, but if I were to choose one... I guess I'll choose NOODLES!!! Noodles is probably my favorite food (can't live without it)... rice is good too, but I can probably live with noodles over rice :)

9yr ago
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permalink i ate rice all the time !!
almost everyday !!

so i prefer noodles
in vietnam, there're lots of kinds of noodles ! :RBcrying:
we call this PHO !

this is BUN

this is BUN RIEU

they're all delicious ! :RBheart:

oh, and i love ramen too !

9yr ago
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permalink i luv noodels i get 2 maybe 3 packits of instent noodles a week and there all gone by the end of the week. my says if there on offer i can get them but if not i get 2 of the wonton noodels and i also luv chines chow man flavor. i can not live with out noodles

chines chow main
http://www.dineouthere.com/images/bo-kong-6.jpg[edit]Last edit by on Monday 10 Aug, 2009 at 05:51 +10.1%[/edit]

7yr ago
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permalink OMG that looks so good!!
now im hungry

9yr ago
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permalink I am more of a rice person. I dont really like noodles that much
Seanto's pic of the chines chow main looks delicious.

Rice and noodles r popular in Western countries as well as Asian countries.

7yr ago
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permalink lol I was just looking at that pic and about to drool!! >.<

9yr ago
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permalink I can't eat real noodles, only rice noodles or special noodles... So I'd say rice. I'd love to be able to eat real noodles, but well.. I'll just have to stand not being able to ^^,

9yr ago
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permalink the bun rieu posted by LAsayuri looks so delicious!!do they only has dis in vietnam?!neva saw this in malaysia..reaaallly make me wanna try it..

9yr ago
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permalink Oooooh the epic battle of the Noodle vs the Grain of Rice.
I love them both but I have to say that I find myself eating more Noodle dishes than Rice dishes. But I will add that I know a dish that includes both of them that is fantastic!!!!!!

9yr ago
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permalink dis tyme i'm gonna post bout my fav dry noodle dish.. :D
such as:

pattaya fried mee(idk is it really from thailand or not)
usually inside the egg-wrap is rice but i like noodle better.. :)

and also
penang char kuey teow(its not really noodle i think but its in the group)XP

the kuey teow not really a dry dish though..kinda dry..^.^

~~aargh..now i'm hungry myself..

9yr ago
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permalink [size=9]I'm from Hawaii, and both are super popular here and you can get them anywhere. I like rice more because it's easy to mess up noodles. You can eat both of them by itself too! Haha, idk about anywhere else, but here we buy Top Ramen noodles and smash it up and eat it dry sometimes. It's good! :D[/size]

9yr ago
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permalink lovecloud,,u smash the ramen?!
what do you mean by smash?!

9yr ago
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permalink i prefer rice! :)
noodles isnt enough for me..
and i cant eat that too. it is not required for my health.. :RBcrying:

can i add.. uhm.. :RBundecided:
fried chicken? :D :RBheart: :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink haha..feel free to add what you would like to have with the rice/noodles..
umm..fried chicken yummy..!!^.^

for me,,i would also say fried chicken and also prawns..
i love prawns..

9yr ago
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permalink i like both....
but i must say noodles........ love the smellllll...
:RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink Mmmm... so hard to choose... they're both so nice... :RBheart:
I guess I like noodles [i]slightly [/i]better... :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink Noodles for sure for me. So much variety that you can have.

9yr ago
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permalink OMG that is so hard!!! It depends I guess. I love both! :)

9yr ago
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permalink Hmmmmmmm....for me daily food that I eat is rice, bcuz I'm Filipino so we eat a lot of rice. But I love noodles to espeacially the white kind of noodles... Yummy!! Talking about it makes me hungry~.~

Maybe I should check the kitchen if we have more instant noodles!

But I know we always have rice cook already at my house!

9yr ago
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permalink I am not sure that I can pick between them. I really like Sushi and that mean that you have to like rice. So I really like the rice is is tasty and moist and just right when you are hungry.

One the other hand I love all kinds of noodles. When ever I got to the local Asian Buffet my time is split between the Sushi and the Mongolian Wok. I am sure that only half of it is close to authentic. Still I do not care it is tasty.

Sadly I do not think that I can make up my mind. the only advantage that one had over the other is that it is easier to keep rice out of my beard. I freqently have problem with draggin the noodles through my beard as I eat. I am sure that is something that no one here wanted to know.

Well that is the only advantage of one over the other that I can think of. So I suppose that rice it is.

9yr ago
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permalink well i enjoy noodles..but i enjoy rice more!!!
i love shrimp fried rice...
fried rice -plain...good!!
chicken fried rice is ok..not as GREAT as shrimp!! lol :D

9yr ago
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permalink rice

9yr ago
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permalink I know that I said I could not choose between the two or them. Still I went to this mongolian grill that just opened up around here. They made me some stuff with fried noodles that was very tasty. So I think that noodles have just pulled ahead in my book.

9yr ago
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permalink Rice is like an everyday thing for me so not that much variation on it.

There's a noodle place down here by my office building (a mom and pops kinda one) and they got great stuff.

So yeah, +1 for the noodle camp.

9yr ago
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permalink I just had some very nice rice balls today. I am not sure what their propper name is. they were triangular and had some fish in the center. They werevery nice. I do believe that i said noodles had the upper hand because of some tasty noodles that I had the other day.

Well I think there rice balls have given the rice the upper hand. The reality is that one cannot make a noddle ball. Well I suppose you could try but the very idea sound unappetizing. I mean noddles in a ball. I do not know why that sounds wrong. Still ti does.

Well there is my vote for the moment. Rice is in the lead.

9yr ago
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[size=9]I'm from Hawaii, and both are super popular here and you can get them anywhere. I like rice more because it's easy to mess up noodles. You can eat both of them by itself too! Haha, idk about anywhere else, but here we buy Top Ramen noodles and smash it up and eat it dry sometimes. It's good! :D[/size]

omg... we do that in guam too.
do u sprinkle the flavor packet on top too???

i prefer noodles. like good ol' chow fun or geez..any noodle.
hiyashi chuka. yum on a hot day.

9yr ago
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permalink i like both, no wait, i just love food...good food, food that's cooked well :] but if i keep eating it every single damned day, like in elen's case with instant noodles, the satisfactory and enjoyment level diminishes T_T[edit]Last edit by LiQorishh on Saturday 07 Nov, 2009 at 17:33 +0.9%[/edit][edit]Last edit by LiQorishh on Saturday 07 Nov, 2009 at 17:31 +0.9%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink [edit]Last edit by iLuffsush1 on Saturday 07 Nov, 2009 at 14:30 -6.7%[/edit][edit]Last edit by iLuffsush1 on Saturday 07 Nov, 2009 at 14:29 +0%[/edit][edit]Last edit by iLuffsush1 on Saturday 07 Nov, 2009 at 14:29 -0.2%[/edit][edit] Types of noodles by primary ingredient

Wide, uncooked egg noodles.Contrary to widespread belief, pasta types such as penne, rigatoni, farfalle and others are not classified as noodles. While they are produced with some of the same wheat based ingredients, their form and structure do not adhere with that of the noodle family of food products.[citation needed]

[/edit][edit] Wheat

Handmade short, thick small German noodles called spätzleChūka men (中華麺): Japanese for "Chinese noodles", used for ramen, chanpon and yakisoba
Lamian (拉麵): hand pulled Chinese noodles.
Mee pok (麪薄): flat, yellow Chinese noodles, popular in Southeast Asia
Nokedli: Hungarian noodle
Pasta: approximately 350 variants used in Italian cuisine
Sōmen (そうめん): very thin Japanese wheat noodles
Spätzle: a Swabian type of noodle made of wheat and eggs
Tészta: various ranges of Hungarian pasta
Udon (うどん): thick Japanese wheat noodles
Erişte: flat, yellow or reddish brown Turkish wheat noodles
[/edit][edit] Rice

Idiyappam, Indian rice noodles.Flat or Thick rice noodles, also known as héfěn or ho fun (河粉), kway teow or sen yai (เส้นใหญ่)
Rice vermicelli: thin rice noodles, also known as mǐfěn (米粉) or bee hoon or sen mee (เส้นหมี่)
[/edit][edit] Mung bean
Cellophane noodles, also known as glass noodles, sweet potato Vermicelli or bean vermicelli. fěnsī (粉絲) in Chinese, harusame(春雨) in Japanese, soun or suun in Indonesian, wun sen (วุ้นเส้น) in Thai. These are the principal ingredient in the Korean dish japchae.
[/edit][edit] Potato or canna starch
Cellophane noodles can also be made from potato starch or canna starch or various starches of the same genre.
Gnocchi, small Italian dumplings.
Halušky, small Slovak dumplings made of grated potatoes and wheat flour (and sometimes egg), usually made with sheep's cheese, sauer cabbage, or tvaroh (cottage cheese/curd), and fried bacon.
[/edit][edit] Buckwheat
Makguksu (막국수), local specialty of Gangwon Province in South Korea
Naengmyeon (냉면): Korean noodles made of buckwheat and sweet potato starch. Slightly more chewy than soba.
Soba (蕎麦): Japanese buckwheat noodles
Pizzoccheri: Italian buckwheat noodles from Valtellina, usually served with a melted cheese sauce.
[/edit][edit] Acorn
Acorn noodles, also known as dotori guksu (도토리국수) in Korean, are made of acorn meal, wheat flour, wheat germ and salt.
[/edit][edit] Types of noodle dishes

A simple noodle soup consisting of Soy sauce and Sesame oil.Basic noodles: These are cooked in water or broth, then drained. Other foods can be added (for example a pasta sauce) or the noodles are added to other foods (see fried noodles or lasagna) or the noodles can be served plain with a dipping sauce or oil to be added at the table. In general, noodles are soft and absorb flavors.
Chilled noodles: noodles are sometimes served in a salad. An example is the Thai glass noodle salad
Fried noodles: dishes made of noodles stir fried with various meats, seafood or vegetables. Typical examples include chow mein, lo mein, mee goreng, hokkien mee, some varieties of pancit, yakisoba and pad thai.
Noodle soup: noodles served in broth. Examples are phở, beef noodle soup, ramen, laksa, saimin and batchoy, and chicken noodle soup.
[/edit][edit] See also
Look up noodle in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Noodles
Food portal
Chinese noodles
Cup noodles
Frozen noodles
Instant noodles
Japanese noodles
Korean noodles
Philippine noodles (pancit)
Shirataki noodles: Japanese noodles with very low carbohydrates
Vietnamese noodles
[/edit][edit] References
^ Harper, Douglas. "noodle". Online Etymology Dictionary. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=noodle. Retrieved 2009-10-14.
^ "Oldest noodles unearthed in China", BBC News, 12 October 2005
^ Food reference
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9yr ago
1,776 jpops
permalink ilufsush1-san,,what did u post?!
do u understand the topic or not?!

9yr ago
2,284 jpops
permalink I like both....:)

9yr ago
404 jpops
permalink Depends on how it's cooked. I think noodles are easier to eat though. I really like the taste of lo mein ^-^

9yr ago
1,323 jpops
permalink I like noodles a lot more, because it's more fun and a little tastier. But I do love rice, too ^^

9yr ago
371 jpops
permalink [i][/i]

i perfer rice it's better than noodles[edit]Last edit by yuki24 on Thursday 26 Nov, 2009 at 20:34 +1.1%[/edit]

9yr ago
371 jpops
permalink [i][/i]

i perfer rice, rice is better than noodles[edit]Last edit by yuki24 on Thursday 26 Nov, 2009 at 20:32 -65.4%[/edit]

9yr ago
129 jpops
permalink I prefer noodles

I like those fried ones with chicken <3 Going to eat them today :D can't wait. :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: http://www.nuku.de/pictures/gebratene-china-nudeln-in-samcheong-dong-seoul-3787-460.jpg

9yr ago
1,024 jpops
permalink I say both :RBohNo: I cant pick one over the other!!

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