where do you go to watch japanese/korean/taiwanese/etc???

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5yr ago
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permalink I have always went to dramacrazy.net but then it shut down and now I don't know where to watch any dramas....suggestions?? :D

5yr ago
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permalink viki.com (^_^)
That sucks cuz i also used dramacrazy... :/ I wonder why it got shut down....

5yr ago
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permalink I've watched them on Netflix, if you have that.
Or one of my friends watches K-dramas on viki.com (like da5hunfan suggested).

5yr ago
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permalink gooddrama.net or viki.com :D

5yr ago
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permalink i watch dramas and such on my phone :o it's easier because the internet on our laptop is slow TT.TT the apps i use are
WatchWhat AsianDrama
AnimeX :)

5yr ago
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permalink I go to Drama Fever they also have a app for it on phones which is so awesome

5yr ago
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permalink gooddrama.com and lately drama.net almost everything's there

5yr ago
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permalink Same here :)

5yr ago
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permalink DramaLoad and DramaFever are really good ones~
Viki is really good for iPads! :)

5yr ago
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permalink I just google search the drama, and use whatever site will work >.<

5yr ago
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3yr ago
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permalink Good drama.net

I just search Google for the drama name

3yr ago
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permalink I use dramanice.us or kissasian.com

3yr ago
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permalink I watch all dramas on KissAsian

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