When did you start listening to Jpop music? [Part 2]

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7yr ago
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permalink When did you start listening to Jpop music?
Part 1

Quote by JpopAsia
How did you experience your first time you listened to Jpop? What did you think about it? What song was it? And do you still think the same about Jpop? Let us know!

7yr ago
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permalink I first heard jpop I thought it was interesting I mean I didnt know music like that was out there. I always thought it was just english music all over and ppl liked to listen to it. I had heard my first jpop song by Inuyasha ending theme song "Come" by Namie Amruo (I hope I spelled that right) and I really liked it cuz she sang it so soft and great!

After years later I never really cared about jpop cuz I mean I was young then at the end of my senior year I wanted to see a good anime so I say WallFlower. Then I read on youtube that there was a live action of it so I looked that up and thats where I saw Kame from KAT-TUN and I thought he was super duper cute!! so I looked up the theme sogm which was "Love Yourself" and I liked it then I saw their new PV "N.M.P" another song I really liked!! and ever since then I have loved jpop.

It's been 2 years for me like jpop. Even though KAT-TUN is the only jpop gorup I like I love their work!! they are really great and I currently listening to them cuz I have been hearing kpop so I wanted to hear KAT-TUN for a while O:)

7yr ago
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permalink I heard of J-Pop..a good little while ago. My friend sung covers of Ayumi Hamasaki songs and then post them on YouTube. After awhile, i started getting into her and decided to listen to her more and was hooked ever since. :D

7yr ago
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permalink I already heard Jpop Music since I'm at 5 elementary grade. I start listening Ayumi Hamasaki songs, because I realy like her voice. I always heard her songs everyday. I think Jpop is best music for me, my old sister like western music, but that not match with my ear xD

7yr ago
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permalink I start Loving J-pop when we move in japan xDDD when im in middle school i join a jpopclub in our school :D

7yr ago
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permalink I started to listen jpop a year and a half ago, it all began when one of my best friend got me into the anime and asian music, and I will be grateful to this friend forever and ever <3

7yr ago
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permalink when i start to love anime and jdrama... hahaha

7yr ago
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permalink I started to listen to Jpop when I decided to study Japanese. As I remember it was Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki and Mika Nakashima. Then I started to watch anime and I found more amazing singers >.<

7yr ago
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permalink When i was a child, i used to read manga, so that i love Japan. But i've heard Jpop for 5 years. I love Arashi best. And i love all Johnny's boys :D Sometimes i love Johnny papa more than them.

I started listening Arashi when i watched Hana yori dango. Wow they sing not as well as W-inds. but somehow they reached my heart with all their personalities. when i feel bad, feel lonely, they make me smile, make me stronger. They are not the best artists but best in my heart.

7yr ago
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permalink I first started listening to Jpop when I was about 12 because that is all my brother would listen to XD The first song was Hikari by Utada Hikaru.

7yr ago
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permalink Well, I love J-rock, so I decided to give J-pop a try.

7yr ago
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permalink I started listening to J-pop 3 years ago... one of my friends that I just meet introduced me to it. I still remember my first song Abingdon boys school- Innocent sorrow...still love that song. From there I got addicted to J-pop then K-pop and C-pop.

7yr ago
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permalink I started when i was 13 and already fallen too deep into it xD

7yr ago
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permalink since i'm a kid and i'm in love until today :)

7yr ago
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permalink When I started watching animes...
I liked it.
dont remember that much.
I like it much much more now.

6yr ago
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permalink wow segee ^ same here..

7yr ago
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permalink I started around grade 6 when I watched Cardcaptor Sakura and loved the cute openings <3

6yr ago
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permalink OMG I'm so glad I wasn't the only one sucked in at a young age by anime ^^ lol

5yr ago
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permalink Ahhhhhh! I have every CCS opening on my ipod!!! My fave is Purachina!! <3

7yr ago
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permalink Oh goodness. I must have been about 9 years old. I would watch anime and I loved the opening and ending songs. I'm totally guessing here but I think the first J-pop song I heard was either Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (from Naruto) or Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity (from Inuyasha). They were both really good to me and I still love J-pop, even though my taste has evolved since then.

7yr ago
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permalink I started when i felt like it... around 1-2 years ago.

7yr ago
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permalink I have been listening to J-pop for a very long time. My grandpa lived in Japan so often when I visited I got a taste of the culture and the music. Akthough I have loved Japanese music, and the first song I ever listened to was a really old son on a record my grandpa bought in the 70's when I was around five, I fell in love with it when i was in middle school. Though I had listened to the likes of SMAP, Tokio and V6, I fell in love with Arashi and a few years later KAT-Tun.
I will never forget the first time I listend to Sunrise Nippon it was cute and catchy and the guys were all so good looking. From KAT-TUN I love Real Face the edginess of the song and their bad boy attitudes had me hooked. I also love Namie Amuro and Utada Hikaru they are beautiful souls and their music touches my heart every day!!

7yr ago
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permalink It was in 2005 when I listened to j-pop for the first time. The first song I listened to was Ayumi Hamasaki's Moments or Carols. I don't remember that clearly. I had just started to read manga and I found her from a manga site.
I fell in love with Ayu's music and started to listen other j-artists too. I still listen to j-music every day and I still listen to Ayu almost every day too. My life would be very boring without j-music. I think j-music isn't a hobby for me anymore, it's more like a lifestyle. :)

7yr ago
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permalink it all started with inuyasha, and the first songs i learned by heart were dearest by ayu, and fukai mori by do as infinity. so i've been listening to jmusic for about half my life. and 7-8 years later if you go through my ipod you'll find nothing but j-music and k-music. i agree with sesshou it's more of a lifestlye for me, too.

7yr ago
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permalink started to listen to jpop when i was in gr7 so its been like 3 years

7yr ago
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permalink I love the first Jpop .... that time I was in elementary school, listening to OST Anime: Jigoku Sensei Nube song titled bari Bari Saikyou No.1..... and be continued by listening to the OST of the anime Inuyasha.
However, the next few years I do not listen to Japanese music again.
When I was in senior high school, my friend introduced me to an anime, namely Naruto .... wow, just a few weeks of my love for Jpop start again ..... because I am music lovers, with the OST anime in Naruto...
and now, i like song's Japanese Music especially the songs by FLOW Japanese Band !!!

7yr ago
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permalink The first time I listen to Jpop music is when I was in 2 or 3 years, umm maybe when I still a baby because I was born in Kyoto, Japan. My mom is used to watch SMAP's show like SMAPxSMAP or bistro SMAP when I was in a kindergarten. Since then, I started to know Johnny's Entertainment's boybands. But after years, I move to Indonesia and I didn't listening to Jpop music for years. And until I was in Junior high school, I met my otaku friend and I started to listening to Jpop music again. Until now, I still listening to Jpop Music. Because Japan is always be my soul :D

7yr ago
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permalink the OST and opening / endings for theme songs for really old animes ...

like dragon ball! xD this was way back for during when i was younger ... my childhood days ... thats around 10+ years ago! O_O ...

7yr ago
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permalink When i heard Shakugan no Shana's OP Hishoku no Sora and being. After hearing those song i really liked it. Then after researching about Kawada Mami, and KOTOKO i started to like their other songs and that led me to other JPOP artists.

7yr ago
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permalink Ever since I was a kid.

7yr ago
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permalink as long as i can remember, it's started with Doraemon, then the songs from Dragon Ball and Sailormoon...i started to 'madly' in love with J-songs after listening to the songs from Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X anime (this is my all time fav anime!!!!)

7yr ago
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permalink Aaa~ Ever since I started watching anime and j dramas. Tee-hee.

7yr ago
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permalink I first listened to Jpop through a jdrama I had watched. It has the catchy tune in it that really got my full attention. It was the one that really made me listen to Jpop songs. well, I can say that during that time was not the first time that I have listened to a jpop song because I have been watching animes when I was still in my grade school years and unfortunately I haven't been paying any attention to its opening or closing song. So I guess I can sat that this is the first time that a Jpop song really caught my attention. I felt alive because of the beat of the song. I think it is really amazing and I still think of it like that or maybe even more. That song would be We Can Make It! by Arashi in Matsujun's drama entitled Bambino. Right now, whenever I hear the word music or song or song genre, Japanese songs would pop right out of my mind especially, Arashi songs. I am really ARASHI-hooked right now and will ever be. <3 <3 <3 :)

7yr ago
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permalink 2005 w/ Ayumi Hamasaki's "Heaven" when I watched the movie Shinobi. I didn't understand what she was saying but I loved the beat & melody. I listened more to her music which led me to more Jpop artists...actually, Asian music in general (such as Utada, Otsuka Ai, NEWS, DBSK, miyavi, gackt, Lee Soo Young, Kanjani8, Orange Range...who all were some of the first artists/groups I got into). Now, I hardly ever listen to Ayumi's new stuff because honestly they're just not good, but I will forever be thankful for her awesome older music which opened my ears up to music outside of the States.

Hmmm, Jpop now has evolved a bit but they still have that Jpop sound to them. For example, a friend heard RURUTIA's "Itoshigo yo" and was surprised that the song was already more than 10 years old. He thought it was still pretty current. Anyhow, I'm glad Jpop is still Jpop, & not overly-Westernized Jpop.

7yr ago
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permalink It was about two to three years ago, when I discovered it for mysellf. First one was TOMO aka Yamashita Tomohisa. Such a great character. ^^

7yr ago
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permalink I don't remember exactly, but I think my friend showed me Yamapi and Kame's Seishun Amigo.
And I foundArashi :D I like some K-pop songs too, but I prefer Japanese music so much, especially ARASHI! :)

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7yr ago
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permalink I learn to love JPOP because of watching anime~ when I was around 15, perhaps XD I totally LOVE (not like) JAPAN! *_^

7yr ago
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permalink I started listening to J-pop when I was pretty young. I had grown up with an interest in the Japanese culture and music thanks to my big brother and then it exploded when I discovered the internet. I started out with berryz kobo and soundtracks. Learning the dances became by obsession. To this day I still dance and sing with them.

7yr ago
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permalink Hmm...I started to watch a lot of anime at the end of 2010, and that's when I started getting interested in J-Pop and J-Rock. At first, it was just a small interest but now, it's my favorite kind of music.

7yr ago
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permalink since I was born to this world, lol

7yr ago
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permalink First heard it back in February 2007. I stumbled upon a Naruto YouTube video and it had the song "Fields of Hope" by Rie Tanaka. I fell in love from that point. Still highly regard that song.

7yr ago
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permalink It all started from watching too much anime...I remember that I like the opening song of Akazukin ChaCha and I have no idea who SMAP is or so. Then, I heard Fourth Ave Cafe by Laruku from Rorouni Kenshin anime and I also thought that it was good...

But the time that I really start is from the first Jdrama that I've watched, "Goodluck!" starring KimuTaku and Kou Shibasaki. I really like "Ride on Time" by Ken Hirai. I can't get over with it.

Then, my bff made me watch HanaDan and my fan-girling with Arashi started with Love so Sweet. After that, one of the anime cable stations in our area started broadcasting Music Station and that's where I was introduced to lots of artists and really got me into Jpop and Jrock.

Finally, Kohaku Uta Gassen has been like a New Year's ritual since 2007...That's where I got to know the biggest names in Japanese music scene.

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permalink I started in 2004 with Ayumi's Evolution... I was in love ever since... but granted I really only liked ayumi till about 2008 where i started to branch out to the better part of jpopdom!

7yr ago
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permalink I first listened to Japanese music when I was 12; it was Mirai e by Kiroro.
Ventured more into J-Pop, and I have been hooked ever since! I'm now diversifying by listening to other genres of J-Music and some K-Pop too! :)

7yr ago
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permalink I started listening to Utada Hikaru when i was 9 but i didn't consider it "jmusic" i just thought of it as "music" so i didnt know about jpop yet (or i guess i should say i didnt know about the word "jpop") but she was my favorite artist and still is my favorite artist :) i found out about her because my brother played the video game Kingdom Hearts and 2 of her songs were used in tht video game and i fell in love with her voice and music. and then in 5th or 6th grade i listened to some jrock groups (but again i didnt call it "jrock" i just considered it "rock") and i fell in love with japanese music all over again XD and now this year (8th grade) i recently started searching j-music again and learned of jpop and jrock and many more groups :D

6yr ago
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permalink Through the animes.

6yr ago
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permalink Through animes :)

6yr ago
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permalink I started listening a few J-Pop songs from anime. But when K-ON! became a huge hit, I started downloading most of their songs. I was addicted to "Don't Say Lazy." While listening to it, I realized that Japanese music has a very distinct sound and I like it. I've been listening to J-Pop songs outside anime ever since.

6yr ago
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permalink I started listening to jrock first through animes. i never really considered jpop because I jt dont generally like pop music, but then I found that jpop is different and, in my opinion, better than the generic mainstream pop artists u see everywhere.

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