Whats your fav thing to say in any language?

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1decennia ago
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permalink Tell me you favorite thing to say in any language, what it means and y u like to say it or you motto or sumthing like that.

7yr ago
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permalink I think he's actually 17. Well he's supposedly around 16-18. But how do we know for sure 0_0

1decennia ago
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permalink hmmm this is a good question.... but if I had to choose I would probably go with 'yosh' (I hear it said in shippuden a lot).

To me, it is very catchy. To say 'let's go' in japanese slang is very catchy to me.

But I probably say 'doood' waaay more since I use it when my friends do something that surprises me and since speaking japanese isn't really uhm widely used in my part of Connecticut.

1decennia ago
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permalink "my part of connecticut" LOL

I would say "kitanai" which is "dirty" in Japanese. In English it would be "gosh", and "masakra" in Polish.

8yr ago
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permalink I don't like "masakra", because my friend is repeating it over and over whole day XDD It's like an addition :P

1decennia ago
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permalink I love to say "yesh!!!!" don't ask why... I have no clue.....

In Japanese.... my fav thing to say would be "Haiyako" which means to hurry, "oi" meaning hey and "Nanji da?" what time is it?

In Spanish I love to say to my short friends "baja" meaning short.... it gets on there nerves so much :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Oh!!! and how could I have forgotten:
In Japanese, I love to say "Haiyako" meaning Hurry up.... I always have to wait on my friends to get out of the classroom... It takes them forever!!!! :RBangry:
So I yell Haiyako and they're yelling back at me Shut Up (which I told them is urusai... but they never learn... :RBfrown: ) and "matte" which is wait....

I also say "ganbatte" meaning good luck before tests or something of that nature... :)

1decennia ago
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permalink "La TU ya" jkjk.

The sugar-coated version is: "Your Momma!"[edit]Last edit by kaldaddy1 on Wednesday 22 Oct, 2008 at 22:32 +71.1%[/edit]

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permalink moshimoshi- japanese for "hi, how are you" or a telephone greeting

1decennia ago
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permalink there's alot. :) here are some words I'm used to say and love to say :RBhalo:

turkish: yaaaa!!! (heeey or oooh geeez)
inanmiyorum!! (I don't believe it ><)
korean: yaaa!! (heey!) :RBhalo:
jinjya!! (really!!)
aniyo or ani (no, nothing)
aigoo :D
chagiyaaa~ (darling,honey) :giggle:
yoboseyo ( telephone greeting or to get attention)
english: GOSH!! :laugh:
dude :D
french: ahh oui! (yes) [it isn't my fave but I can't stop saying it xD]
spanish: gracias (thanks) [ I just like the way it sounds :RBhalo: ]
german: verdammt! (damn)
in latin lessons: Errare humanum est ('to err is human') :tongue:

I guess that's it ^^[edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Sunday 30 Nov, 2008 at 02:11 +10.6%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink Hmm.. :RBundecided:

In Norwegian I say, "ka faen", a lot. Which means "what the hell". Also, "vet a faen æ". Which means "I don't know for fuck's sake". Almost. Though, I mostly like to curse in Norwegian. :RBsarcastic: Why? Because I know a lot more words since I am Norwegian :D

Nani = why
Nande = what
Gomen = sorry
Zen zen = no, no
Baka = idiot
Sugoi = awesome
Kakkoi = cool
Kawaii = cute

Those are my favorite things to say in Japanese.

And I don't have a favorite thing to say in English though.. I just love speaking English anyway :D[edit]Last edit by mika on Sunday 30 Nov, 2008 at 02:05 +13.4%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink Japan: soka,ja

Korea: morago,oppa

Indonesia: ha

English: sorry

China: shenme,dui


1decennia ago
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permalink English - i say Sorry, So Sorry alot. I dont know why. It annoys my friends though
Spanish - Gracias
Korean - Saranghae
Japanese - Sayonara, Arigatou gozaimasu. I recently started saying Kawai.

10yr ago
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permalink Danish: for satan, for helvede, mange tak, ha en god dag/aften, hvad fanden Oo
English: oh my god Oo fuck, shit, no way, whatever, sorry
Japanese, soka, baka, urasai, arigatou, konichiwa! XD
Arabic: Ghara, stafralah XD


For helvede = For hell
For satan = for satan
manga tak = Thank you very much
Ha' en go' dag = have a good day
Ha' en go' aften = have a good evning/night XD
Hvad fanden? = What the hell? XD

Soka = i see
Baka = idiot
Urasai = shut up
Arigatou = thanks ^^
Konichiwa = Hello

Ghara = shit XD
Stafralah = Oh my god, holy shit XD[edit]Last edit by AsumiChan on Monday 02 Feb, 2009 at 11:51 +8.2%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink I guess that these will be the most often used by me from Japanese language:

Nani ~ why,
Nande ~ what,
Baka ~ idiot,
Sugoi ~ awesome,
Kawaii ~ cute,
ne e ~ hey,
Tora-chan ~ tiger [that's how I call my boyfriend XP ]


10yr ago
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permalink Recently i've been using a lot of "aiyoo". It's because i saw 4 taiwanese dramas in a row.

10yr ago
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permalink uhm...

saranghae in korean
wo ai ni in chinese
ashiteru no kotoba in japanesse
te amo in spanish
je t'aime in french
eu te amo in portuguese
i love u in english xD

7yr ago
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permalink wow i like it...

10yr ago
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permalink i always say "kawaii" in every thing i see that is cute and the things i lyk to buy.
next is "bakayaro" so sorry! cause in our class guys are a pain. :RBsealed:
and "beane" it's korean. means sorry. i think i got the spelling wrong?
and last it. Nani or nande?
cos i sometimes misunderstood things that other people say in class.

im always out of my mind :RBfrown: thats why :RBhalo:

10yr ago
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permalink more like an exclamation: UWAHH! or aiya! or *hit. haha

10yr ago
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permalink Danish - HVAD?, Jeg er lidt langsom opfattende, Tak.
English - Nice!, Almost, Really?.
Korean - Agi, Anyonghaseyo.
Japanese - Kawaii, Baka, Sugoi.


Jeg er lidt langsom opfattende - I'm a little slow-witted.
Tak - Thanks.

Agi - Baby.
Anyonghaseyo - Hi.

Kawaii - Cute.
Baka - Idiot.
Sugoi - Awesome.

10yr ago
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permalink English : I love you
Japanese : anata wa ski desu, sugoi, yosh, baka, urusai, kawaii, ganbatte ne!

10yr ago
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permalink my fav things to say in (lately)...... :RBundecided:

in japanese of course... :think:
- urusai
- baka!
- hontou ni
- ittadakimasu
- ikou zo!
- na ni?
- doushite?
- ganbatte
- ore..


10yr ago
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Quote by KSsince1987
Recently i've been using a lot of "aiyoo". It's because i saw 4 taiwanese dramas in a row.

LOL yeahhh that happened to me too! :)

10yr ago
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permalink tho most of u guys took mine...ill say them again

aishiteru - I ♥ U

moshi moshi - hello on the phone

Nani - What

Nande - why?

10yr ago
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permalink now it changes to :

tadaima....coz I always got home let lately :( :RBstickout:

10yr ago
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permalink etoo~~

i always say "tadaima" whenever i get home, and even if no one is home. no one answers "okaeri nasai" though. :(

i also like saying "yosh!", "kawaii!", "kakkoi!", "nani?" or "e?!", "arigatou" or "sankyuu", "konnichiwa", "dozo yoroshiku", and "sugoi!"

in english, i always say "shit!" or "f*ck" LOL


10yr ago
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permalink I sleep with my maid in my room (cause I don’t sleep alone and I’m afraid of the dark because of a certain incident)… she carries her bed to my room and she said that when I was sleeping I was speaking Japanese… lolzz… xDDD and she said that I looked like an idiot talking to myself… :giggle:

10yr ago
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permalink still....tadaima and now arigatou :RBhot:

and I say "sh*t" and "wat the h*ll" sometimes...^^


10yr ago
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permalink Well, if I speak anything in a different language, it's mostly in French, especially when I'm talking to a whole group of my friends, I exclaim "Bonjour tout le monde!!", I say that like allllllll the time. And my favorite saying is my display name on myspace, which is "Saisissez le jour", and that means "Seize the day". However, the most that I use, more than "Bonjour tout le monde" is "Je ne sais pas" and that simply means "I don't know", lol cause that's my response to most things.

10yr ago
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permalink baka, sayonara, kyaaa, nani

English: WTF?, whatever, nevermind, sweet, dude

German: danke (thank you), Halt die Klappe! (shut up)

Polish: cholera (shit)

10yr ago
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permalink Loser, dumbass ^_^ muvur fugger XD

and all that jazz ;D

10yr ago
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permalink Baka! Unagi! Ganbatte! Ja ne~ Sayounara~ Arigatou~

LOL...never mind...yosh!...

*I think only this!!! :D :D :D

10yr ago
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permalink I don't really have any favorites for foreign languages, but in English I love to say "wicked" (as in 'really', not 'evil'). :)

10yr ago
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permalink still...tadaima and baka:otsu: lately

10yr ago
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permalink me?? hurm...i like to say YOSH!!! Gambatte!!...usually i said to myself...hehehe

10yr ago
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permalink me too!!

i usually say Arigatou, Moshi mosh, Ittadakimasu, Ganbatte kudasai, Fighting, Uso!,
Yosh! Ureshi! Kawaii! :D

oh yeah.. the words "omg" always come lately :RBfrown:

10yr ago
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permalink ohayou, konnichiwa, arigatou, itadakimas, ganbatte ne...

10yr ago
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permalink in korean:

- ajusshi
- oppa
- omma
- aja
- annyeong
- miyanhe
- komawoyo
- yobuseyo
- aniyo
- ne
- saranghe
- bo
- noona
- onni

in Japanese:

- kawaii
- gabatte
- ohayou
- yosh
- baka
- sugoi
- kakkoi
- nani
- gomenasai
- nande
- aishiteru
- ittadaikimasu

in English:

- what!?!
- crap!
- oh well
- i love you
- cute

in Filipino:

- ano ba yan
- nako

in French:

- buon giorno
- merci

in Mandarin:

- xie xie
- ni hao

in Spanish:

- ola
- por favor
- gracias
- de nada

10yr ago
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permalink @TamikoAmasaki: buon giorno is not French :D it's Italian!

yatta!! = I/we did it!!
sugoi! = amazing!
baka = idiot
kawaii = cute
yosh! = alright! yeah!
nande?? = why??

Kiitos = Thank you
(absolutely love that word :) )

that's it I think ^_^

10yr ago
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[size=9]theres loads
i like saying kaja,ko ai,and saranghae<3

9yr ago
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permalink english:

kawaii --the most-- *like the expression i made when i say this word*
ganbatte kudasai
otanjoubi omedetto

9yr ago
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permalink 1.hohohohohohoho

Thats the most come out//
I dunno what language that, I just simply use in.

9yr ago
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permalink Hmmm, well I like to say anything that I learn in another language... it throws off a lot of people. :laughing: :)

But I find I say "like" a lot.
And, tee hee.
That's Amazing!
Oh my God!
That's ridiculous!
Oh well...
I love you!
Never mind!
Another one is... Je t'aime.
And hmm too.

I can't really think of anymore right now... I'm sure there is a lot more. :laughing:

9yr ago
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permalink mine would be baka for japanese :giggle: ok pe for malay and got meh for singlish :laughing:

9yr ago
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Quote by hikari ai
mine would be baka for japanese :giggle: ok pe for malay and got meh for singlish :laughing:

I was gonna say Baka as well! :D


9yr ago
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permalink ..i really love this saying...."whenever someone thinks about you is the place to return to"
come from Naruto shippuden.........

In japanese:
genki desu, arigatou - i'm well, thanks
baka- idiot
konnichiwa- hello
ohayou gozaimasu-good morning
konbanwa- good evening
gomen -sorry

.........hmnnnnnnn.........i think that's for now...........*_*

9yr ago
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Quote by kaldaddy1
"La TU ya" jkjk.

The sugar-coated version is: "Your Momma!"

I say that a lot. :joops:
Mainly when I'm pissed.hehe.
But my favourite thing to say in Spanish is...: iNo manches! :laugh:
Which is like...No way! In English.
And in Japanese my favourite thing to say is : Konbanwa. :huh2:
I don't know why I like saying "Good evening" a lot XD

9yr ago
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permalink Estonian:
- "Tähh" (i shortened it from word "Aitäh") it means Thank you.
- arbuus (watermelon)
- lollakas (bozo)
- näh (actually it isn´t a word, it´s more like an expression that i use when i don´t like something, etc)

- S**t happens

- kawaii
- baka/bakamono
- ganbatte
- sugoi
- hen

- капуста (gabbage)
- волк (wolf)
- папа (dad)
- мама (mom)

- saranghae
- omma
- oppa
- aniyo

9yr ago
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permalink Nani = why
Hai = yes ( i think it meens that)
typ = i have no idea, what that is in english

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