What/who made you start listening to kpop?

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1decennia ago
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permalink I'm curious how other people started liking kpop. A friend kept posting status messages about how hilarious SuJu Fullhouse was... and that got me started on Kpop. My first Kpop band/artist was Suju. :)

1decennia ago
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permalink It came along with j-pop. I started to listen to j-pop and I wanted to found other artists. When I was looking for them, I found few Korean artists and that's how I started to listen to k-pop.

1decennia ago
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permalink My friend introduced me to Super Junior, so i watched alot of suju videos like Fullhouse, Exploring Human Body, and them singing live. so i fell in love with them. =P After a while another friend of mine likes big bang so i thought that korean bands were really hawt and they can sing !! =)

1decennia ago
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permalink Jmusic took me to kmusic,... in search of new songs/artist+ internet has become better in such a short time, more access to all types of music. :)

1decennia ago
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permalink It all started with my sister! She kept on watching and listening to both kpop and jpop music that I got into it as well!

1decennia ago
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permalink i watched the Kdrama on air and tried to find out who the ost singer was and started listening to FT Island
and i fell in love with their song After love <3

1decennia ago
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permalink I was actually trying to get back into j-pop because I started watching the doramas. So I decided to look for another boy group, I believe I even typed in 'Best Japanese Boy Group' and I got sent to a forum (prolly crunchyroll or soompi) and besides from Kat-Tun, Arashi, and News, DBSK/ Tohoshinki was the most listed one. That is how I found Mirotic :STbigSmile:
oh the memories :RBcrying: Changed my life forever~ :RBcrying: It's a miracle I found them, and I really don't know how my life would be if I hadn't found them...... :crying: :lovec:

1decennia ago
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permalink the tv is at fault at first then my two classmates which made it worst!! but no regrets, i love kpop now!!! ahahahah :D :D

1decennia ago
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permalink ^^^ that's right! it's the tv's fault. kekeke~ we get korean channels in our cable and my sister just can't stop watching them so every night all i hear are kpop songs coz music bank's shown at night. then i copied songs from her itunes. and decided to get to know the biggest boy band in korea. SUPER JUNI0R of course :RBheart: i searched for them in youtube, discovered full house then i was hooked. :RBhalo: it kinda branched out from there... :jangel:

1decennia ago
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permalink most of my friends love kpop music and made me listen to it often! one of my best friends in fact always forced me to listen! LOLL and now i'm finally starting to get into it!!^^ also cause of all the OST's from all the kdrama's tht i'v watched so far!:RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink Rain was in Full House and I loved it...did some research on him leading me to him and more kpop artists...

1decennia ago
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permalink It started with BoA for me and just kind of escalated from there. If I eventually learn Japanese to where I can hold an actual conversation with someone, then I want to tackle Korean.

1decennia ago
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permalink Hmm.. it was Big Bang. That time I was watching Lollipop PV, and when I saw TOP, I instantly fell in love with him and since that time, I always watched Big Bang PV's and started to fell in love with SuJu, FT Island and etc.

1decennia ago
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permalink my boredom & curiosity. i don't know where i'd be now without k-pop :noo:

1decennia ago
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permalink my friend got me into Super Junior too~
she told me to look them up and watch Full House. At first I thought a 13 member group was stupid so I didn't listen to her :RBstickout:
but when I finally got around to watching Full House (I've never laughed more in my entire life), she moved on to Big Bang :RBohNo:

1decennia ago
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permalink hmmm.. well, it started with the kdrama Fullhouse. i got addicted to Rain..& then there was BOF, i liked the soundtrack so i went downloading the songs & then found other nice songs. before i knew it, i was kpop addict! :)

10yr ago
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permalink My friend went on holiday to China and saw Super Junior's sorry sorry vid on tv and when she came back she showed us their videos and songs. At this time my other friend had discovered DBSK. They also both liked Rain and so after a short period of time my other friend and I started to like kpop too and now we are all addicted lol[edit]Last edit by KirstiLeigh on Tuesday 01 Dec, 2009 at 22:36 +9.5%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink one of my great friends back in high school got me to listen to DBSK, Bi, se7en, and koyote
i thank her for my addiction

10yr ago
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permalink My cousin said that Jae Joong was the hottest guy ever and that he was in a band called DBSK..So I searched it up, And I found Mirotic and then I was awestruck with DBSK awesomeness haha..And from that point I became a fan. Eventually I found SHINee,Suju,2PM. ^ ^

5yr ago
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permalink DBSK on my first groups i ever listened to XD
i'm still shocked how the video was banned XD
they are too sexy

10yr ago
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permalink well one of my friends introduced me to kpop. everytime i talked to her she said she was listening to her. She sent me a few links to some of her favorite songs, and iv'e been hooked ever since! :D

5yr ago
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permalink what's your favorite band or singer?

10yr ago
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permalink I was impressed very much with the music style in korean Drama
so I got to listen their music
searched and got to know the top bands like DBSK SUJU..and the rest..

10yr ago
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permalink it actually started when my friend introduced me to anime, i started looking up all the songs from the openings and stumbled onto some jpop artist, and then all of the jpop finally lead to k-pop when i found the group super junior. it just went from there

10yr ago
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permalink Ermm my friend :)
She once introduced me to suju but i didn't care at first,
then she sent me It's you - Super junior and i started listening to it and i loved it. And then super junior was my fav band that time since i only knew them and i knew big bang abit. but then times goes by and now 2pm is my fav band and now my friend likes 2pm :P

10yr ago
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permalink Tohoshinki :)

I registered here because I was into Japanese music and then I stumbled upon DBSK's Bolero PV and their voices blew me away, completely. That's how it' all started.[edit]Last edit by Miki on Friday 11 Dec, 2009 at 18:05 +4.9%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink I really dont know how things happened or rather i cant really remember! all i recall is that i had a friend before who is my BFF now who was obsessed or maybe lets just say admire kpop! she liked Super Junior a lot!! when we became close, i started liking them too!! and it turns out im a 3 year fan already!! how fast!! hehe.. now, i am a Cassie and proud to be one! Always keep the faith!

10yr ago
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permalink Well i first started out listening to jpop and jrock and when i went on a club convention my senior year, i met this girl named Bonnie. we became friends once we realized how much common we had. once we started exchanging music that was when i heard the glorious sound of Big Bang on her ipod :pray: . i've been hook ever since... :rock:

10yr ago
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permalink well, it all began when I started watching k-dramas and was amazed by the OSTs)and u know, I think Korean pop scene is full of talented stars!)) All my favorites, fighting! ^^

10yr ago
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permalink i started to listen on super junior's songs..

10yr ago
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i start listening to kpop when my lil sis always asked me to download new kpop songs..as she dont know how to download the songs(poor her..now i taught her how to do that)..

at that time i was like 'what so special about kpop music?'..so i just download those song for her..and she keep on playing those song in her laptop..play it with a max volume..and that's it..i 'accidentally' listen to those songs..the first song i listen is Sorry Sorry by Super Junior..

starting from that moment i was crazy with kpop!..and i know a lot about kpop..thanks a bunch to my lil sis..hehe :D

10yr ago
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permalink after hearing kyuhyun's voice from super junior..totally fell in love with kpop

10yr ago
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permalink well i first started with j-pop then my friend who was like obessed with koreans so then she got me into them like g-dragon i love him lol

10yr ago
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permalink well, when i was in high school i noticed that most asians were listening to k-pop instead of j-pop i really didn't understand why, also my brother's friends loved listening to k-pop especially to big bang i didn't really care... until my brother started to listen to SNSD's Gee and Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, he forced me to listen, after that the rest is history, i became hooked on k-pop ever since (last year)

10yr ago
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permalink i hate kpop first time i hear it.. :|
but my friend always let me hear SuJu's songs... :eh:
by that time,i fall in love with SuJu :omfg: :otsu:
my favourite song is marry u... :high5:
love SuJu!! :rock: :love: :RBheart: :nod:

10yr ago
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permalink Through a friend i started to watch many Korean dramas and through Korean dramas i started to listen to Kpop.
thats it ;)

10yr ago
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permalink actually...when i first got into asian music, i asked my friend for some good songs and i guess she was watching bbf, so she gave me lots of kpop from the ost :RBundecided:

10yr ago
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permalink I watched korean drama My Girl in 2006..I love Lee Dong Wook so much!!
since my sister love to watch MTV..I watched MTV a lot too..
one day, I saw a documentary programme about Bigbang..since i love My Girl a lot..and they from Korea..so I watched the documentary..I found Korean guys are all good looking..then my eye caught someone who is very hot..lol..and it's TOP..
he was so young..he was 18..after I became bigbang's fan since their debut or maybe before..lol..I listened to others k-pop..after Bigbang I saw FT Island..cool guys..love them..

so I don't know it's My Girl or Bigbang..but I think I like my story..lol..

10yr ago
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permalink Started with Jpop, then I started listening to f(x), some shinee... (:

10yr ago
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Mine is a long story :laughing: .....Lets C :RBundecided: ..

Short Version- thru my Boss's kid's pen pals :RBundecided: :confused: lol hope dat made sense ...

Long Version: yea my Boss' kid has a pen pals in Korea, so she reads me the letters [she loves me dat much :) :wink: :nod: lol ] N-e-way.. so [in da letter] they were telling her wat they[pen pals] like... one of the girls [pen pals] said 2pm...i said dats a kool band name lol... so then dat ws dat...but then da week after dat i ws sitting infront of my computer doing nothing [wasting my precious time/life :no: :RBblush: ] hahaha...then i remember 2PM ... i heard Again & Again...i really like them...dats how i found K-music... but my reall addiction happen a few days after... i was searching for 2 pm again ...(theyr so cute :RBhalo: ) and found a heartbreaking song -Confession of a Friend- which was so sad....then SUJU popd-up I Heard ITS YOU! but one of the crucial part of all of this was me listening to "7 years of love" by Kyuhyun... His voice :lovec: is jst :RBsealed: [speechless] i fell in LOVE right dat second... :D :RBhalo: and MY LOVE/addiction :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: started...Dats how I found Big Bang tooo :RBhalo: !!! GD :RBheart: :RBhot: .. EPIK High... and then I heard DBSK :drool: , Bi, FT Island :RBheart: (Hong Ki) 8eight, etc.... Then everything that comes from K-pop addiction, k-dramas...

Recently js finish watching -A story sadder then sadness- again i fell in love w/ k-pop OST for this k-drama is so touching ...NO ONE ELSE


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10yr ago
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permalink My friend mentioned DBSK to me in middle school. At the time, I was really into a Taiwanese boyband called F4 (now JVKV)so I didn't bother listening to DBSK at all. After they "disbanded" for quite a while, I suddenly remembered my friend telling me something about DBSK/TVXQ so I decided to check them out. The first music video that I saw was Miduhyo, or "I Believe". I fell in love with them immediately. I watched alot more DBSK/TVXQ videos, then I started to like SUJU also.I'm still a cassiopeian/E.L.F at heart. It has already been four years since I started liking DBSK/Tohoshinki :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Firat time I'm listening kpop from RAIN when he's got winner of Mtv Asia Award 2005

WoooooW he :drool: is so handsome and so hot after that I love RAIN


I really really really crazy over about Kpop when I hearding DBSK with "Hug" cz'
my friend had a song in her cellphone and after that I watched Hug MV on Youtube

WoooooooW they're had charisma makes me fall in love with them :lovec: for that I always always always repeated and my older sista' like them too :)

After that since 2008 until now
I'm crazy over Kpop boyband or girlband and singer likes DBSK, RAIN, Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Brown Eyes Girl, 2PM, 2NE1, Whee Sung, Baek Ji Young, Son Dam Bi, 4Minute, MBLAQ, and many more.... :high5:

Kpop makes my life is colourful :smilec:[edit]Last edit by liaminamino on Wednesday 13 Jan, 2010 at 10:52 +12.3%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink Hmmmm I was actually watching some music videos on Channel [V](which was the reason i started to like Jpop and Kpop musics lol), then at that time they played kpop and jpop musics, then the song that caught my attention is DBSK's Mirotic, I thought the vid is really upbeat and you know I love upbeat musics xD, so i liked the song and the video too. So then I started to watch Channel [V] more often to just listen to Kpop music and jpop musics and also started to check other kpop artists on youtube too xD. The other artist that expanded my love of k-pop is Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry another upbeat track haha, lol actually I'm just listening to it right now lol what a coincidence xD my player is on shuffle lol. So I'm thanking DBSK and Super Junior for making me love Kpop ^_^. Now I have other Kpop artists that I like, and those are Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang and 2NE1.

10yr ago
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permalink I actually wanted to know more about 1 night and 2 days members (it is a popular variety show in korea).. then as I researched, I saw that some of the members are actually rappers/singers and I listen to their songs ~ and I like it. :lovec:
soo that's what made my interest on kpop ~ :lovec: :boogie:

10yr ago
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permalink I think it was all thanks to my friend who fangirls over kpop artists 24/7 :) We had to do this group assignment by the next week so we decided to go over her place anf finish off the work. Then, when we were at her place - she palyed the song 'sorry sorry by super junior' So, I was like - cool beat, I feel like dancing :boogie:

BUT I still didn't listen to Kpop even after hearing that song :RBstickout: My kpop addcition started when she introduced me to 'Big Bang' Thier songs are so awesome :RBhot: and the rest is history :nod:

10yr ago
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permalink I started to listen K-Pop because of the Korean dramas that I downloaded... I was always looking for the soundtrack... and then when I was listening to a lot of Japanese Boybands I found TVXQ and got addicted :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Hmmm...AH...I watched the 'You're Beautiful' drama. I found out that the actor who played Jeremy (Lee Hongki) was in a band (FT Island), so i checked them out.

10yr ago
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permalink i started by watching dramas in fact, cuz of a friend and then after she made me listen to some music :) the first thing i saw was balloons of DBSK lol i didnt really liked it at first, they looked too weird :D but then it became funny and after cute :RBheart:so cute:RBhalo:!!!! after that i watched talk shows with them and found out about all the other kpop groups that i like now :)

10yr ago
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Quote by Arichana
i started by watching dramas in fact, cuz of a friend and then after she made me listen to some music :) the first thing i saw was balloons of DBSK lol i didnt really liked it at first, they looked too weird :D but then it became funny and after cute :RBheart:so cute:RBhalo:!!!! after that i watched talk shows with them and found out about all the other kpop groups that i like now :)

Just like u, the first kpop song that i listen was balloons. I have to say that at first i didn't like them because i got a weird music mix. I listen to Balloons, after Doushite and then Mirotic and i was like Why are they always changing their still but later on i started to like them and NOW I'M ADDICT!!!

Back to the question, my friend made me listen to those three song that i named before. And i very thank him alot for that.

10yr ago
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permalink It started when Big Bang put out their Japanese stuff, and so then I started listening to their Korean stuff, too, which led me to 2NE1, and then I just kept going from there.

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