What was your first Asian band you listen to ?

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8yr ago
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permalink hmmm my first band was MUCC :D

8yr ago
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permalink The first ever Asian band I heard was Malice Mizer. Love them. Recently I got a lot more into Pop, especially K-Pop.

8yr ago
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permalink super junior <3

6yr ago
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permalink me too <3

8yr ago
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permalink morning musume, ;)

8yr ago
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permalink I think it was Berryz Koubou... that song where in the video where there's a tall chainlink fence. The name escapes me.

8yr ago
9,755 jpops
permalink Hmmmm... I don't know, honestly, But I know Perfume made me love Jpop (And Music in general, for that matter).

8yr ago
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permalink SMAP,, since 2004 or 2005 i've been listening to it. XD

8yr ago
168 jpops
permalink Orange Range, they are such an awesome band that makes me love J-pop

8yr ago
42,572 jpops
permalink The first band was MUCC and the first solo artist was Gackt : )

8yr ago
211 jpops
permalink The first was The GazettE. and from that, I still love them! there is Yuna Ito too, beacause my friend was in love with nana's film, and when I saw yuna singing as reira, I thought she was so gorgeous that I've never stopped listen to her xD

8yr ago
125 jpops
permalink 12012 they got me hooked!

7yr ago
3,476 jpops
permalink Nhu Quinh I think :D

7yr ago
428 jpops
permalink Jay Chou! I got truly hooked when I first heard Epik High though.

7yr ago
693 jpops
permalink MMMMmmmmm . . . I think my first band I ever listened to was probably Dream.
My friend showed me it, and I really liked it, but I did like the theme songs from anime shows . . . like . . . Full Metal Alchemist. I watched that when I was really little . . .

7yr ago
74,266 jpops
permalink Asian Kung-Fu Generation, I think, through Naruto.

7yr ago
24,510 jpops
permalink If were talking about bands, I think my first was l'arc~en~ciel, I found out about them from watching the original FMA series. :D
But if we're talking about first Asian artist, it would be Sowelu, also because of the original FMA. xD

7yr ago
7,005 jpops
permalink I listened to Arashi or Aqua Timez first? One of those two :)

7yr ago
23,590 jpops
permalink I can't even freaking remember all I remember was
from visual kei it was the GazettE lol

7yr ago
11,515 jpops
permalink It was bigbang,i will never forget it :)

7yr ago
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permalink First asian song i've heard was Hong Kyong Min's Come back come back
but first band I think that was... Tohoshinki

7yr ago
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permalink Hikaru Utada, morning musume :)

7yr ago
568 jpops
permalink Utada Hikaru, then Nightmare and now I'm here :D

7yr ago
97 jpops
permalink Mine was actually NobodyKnows-Heroes Come Back. :D

7yr ago
475 jpops
permalink hmm i dont remember well it was visual kei i think it was the gazettE or girugamesh or alice nine from there i went to jpop and now im hooked into kpop love epik high, b2st, suju lol i lovee em all

7yr ago
4,499 jpops
permalink Momus I thinkk... or maybe Perfume?
for boybands..I first heard arashi..or was it porno grafitti?
can't remember... >.<

7yr ago
244 jpops
permalink my first band was the gazette(2006) and even now they are my fav

7yr ago
239 jpops
permalink My first band was PUFFY.

7yr ago
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permalink first was Utada Hikaru, then Ayabie...

7yr ago
23,590 jpops
permalink haha BAAD they sang SlamDunk opening song :D

7yr ago
34,274 jpops
permalink i really dont know D:

it could be dir en grey? or x japan? i just know it was j-rock first

tohoshinki was my first korean group :D

7yr ago
23,590 jpops
permalink Wait it has to be the Samurai X opening and ending songs, so whoever sang those lol

7yr ago
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permalink D-tecnoLife - UVERworld
The first time I watched Bleach and listened to japanese song :D

7yr ago
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permalink I think it was either Babamania, Utada Hikaru or SOUL'd OUT

7yr ago
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permalink ss501......love like this song............

7yr ago
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permalink DBSK. But when I first heard of them, I heard of them in J-Pop so I knew them as "Tohoshinki" before DBSK.

7yr ago
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permalink ss501,and I'm happy that it was ss501!I really hope they stay together forever!(not just as friends,but also a band!)because they are HOT!:)

7yr ago
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permalink first Asian band? I think it was fiction junction!!! :)

7yr ago
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permalink the first asian band i heard was shinhwa <3

7yr ago
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permalink The first band that hooked me was Flow and its single Sign.

7yr ago
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permalink My first band I listen to are kpop-TVXQ and jpop-Ayumi Hamasaki :)

7yr ago
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permalink Perfume was my first. As soon as I heard them I had to listen to everything they ever made. Then I moved on to other JPop and KPop and haven't stopped since.

7yr ago
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permalink It was Arashi! It's thanks to them, I'm here :)

7yr ago
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permalink Me too! And Merry Christmas!

7yr ago
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permalink My very first asian band was Big Bang back when I was in grade 6 ^^

7yr ago
1,465 jpops
permalink My first Asian Band is Alice Nine with Rainbow
and it's make me love asian music

7yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN and because of them I love J-pop!!!

7yr ago
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permalink My first asian band was KAT-TUN then Super Junior. But i have to admit I'm a JPOP fan first. :)

7yr ago
11,515 jpops
permalink it was bigbang....still love them <3

7yr ago
11,353 jpops
permalink Kat-tun, I sure miss having Jin in the group. Also, i liked their music which sounded a bit rockish (^v^)\m/

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