What was the 1st anime you seen before you gotten into anime?

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7yr ago
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permalink Me, I would probably say Sailor Moon, cuz it was the 1st anime I seen before I gotten into anime. Now I'm totally into anime. :)

7yr ago
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permalink doraemon (about 20years ago) and now can't live without watching them... :laugh:

6yr ago
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permalink Can't agree more, Doraemon was my first anime before i even knew word "anime" :D

7yr ago
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permalink Well, what can I say...Naruto or One Piece I'm not sure which one was it :D

7yr ago
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permalink Hmm that's difficult,
because when I was younger,
there were a few anime's on tv,

and those were Sailor Moon, Super Pig,
Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Digimon, X-Men,
Flint The Time Detective, Mon Colle Knights, Shinzo..

And afther I knew it was called ''anime'' I was searching
for Shaman King on the internet, and now I'm totally into anime 2 :D

7yr ago
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permalink Uummm.... Hmmm well i was all ways in to "cartoons" since i was born. Literally lol and but my first anime I'v ever watch before i understood what anime was is Sailormoon of course .. But I've always watch cartoon Captin Planet was my ish but thats not anime and thats a different subject ^-^

7yr ago
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permalink My first anime was Saint Seiya! o/

7yr ago
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permalink me too!! XD

7yr ago
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permalink That was my third, I guess.

7yr ago
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permalink i think it was. Magic Knight Ray Earth. :))

7yr ago
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permalink my first anime was InuYasha (if I don't count the ones I watched when I was little... like Digimon <3 <3 , ‎3000 Leagues in Search of Mother and some more . . .)

7yr ago
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permalink As far as TV series go, I'd have to say Sailor Moon. However, I did sneak watching the Vampire Hunter D and Wicked City movies before then, even though I was entirely too young to watch them.

7yr ago
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permalink Definately Sailor Moon

7yr ago
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permalink Naruto & Yu-Gi-Oh! :)

7yr ago
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permalink Sailor Moon was the first anime I've ever seen

7yr ago
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permalink the digimon series

7yr ago
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permalink oh and pokemon too

7yr ago
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permalink my first anime will be sailor moon, but that when i was little, the one who made me like anime is Inuyasha and after that an infinite list of anime :))

7yr ago
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permalink Princess ressurection :D

7yr ago
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permalink can't remember exactly....it was either pokemon, shaman king or kaleido star.....

7yr ago
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permalink before i even knew what anime was.. it was Dragon Ball Z. after Yu Gi Oh, Digimon, Pokemon, and Ninja Scroll, i finally knew what anime was and i was SOOOOO into it. i now have a LONG list of animes and mangas that i read/ watch

7yr ago
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permalink well i think it was pokemon or Oran high school host club!! i love it!!!

7yr ago
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permalink For me, it was probably Inuyasha:)

7yr ago
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permalink Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. I feel like I'm old compared to people saying animes that came out within the last 8 years lol

7yr ago
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7yr ago
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permalink my first anime is Saint Seiya!! i watch it until it end, n the stories can make me cry sometimes! :RBblush
that's coz i'm still child of course lol

7yr ago
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permalink My first anime that got me hooked would be Cardcaptor Sakura.

7yr ago
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permalink Sailor Moon! I caught the first episode ever aired on YTV when I was in the 3rd grade. That was 16 years ago. But even before that, when I could barely string two words together, there were shows like 'Samurai Pizza Cats' and 'Hello Kitty'. I always preferred these shows to the American ones, though of course, I never realized there was actually a difference. Destined to prefer anime I suppose, haha.

7yr ago
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permalink mine were pokemon, shin chan and doraemon, such good animes XD

7yr ago
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permalink woow everyone is saying Sailor moon.... but my first Anime that I ever saw was Evangelion probably not really one to introduce someone to anime but I loved the depth of the storyline and different it was from the cartoons I grew up watching.

7yr ago
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permalink my first anime i ever saw and really got into before i started watching anime was "Inuyasha" XD gotta love 'em!

7yr ago
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permalink My first anime probably was Ranma 1/2 ^^ or Hokuto No Ken

7yr ago
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permalink Like so many of you, Sailor moon was my first anime. :) Then Pokemon, Digimon and Card Captors Sakura soon followed. But I didn't know the term for these cartoons as [i]anime[/i] until I was around 12. :D

7yr ago
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permalink Magic knight rayearth....they're really cute!11111 especially mokona :D

7yr ago
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permalink for me it was Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040!!!

7yr ago
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permalink well if it isn't Sailor Moon !!!!!!!

7yr ago
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permalink I watched colourcloud palace (better known as saiunkoku monogatari) accidentely when i was looking for something to watch on tv
that was the first anime wave :D
But, the anime that make me hooked into anime and jpop is BLEACH~~!!!
thanks to bleach, i started to love japan, manga and anime

7yr ago
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permalink Mine was Inuyasha.

7yr ago
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permalink Oh I believe is some time around Dragon Ball and Ranma 1/2 ... x3!

Tho my mom was always like "Why you watching that?!" *points at Ranma*

7yr ago
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permalink Pokemon<3!!!!
watched it for the first tme when I was like 2 lol

7yr ago
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permalink maybe Sailor moon :)

7yr ago
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permalink my first anime was on tv when i was around 6-10 years old i guess ?
that was Sailor Moon ;D god i loved that anime!

7yr ago
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permalink The first anime I saw before I got into anime was D.N. Angel. All thanks to my sister who was part of an anime club in college. Now I am really into anime!!

7yr ago
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permalink oh oh oh I haz one *raises hand*
Mine was Gatekeepers :D
I still remember Shun Ukiya (if I'm not mistaken) and his friends ^-^

7yr ago
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permalink For me it was Technoman

7yr ago
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permalink I think Sailor Moon (of course) and Pokemon. [:

7yr ago
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permalink "Angel Beats!" it was, very touching and funny anime

7yr ago
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permalink For me Sailor moon was the first anime, but i didnt know that was an anime then. :D I was into anime when i saw Slayers and Yu-Gi-Oh! :D

7yr ago
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permalink hmm.. as far as i remember, it was Miracle Girls.. i was in kindergarten back then.. :)

7yr ago
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permalink The first anime I watched... hmm... It must be Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

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