What Visual-Kei Style Do You Like?

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9yr ago
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permalink u can say artists or however u want!!!!

9yr ago
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permalink I don't know if I understood goo but I will say Oshare kei!!! n.n

9yr ago
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permalink Hm? I'm not too sure what you meant, but I'm just here to say that I love how you put Takemasa (I think) as the icon. ;)

9yr ago
2,354 jpops
permalink I love Oshare Kei \(^0^)/
Miku from Antic Cafe is my Oshare inspiration >u<

9yr ago
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permalink I'm into all types of visual kei styles.

9yr ago
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9yr ago
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permalink I like to mix American-style punk clothes, band tees, and goth wear with bright oshare colors and lots of jewelry and just a hint of sweet lolita ^_^ It really depends a lot on the day...

9yr ago
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permalink Well my username tells all. I like all styles though.

9yr ago
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permalink I'm a mixture of kawaii and gothic punk, I love skulls and death symbols on my clothes and chains XD

9yr ago
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permalink i use two different styles D: but tooo much different!
Oshare Kei <3 and Nagoya kei that it's a little bit simple than other styles~

9yr ago
10,633 jpops
permalink Bright and bouncy OSHARE KEI !

9yr ago
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permalink I think oshare kei is cute! Nagoya kei is nice too

9yr ago
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permalink Angura Kei. Traditional Japanese clothes - it's cool -ะท-

9yr ago
1,826 jpops
permalink Oshare Kei. Everything is so cute and colorful. :)
Miku from An Cafe looks so cute Oshare Kei.

9yr ago
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permalink some casual visual-kei.. xD
like Nao from heidi.
but sometimes i use oshare kei style.. (depends on mood) ^^

9yr ago
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permalink oshare or nagoya kei >u<

9yr ago
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permalink Any style~ They're all amazing and so many amazing bands represent each style beautifully~ VK FOREVER!!!! <3

8yr ago
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permalink VK with Classic France Style :D

8yr ago
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permalink Hmm I'm a mix of vk and oshare kei... XD so imagine mixing the gazette and SuG together :p

8yr ago
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permalink alice nine style

8yr ago
20,262 jpops
permalink oshare infused with visual kei

8yr ago
15,971 jpops
permalink I like the way Uruha dresses

7yr ago
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permalink I luv Angura-kei^^..the mixture of traditional Japanese and rock is awesome!

7yr ago
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permalink Well, I'm really into the Punk look (I'm trying to get myself there xp) and I really love the Visual Kei style, plus all of its sub-genres like Oshare Kei and Nagoya Kei *-* I have yet to dress that way c:

5yr ago
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permalink Anything elaborate.

5yr ago
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permalink i dont like visual kei bands that are too cute because then to me its not even rock anymore its pop

5yr ago
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permalink Not much of a fan of Oshare. I like dark-themed Visual Kei. Like Kuriyuri to Kage.

5yr ago
86 jpops
permalink I love all the subgenres of visual kei, but I do particularly love eroguro kei - so i adore the style of THE BLACK SWAN.
I also love the styles of DIAURA, MEJIBRAY and DADORAMA.

5yr ago
11,065 jpops
permalink I love the styles of each mejibray member ;;

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