What Types of Food Are You Allergic to?

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10yr ago
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permalink is there any food that make you allergic to ? :think:

10yr ago
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permalink I once had some slices of bread with blueberry marmelade (yum!) which made my lips and tongue tingle. I ignored it and took some more bread with me to school... where I ate it and got another allergic reaction. My whole body was covered with reddish rash and itched like hell!

No more blueberry marmelade for me.

10yr ago
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permalink Does alcohol count? Even though I am half Japanese, I have what they call "asian blood" and I get red all over even if I drink half a beer bottle. I am serious; I become a lobster.

5yr ago
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permalink this runs in my family haha! im a guy and my big brother gets it too even when hes a bigger man haha

10yr ago
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permalink Talking 'bout lobster...it makes my whole body itchy...and there're some red polkadot patterns :D
Ahhh~ Lobster is nyam anyway :(((

10yr ago
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permalink Mushrooms...can't eat mushrooms, totally allergic to that fungus.

10yr ago
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permalink hurm...i don't think i was allergic to foods....i can eat what i want......^-^

i just allergic to dust...foods...NO!!

10yr ago
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permalink shrimp, crabs, oysters, lobsters, ...... itchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchyitchy :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: [edit]Last edit by on Friday 28 Aug, 2009 at 09:29 -11.5%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink fortunately, i am not allergic to any food.......YET!


no seriously, i don't have any food allergies..:tongue:

10yr ago
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permalink I'm not actually allergic to any food as far as I know. :)
But most fish will make me feel really sick and it'll make it harder for me to breathe, oddly enough. :RBfrown:

10yr ago
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permalink Chocolat makes my skin really red and itchy.
Carrots give me stomachaches so badly that I think that i'm dying XD
Apples and Apple juice give me headaches.

10yr ago
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permalink chestnuts. i can't eat a tiny piece without my throat closing up. the first time i had them, i turned blue and had to be rushed to the hospital. i stayed there for a week!!! :RBcrying:

the doctors kept injecting me with antihistamines, but the inflammation didn't start to go down until 10 hours later.

no...more...CHESTNUTS!! :RBveryAngry:

9yr ago
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i am not allergic
I can eat any thing I want

9yr ago
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permalink Peanuts
Corn (like corn syrup D:)

Thankfully I'm only mildy allergic! :D

9yr ago
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permalink I'm allergic to chocolate. it makes me break out in bumps; it's gross. i used to love it anyway when i was little, but i never eat it anymore. i don't miss it though.
the only thing i can't really eat that i want to is honey. really anything with a lot of simple sugar in it is bad for me, but what i used to love is peanut butter + honey. i get the natural peanut butter that doesnt have extra fat added to keep it congealed. so i used to add honey and mix it.... [i]mmmmmm, it was SOOOOO good.[/i] but no more. no honey. :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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It's probably easier to ask me which I'm NOT allergic to. :laughing: In raw almost all vegetables and roots cause allergic itching to me. I can eat them boiled, fried or otherwise cooked and well-washed. I prefer domestic products just 'cause an allergic reaction. Foreign products, there are so many additives that I believe I'm allergic to them. :sadc:
And that's not all.. I'm allergic to fruits which are not cooked. :RBcrying: I hate to be allergic!! :RBveryAngry:

But happily I can say that I can eat include strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries and mandarins simply like that! :)

9yr ago
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permalink any thing with lychee

that really makes me sick!!!!

and also seashells...

it irritates me..!!!

9yr ago
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permalink yea, and im allergic to chickens.. sea foods..

:RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

i wanna eat them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn allergy~ :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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permalink Luckily nothing, but I know someone with shellfish allergies.

That must be really hard, since there's so many good types of shellfish.

9yr ago
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permalink I am not sure that it is allergic. Still I do not handle very spicy food all that well. It make my insides not like me

9yr ago
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permalink I dont think im allergic, but I have started suspect I may be allergic to Gluten, that is in bread ;)

9yr ago
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permalink all of a sudden, i've become allergic to shrimp
which really really sucks because i love shrimp
especially shrimp scampi.... wahhhh

7yr ago
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permalink I'm not really sure if I'm allergic to anything, but I've started noticing that blueberries and rasberries give me headaches >.< (which is okay with me cause I don't like them anyways :P)

7yr ago
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permalink even though i'm a food lover... but still i can't eat cheese and pineapples :(

7yr ago
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permalink Sadly, SHRIMP T_T
And I love shrimp T_T

7yr ago
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permalink I use to be allergic to any dairy products, nuts, and eggs, and shell fish. (I was VEARY limited on what I could eat.).
Thankfully I grew out of it!

7yr ago
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permalink hahahahah i'm soo lucky!! I can eat everything!!!!! :D

7yr ago
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permalink Peanuts and eggs are the two things that make me sick really bad.

6yr ago
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permalink I am allergic to excess honey.

6yr ago
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permalink Nuts I have to say nuts. And apples

6yr ago
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permalink I'm not allergic to anything.

6yr ago
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permalink none~~~~~ or rather said I not sure yet. so far things that I ate seemed ok

6yr ago
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permalink I'm allergic to any kind of pepper...

6yr ago
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permalink I am allergic to any type of pepper....

6yr ago
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permalink i'm allergic to most types of shellfish

6yr ago
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permalink Beets too

6yr ago
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permalink I'm allergic to lactose.

6yr ago
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permalink nuts and apples

6yr ago
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permalink I am not sure yet. So far every food is good.

6yr ago
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permalink Any kind of pepper and beets

6yr ago
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permalink I should not build an allergic with milk. I got painful headache when I consume milk. *sighh*

6yr ago
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permalink Nothing !!

6yr ago
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permalink Yam!
It make my tongue itchy.

6yr ago
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permalink Nothing I know of. :)

6yr ago
18,936 jpops
permalink no food makes me allergic

6yr ago
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permalink I not sure what allergy I have but one thing I'm sure is that I am allergic to something which makes my palm very itchy though it hasn't happened for more than 2 years

6yr ago
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permalink none... lucky me :)

6yr ago
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permalink Not allergic to any food...or anything actually.

6yr ago
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permalink I'm allergic to bananas... weird huh?

6yr ago
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permalink Not allergic to anything, but sometimes I wish I was allergic to bitter melon so I don't have to eat it.

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