What type of J-rock music do you usually listen to?

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9yr ago
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permalink What type of J-rock music do you usually listen to?

Visual Kei,Rock,Metal,Death Metal,Clean, etc.?

9yr ago
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permalink I usually listen to Visual Kei,Rock and Oshare Kei ;)

9yr ago
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permalink Me too ^_^

9yr ago
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permalink Edit: Taking into consideration what JustIronic says, I listen to lots of VK artists, but as for the music style, I listen to everything except stuff that's waaaaaaay too poppy or too rough. Can't really explain it X[

9yr ago
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permalink I like only 1 or two songs from VK I think xP I like listening to metal, rock, rock'n roll :D

9yr ago
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permalink i mostly listen to Visual Kei!XD

9yr ago
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permalink Guys, there are many genres within Visual kei, what defines vk is the clothes.. /:

I mainly listen to harder kinds of rock, I absolutely love screams like those Mikaru in Dio does, or those on UnsraW's Spiral Circle CD. God, that's my passion. Also fast drums makes my heart beat at that same speed.

But I listen to less hard things as well, I mean, just listen to Kaya, he's so far from rock it's not even funny. But I love it, and he's still a visual kei artist. ♥
Also uchu sentai NOIZ is a band that isn't hard, but they're my top listened band. So amazing, and they're mainly more pop-rock-ish. Love it.

9yr ago
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permalink i guess alternative rock.

8yr ago
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permalink i like alot, so what i listen to depens alot on my mood. if i am in a more happy mood (or if I "desperately" want to be) i uasally listen to bands with a more happy and energetic sound. and of course the opposite when im feeling sad or feel like i just wanna stare in the wall and feel sorry for myself xD
but i guess its like that for the most people xD

8yr ago
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permalink Just to get this said Visual Kei itself is not a music genre. It's only a Style and Visual Kei Bands are called Visual Kei Bands because of the style they wear. I admit that the music of Visual Kei wearing Bands often seems different than non-visual kei j-rock bands' music... So it's fine if you say you listen to mostly Visual Kei bands. But please don't say you listen to VK T---T... < 3
So :3

I think I mainly listen to this Rock~/~Nu Metal-like J-Rock xD...

8yr ago
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permalink Mostly Rock and Metal :)

8yr ago
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permalink Almost entirely visual kei bands, but not really specific. I like from Oshare Kei to Nagoya Kei and everything in between.

8yr ago
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permalink All sorts (no sub-genre restrictions), as long as they sound good to me.

8yr ago
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permalink Probably the darker, more metal side of J-Rock. But I also love Oshare and Visual Kei~ c:

8yr ago
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permalink I like all types ^^

8yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei, Metal and Oshare are my favorites. but yeah, i like pretty much any Jrock.

8yr ago
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permalink V-kei, oshare -kei, and indies *o*

8yr ago
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permalink Neo Classical, Hard Rock -- Genres in line with the GazettE and Versailles. I also listen to Jrock that sounds like the tune of L'arc. :)

8yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei and Oshare Kei.!!!!!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei and Oshare Kei. As well as just some regular Rock. I guess alternative. Gahhhhh, IDK! Just not screamo.

8yr ago
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permalink Oh wow I don't know, a lot of visual kei and heavier stuff like Dir en Grey I guess, Kyo's screams just make me, unnnfff, they are amazing. I also listen to power/neo-classical metal which is quite common in j-rock, like Versailles, Galneryus, Ark Storm, Skywings, Lightbringer there are lots :D

8yr ago
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permalink i listen to visual kei !! <3

8yr ago
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permalink visual kei and post jrock

7yr ago
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permalink I listen to Visual Kei and Oshare Kei. :)

7yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei

7yr ago
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permalink Visual kei

7yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei, Regular Rock, Rock/Metal

7yr ago
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permalink mostly i listening vk and rock :)

7yr ago
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permalink eroguro kei...
nagoya kei...

7yr ago
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permalink Rock, Yokai Heavy Metal, Angura Kei, Indie, Alternative, Punk

7yr ago
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permalink hmmm well VK but then also the lighter stuff
so like The Gazette An Cafe Dir en Grey Girugamesh Zoro then Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Orange Range (although some dont think Orang Range is rock it is classified as jrock)

7yr ago
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permalink the GazettE's music.. :D

7yr ago
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permalink Angura, eroguro and piko piko kei gotta be my favorites. ♥

7yr ago
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permalink Post-punk, Garage....The Mods

7yr ago
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permalink I listen to a wide array of Jrock from upbeat to chill to metal to heavy rock :D (Pretty much all VK though~ :D)

7yr ago
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permalink I mostly listen to VK, but I also listen to softer Jrock as well~ ^^
I love listening to ScReW, NEGA, the GazettE, BORN, Alice Nine., lynch., Deathgaze
And for the softer
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Orange Range, Plastic Tree, L'arc~en~Ciel, HYDE, Mr. Children, Ikimonogakari, Oreskaband and so on and so forth. ^^"

7yr ago
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permalink I don't like a specific genre because generally I listen to what sounds interesting to me and preferrably has brainy content. But I could say I listen less to the generic visual kei, like say Alice Nine or Gazette, punk and pop. I'm also not a big fan of screamy music (I don't like when it's over the top). What I really love is electronic such as Schwarz Stein and Hora's solo work ♥ To bad it's so underappreciated :|

7yr ago
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permalink Mostly alternative rock and a little bit of VK sometimes.

7yr ago
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permalink love visual kei and rock. i listen to anything that i feel expresses what im thinking bout or what im doing at that moment.

7yr ago
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permalink Rock, visual, oshare, i dont like really like screaming, but even that can be good sometimes

7yr ago
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permalink Mostly alternative, indie, garage rock. I also love punk rock bands. Sometimes v. kei~~

7yr ago
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permalink I like just general rock, rap-rock, and some punk. I listen to visual kei every now and then, but only certain bands.

7yr ago
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permalink haha all of it... :)

7yr ago
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permalink Visual Kei and Oshare kei ;)

7yr ago
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permalink I prefer the heavier stuff, that's for sure. There are a few bands that I like that do the pop/rock style as well, but I just like the heavier music better. :)

7yr ago
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permalink Rock , Clean and Visual kei!

7yr ago
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permalink I mostly listen to more hard rock Vk bands.

7yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

7yr ago
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permalink I listen to VK. :)

7yr ago
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permalink All kinds of metal and rock. I usually prefer heavier bands, but I like a variety for different moods. :)

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