What must you do if you feel that your friends hate you???

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9yr ago
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permalink i always feel this feeling..but i dunno it is true or not..just feel..i dunno what to do..

can you help me???

this situation that always make me scared..i love my friend..but why they hating me

:RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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permalink would you mind explaining it a bit further?
that way i can try to say something~ ;)

9yr ago
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permalink ah dun worry i often feel the same way too :) i somehow feel as though my friends hate me and don't like me and want to get rid of me but trust me just believe in your friends and stuff and it'll turn out that they don't hate you exactly...i dun really know what to say else more but can you try explaining further like what fye said? maybe i can help you more then :D

9yr ago
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permalink I feel the same too...
but for me I think it's not just a feeling it's true :roll:
so..I neve call they are friend again.. :RBangry:
and I didnt do anything...

9yr ago
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permalink if they hate me because of i do something bad, i will apologize to them.

but if they hate me without anyreason, i will don't care :RBstickout:

9yr ago
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permalink yeah..I agree with u Jos..
they hate me bcuz I'm Indonesian NOT Chinese :roll:

9yr ago
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permalink Talk to them.Sort things out.True friends will never hate you.

9yr ago
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permalink I may be best to give it some time, talk it out with them, and if it cannot be resolved, maybe it is for the best to start making new ones (hopefully it doesn't get to that point though).

9yr ago
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permalink i am with Sachyn and SixPackSamurai , you should talk to them ,and tell them how you feel so you can figure the things out.
hope for you the best.

9yr ago
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permalink oh well, i have that but i dnt care that much
coz i kno after high school then i probs wont see em again anyway

they keep on callin me annoyin and say that i break everything
and one of em called me a boy like three times and neva tells me any secrets coz apparently to them i cnt be trusted

but rly do i care

coz theyre not my only friends

if u rly dnt like em then move onto another group

u kno what i feel left out quite alot coz i hang round with a bounch of muslims and they talk bout their other muslim friends outta skool and bout their religion and stuff

so i left theirand kinda when into a white group of girls :p
theyre funner
coz theyre less serious and stuff

but a true friend will be somewhere out there like a true love as well
just depends whether ur lookin hard enough :p

9yr ago
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permalink if they hate you, talk behind your back and say bad things about you then they aren't really what you should call friends now right? i think you should have an open forum. you know, gather all your "friends", have everyone express their feelings and thoughts truthfully and hopefully you'll be able to understand each other more. otherwise, you should look for new friends who will treat you right and accept you for who you are.

9yr ago
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permalink I agree with so many people here.
Good friends should never give you the feeling, without reason, that something is wrong. Disagreements happen. That's a way of life. But, true friends won't purposely do anything to hurt you. So if this person/s is doing something, saying something about you, etc...doesn't sound like a very good friend to me.

Keep your chin up darlin'. Things will be fine! :)

9yr ago
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permalink I believe honest communication is the best way to go. If you can't comfortably discuss all issues with your friends, then it seems that is not a friendship worth stressing over.


9yr ago
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permalink get new friends, if you ever feel like you aren't welcome just remove yourself from that situation.

9yr ago
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permalink hahaha..
i haven't encountered such...
but if that happens..
maybe i'll go with the flow..
i'll find new things to enjoy so that i won't be sad about my friends :)

9yr ago
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permalink :RBundecided: : hmmmmmm
Well if i have a feeling that my friends hates me, I can try to talk about what going on with her or i can jsut wait till she cools off . lol

9yr ago
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Quote by Sachyn
Talk to them.Sort things out.True friends will never hate you.

u dnt go up to ppl and ask whether they hate u coz they r most likely to lie and say they dnt

9yr ago
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permalink Think about it this way, if your not entirely sure that they hate you then just be nice and don't say anything about them behind their backs.
Within my friends, we're all really bitchy because we have really bad communication and don't like being mean to each other but can't keep it in because otherwise it gets out of hand.
We see it as,
- we have one year left together and then we all split up anyway.
- as long as the things we say stay within our group then its fine because we can all figure it out
- and if we get upset by it then we can just say

I think it works for us though because we stay away from each other outside of school as we all have separate friendships outside.
I wouldn't be to bothered though unless it becomes serious. Especially if you don't have that long left.

9yr ago
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permalink Well, what I usually do is not talk to them and just do the usual stuff. Then after a day or two just try and ask them why are they mad. (Since my friends are never mad at me because I'm usually the quiet one, this doesn't happen to me a lot) :)

9yr ago
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permalink Well, this is a hard explanation... I know lots of friends at school that acts like they hate me, but don't. To tell you the truth, I was one of the friends that hate the other person. To sum it all up, believe in yourself... if someone hate you, let their karma destroy them. :RBblush: - may good fortune be with you always!

7yr ago
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permalink uh.... something i always feel... and idk whether i already did something or not... but i'll immediately ask for an apology from them... even though they're going to give a weird look... but idc... haha as long as i say 'i'm sorry' :D

3yr ago
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permalink I think it is best to ask your friends about it so you won't keep feeling this way

3yr ago
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permalink Basically... if you have to question your friends feelings for you, or you aren't sure of their feelings, giving mixed signals, whatever -- you have to reconsider if you really want to be friends with them. If they're going from liking you to hating you to liking you to hating you back and forth.... that's playing with your emotions and trying to have power over you.

Best thing for you would be to dump them altogether. It's better to have no friends than .... well, can you really call it friendship if they behave that way?

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