What movie(s) can you watch over and over again?

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1decennia ago
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permalink I recently watched a Movie from Thailand called "Dorm" I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It is scary, suspenseful, thrilling, heartwarming, and just downright AWESOME!! SO I got online and bought it. So far I've watched it like a million times.

What movie(s) do the same for you?

1decennia ago
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permalink Demolition Man, Over and over and over .. I'm not sure, but I like this movie and I watch it often ^^

1decennia ago
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permalink Awesome1 What do you like about it?

1decennia ago
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permalink koizora... it was so touching. the story was so good and i believed that it is flawless and the actors are cute too~!

6yr ago
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permalink omg me2!! lmao i try hard not to cry everytime when Hiro says Mika! lol

1decennia ago
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permalink Sounds cool. What is the movie about?

1decennia ago
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permalink The Hannibl Lecter series.
Harry Potter series.
Memories Of A Geisha.
Sweeney Todd.

Love all those :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink Final Fantasy VII: AC
Lonesome Dove
Formula 51

1decennia ago
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permalink -Transformers (when i saw the trailer, i tought this movie sucks so i didn´t went to cinema...but after seeing it on DVD i regret it) - i can watch this over and over agan.
-One Missed Call - it isn´t scary anymore but i still like it.
-The Forbidden Kingdom

1decennia ago
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permalink Those movies all sound great! :) I found some other movies that I like and think you guys might like too!

Casshern - this movie is awesome!
Paprika - Really cool anime about dream and stuff really trippy!

1decennia ago
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permalink Omg I watched Paprika!! I especially loved the drawings and the music!!
the storyline was a bit complicated for me tho :S

1decennia ago
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permalink lol Yeah it was a book at first so you can only imagine how complicated the book might have been!

1decennia ago
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permalink Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Ever After
August Rush
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
The Two Towers
Return of the King
Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire
Coyote Ugly
The Replacement
Sassy Girl (Korean version)
A Walk to Remember
Choi Kang Romance (Super Romance)
Jopog Manura

Oh my God, I have a very long list but it's going to take me forever if I'd type it all in... I'll drop by again and tell you the rest.....

1decennia ago
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permalink Mostly are comedy and some action movie..

Kungfu Panda, Hot Rod, The Rocker, Transformers, Spiderman Trilogy.

Definitely won't watch horror movie over and over again. :noo: Once is enough

1decennia ago
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permalink hee hee It does take a little ectra "crazy" to be able to watch horror movies more than once! I know I have a lot of Crazy! :RBhot:

1decennia ago
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permalink Casshern was an AWESOME movie.

Spirited Away
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
School of Rock
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Pokemon the Movie: The first movie and 2000

I can't think of anymore but there are a lot. my dad always comments whenever i'm watching one of the above movies for like the thousandth time :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Agree! Whenever I watch a movie again I always get comments! It makes the movie better! lol

1decennia ago
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permalink scary movie 3 i can watch that movie many times and not get bored

1decennia ago
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permalink -Transformers
-The Forbidden Kingdom
-The Great Yokai War(Japanese)
-My Sassy Girl(Korean)
-High School Musical
-The Grudge 2
-Scary Movie 2
-Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire

10yr ago
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permalink Step Up - The Street


well, I just love the movie, characters, songs & the hip hop dances of course
:boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

3yr ago
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permalink oh yes, Step Up - The Street is my favorite one..

10yr ago
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permalink FF VII: AC - even though I'm a sissy when it comes to Kadaj's demise.
I, Robot
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Queen of the Damned
Spirited Away
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10yr ago
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permalink Indeed... FFVII:AC is my fave... I have the script memorized.

10yr ago
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permalink Forrest Gump!!

Edward Scissorhands
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Welcome to the Dollhouse
The Lion King
and many more!

10yr ago
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permalink OMG!!! I don't know why, maybe cause these movies have cars in them. :boogie: and also I love Tokyo Drift's soundtrack, especially Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki boyz, then Conteo by Don Omar.

The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
Death Race
My wife is a Gangster III (I think 1&2 is too serious :RBconfused: , I didn't watch them. But 3 is Hilarious.)

Yea that's all I can think of now. :RBhalo:

10yr ago
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& SHUTTER ( thai version )

10yr ago
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permalink the harry potter movies.
Every time I see its on tv I feel like I have to watch it. LoLz. Even though I seen it like a million times!

My friends thnk I have issues. HaHa ^_^

10yr ago
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permalink Definitely the Lord of the Rings trilogy which is strange cause I usually don't like fantasy. :RBstickout: The characters are so lovable though! :D

10yr ago
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permalink The Princess Bride, the 90's acting and fake looking sets make it all the more awesome! plus leslie was supper hot, i could listen to him say "as you wish" all day :)

10yr ago
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permalink dunno yet, I will re watching if I feel I wanna watch it.

10yr ago
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permalink i can watch any movie over and over again. boredom is a factor. LOL

but most of the time, i always watch the harry potter series to the point that i can recite the actors line from memory!!! complete with the accent and the voice!! LOL!!!

i like re-watching horror movies too, cause even though i don't get scared as much, i still get the creeps whenever i see their scary faces...:shifty:

10yr ago
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permalink Harry Potter
and of course Mummy - this film is so funny and has a lot of action at the same time.

10yr ago
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permalink Zebraman, I just LOVE that one. One day I want to cosplay Zebraman, he's my hero :RBhot:

9yr ago
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permalink i'm willing to watch handan, koizora, love operation and moon child over and over again!
i'll never ever get tired of it XD

9yr ago
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permalink The only movies I can think of right now are:

Without a Paddle
Crows Zero (both)
Howls Moving Castle
Kiki's Delivery Service
Spirited Away
The Mummy
The Dark Knight

9yr ago
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permalink the lord of the ring
pirates of the caribbean
star wars
death note
L - Change the worLd
hana yori dango final

9yr ago
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permalink - Koizora
- Memoirs of a Geisha
- Titanic
- Harry Potter
- Hairspray
- Hsm
- Twilight
- Becoming Jane
- Pride and Predjudice
- Sister Act

9yr ago
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permalink i've watched "EVER AFTER" of Drew Barrymore - for 50 times to be exact... i just love it... "SHE'S THE MAN" - 10 times.... "FREAKY FRIDAY" - 8 times... "PRINCE AND ME - 1"..8 times

9yr ago
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permalink Titanic and Koizora! :RBhot: :D

9yr ago
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permalink A Millionaire's First Love-I cry every time I watch this T_T
Antique Bakery-I just adore this movie..I do not watch it over and over again because of Kim Jae Wook :RBblush: LOL
Deathnote-This film is STILL interesting after the 20th time?
Pink Pather-This film is hilarious and Steve Martin is SO funny..

9yr ago
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permalink Antique Bakery (because i LOVE Kim Jae Wook <333)
Ghibli movies n___n especially Mimi wo Sumaseba <3
DISNEY :RBhalo: my favorities are Alladin, Mulan, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast
Shrek XDDD
Formula 17 (the best gay movie ever!!)

...and my dirrrty little secret xP i kinda like Dirty Dancing and Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights teehee ;)

9yr ago
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permalink Pride and Prejedice....

9yr ago
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permalink movies from disney!

9yr ago
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permalink Avatar
Every Harry Potter movie
Every Lord of the Rings movie

9yr ago
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permalink Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland
Pans Labyrnt(i saw this movie about 7 times, no Joke)

9yr ago
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permalink -恋空/Sky of Love (15 times in 2 months)
-Titanic (32 times in 4 years)
-Harry Potter
-The Day after Tomorrow
-The Passion of the Christ

Actually I love "Sky of Love" so much.. :RBcrying:
Everytime I watched I be deeply impressed by the way they showed how much they love each other even how hopeless.
It's inspire me as well...:)

9yr ago
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Quote by KiritaniYuu
koizora... it was so touching. the story was so good and i believed that it is flawless and the actors are cute too~!

I love it too ;)

9yr ago
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permalink That's easy: Ocean's Eleven. I don't know whyyy! hahaha i simply love it :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink I think it is

9yr ago
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permalink it isn't my favorite movies,but I can watch that movie over and over.I don't know why maybe it's make me never boried :RBstickout:

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